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April 12, 2013

OUYA, is it a big deal?

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Yes. It’s a fucking big deal.

Came across this post and replied it. It is kinda old (when OUYA was raising kickstarter funding)

People who think that you have no right to play games if you cannot afford xBox!

People who think that you have no right to play games if you cannot afford xBox!

My reply. And this goes for everyone who wants to show off that they can afford expensive consoles. I have consoles too, but something like OUYA is unique and I happily welcome it into the market.

My reply.
And this goes for everyone who wants to show off that they can afford expensive consoles.
I have consoles too, but something like OUYA is unique and I happily welcome it into the market.

February 23, 2013

Hell Yeah! :)

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Just played the Demo of this game …. and its freaking awesome 🙂
Not sure what many sites were bitching about the controls of the game.. but I didnt seem to face such issues.

Gameplay kept me smiling all throughout the Demo.. there is new COOL stuff every few steps and artwork is pretty sharp (ofcourse there is ton of animated funny blood)

You can’t escape the ‘Wrath of Dead Rabbit’ 😉
I wanna buy this game’s box copy and store it.. but darn it.. they don’t sell 😦      SEGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA …argh. 🙂

February 9, 2013

Money’s worth from Crysis2 and jump to Crysis 3 Beta

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Well Crysis 3 was going to be out soon and I hadn’t played my Xbox for long long time.. I even stopped renewing my XBLA account since June/July-ish.. not sure what came over me.

Anyway, I looked at my C2 progress and was at Rank 47 something… and thought why not get my money’s worth before C3 comes out. Last memory of it, multiplayer sucked due to bad andd droppy match making, unavailable servers and messed up rank battles. Surprise, they had fixed ton of stuff and multiplayer experience did go up (well not as much as BattleField3)

So a week ago or so, I finished C2 ranking to level 50.

Crysis2 - Got my money's worth.

Crysis2 – Got my money’s worth.

Makes it the most played game on my console.
My last 3 achievements on C2, – Rank50 obvious, Unlocked all weapons (some of those nasty shotguns that I didnt want to use), and some dedication batch .. for playing after long 6 months 🙂

And then…….. download of Crysis 3 beta started.

The game is WHOA!!! over Crysis 2 … and I’m just playing BETA.
– Bigger maps
– Maps have greater traverse difficulty ( not easy to run around like C2 / Call of Duty.. also means more scope for campers :|)
– Graphics is to a next level (although I’m restricted on console.. I can only imagine that this will blow a PC)
– There is a different feel to the POV in C3.
– CrossBow is wicked.. got killed by it couple of times (I need to rank up to get that)
– Ranking system seems faster than C2? (or is it because I was quite noob to multiplayer FPS when I got C2 and now skill is ranking me up faster :P)
– Matchmaking is FAAASSTT.
– No game drops / Server un-avail-abilities experienced
– Game mechanics is so improved
– Cloaking feels better (even at close range.. its hard to find a cloaked player now)
– Sounds.. Game sounds – amazing.. I love the game sounds..and how its not “noise” like in C2. There is music.
– Auto armor 🙂 .. love it. Armoring up is not my strength in C2… I was more of a Silent killer. This helps.
– New broadcast voice – male (I’d have preferred a female commander 😀 )
– Melee kills are faster (suit power makes sense now .. in C2 melee took time. Where d ef was Superhuman strength?)
– Bigger Maps (although not as big as BattleField3 … or is it restricted in Beta?)

There are couple of bugs though… shooting is a bit off (may be its the new POV), but on replay it clearly showed couple of times that at a close range fight the player was shooting atleast 3-4 inches away from me.. but it still made damage. And some weapon glitches that can be taken advantage of. Oh well its still beta…Hoping they get fixed before release.

Over all, very happy.. With just couple of minutes playing it.. I had already ranked up to level5, Ended up at top2 in matches, collected ton of dog tags, and got Maximum Radar for the team.

February 18, 2012

Crysis2 Boss battle or no Boss battle?

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My eye is still twitching unable to believe that crysis2 ending was so smooth.
Where was the boss? Where is my boss battle? I deserve a boss battle.

Probably the boss ceph was dozing off somewhere nearby and I simply finished the game? Lazy boss huh!

No Wait, this was the boss?

Crysis2 Final Boss

Yes indeed it was. Cloak abilities, faster movement than other ceph. People should have found it difficult to kill them, all four attack at once. But I guess it didn’t matter. Had them stunned with k-volt and punched them to pulp.. Yay! to 5000 nano catalyst… was much easier than killing a ‘devastator’ ceph.

I wish the ending was like a war between C.E.L.L and loads of aliens, and the mission was to help them kill all the Cephs.. like a dozen of faster devastator units, each one needing you to use one of suit powers used in precision to kill them.

Pfft.. Game was over before I knew it :_( .. heard people were just sprinting through the last stage and finishing the game without having to even waste a bullet 🙂

All is not lost though. You gotta give it to the Crytek team for awesome graphics, nano suit and first time player experience in their single player story. Multiplayer had glitches, but looks almost fixed now.

Crysis2 Devastator vs Nano suit

February 14, 2012

Microsoft Store India hack

Just about 48 hours ago, news went viral about the latest assault on Microsoft’s India store website.

As the ‘EvilShadow Team’ probably flex their legs and people, blogs, news guys boo-haa MS for being so naive on storing passwords in plain text,  I was thinking ‘wait-a-sec, MS has been through plain text mistake earlier too.. where they really so careless?’

I try to visit and get greeted by a message like this:


Notice how it says ‘Microsoft is working on it’ rather than saying ‘We are..’
And bingo, that reminds me that the store and website is not operated by Microsoft but ‘Quasar Media’!

How do I know?
I remember applying ‘social engineering’ on their customer support while reasoning why prices of Xbox accessories were different on ‘’ vs ‘’ .. I got more insider details too but it isn’t relevant in this post.

Clearly, it was an outsourced operation and ‘Quasar Media’ has been loose about their security. I’m sure the top brass is getting a scream from MS.

What should you be doing?
If you do have a login (or should I say ‘if you did’ – past-tense), and if it is important to you (not the id, but the other creamy information you’ve given along with signup), then please go now and change your password ( obviously, when the site is up ).

I do not remember having a store id, although first thing I did when I heard this news was to change my XBL password, just in case it was an SSO.
Anyone remembers if store login was an SSO? If it was, you better get on with changing any of your MS/related service passwords…., msn, XBL, azure? to name a few.

I did too, but /me thinks it was not an SSO. If it was, then it would be a more serious shit and Microsoft would have been calling up their media friends by now.

And finally, word of advice: Do not allow browser to save password of any site that you’ll use your creditcard/banking information.. includes netbanking login, movie ticket sites, online stores such as :), XBL. p’uh’lease do not use same passwords for your email id and other websites.
I’m sure most of these guys have: (thanks to for this image)


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