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August 17, 2013

Independence Day 2013 – xBhp Bikers’ meet Hyd

Independence Day 2013 – India

Small Get Together of bikers from xBhp Hyd chapter and signing the UBFI – United Bikers Flag of India”

xBhp donates INR 50 (~USD 1.00) per signature on the flag to a Social cause.
Parts of the flag is being signed all across India, and will be stitched into a combined Flag.

Feels good to be back to the Biking group after ~7 long years since my first self-owned bike ‘RoadRunner’ 🙂 … I still miss it a lot. And the pain when I had to sell it. 😦

Sound Tracks: Intro – ‘Adrenaline’ by Adrenaline and
my own mother Nation’s sweetest National Anthem’s Instrumentation by Various prominent Artists of the country.


July 16, 2013

~1300 kms bike ride, Solo. Hyderabad – Bangalore – Hyderabad

Kindly note: This trip was in first week of May 2013.. finally found time now to log it 🙂

Best buddy Walter had come to India for the first time and he decided to land in Bangalore instead of Hyd. Duh, work 🙂
Chances of him coming to Hyd after that were doubtful; although he wanted to come.. but work could want him to fly back sooner due to his busy schedules.

So, I told him that I’d come to see him in Bangalore. He booked a really nice villa suite and we were gonna have some geek time together 🙂
However, I didn’t tell him that I’m gonna drive my bike there all the way from Hyderabad 🙂
But he figured… apparently he knows me quite better than a lot of people who claimed to be ‘close to me’ 😀

HydBangalore SOLO trip - HeartBrokenBiker

SOLO trip – HeartBrokenBiker

The plan was to start at 1830 hrs… and guess what.. I ended up starting at 2245 or so! -_-
First stop was 3.5kms from my place.. for Irani chai 😛 .. because I knew that sleepy attack was coming.. I didnt get rest the whole day.. was working on stuff that also required physical strength.

Drove away, .. mostly a speedrun. Didn’t carry my GoPro with me. No pictures while going there.
But, here’s the interesting part:

I had to drive the first 40kms on the service lane beside ORR (since bikes aren’t allowed on ORR …. thank you all amazingly stupid showoff drivers who screwed reputation of bikers on that expressway)
So I was driving, doing my thing 🙂 .. and there are these nasty 16 set speed brakers on the service lane…. at one of these, a Jeep swiftly dodged me … fulltoo bollywood estyle … and rammed brakes right in front of me!

Then 3 cops got down from it.. surrounded me! and said “Go, Sir is calling”.. and here’s what happened.
I went to the Copboss sitting boss-style in jeep, while the 3 cops continued to check my bike .. trying to figure out WTF is happening with the luggage, discussing about whether it is a sports bike, its top speed blah blah.

Me: Yes Sir, any problem
CopBoss in Jeep: Where are you going to race? (authoritative)
Me: ??? !!! $#^@&%$*&% WTF (in mind)
Me: Race? No Sir... I dont race on streets.
CopBoss: Then what is all this? (indicating my ATGATT - All The Gear All The Time)
Me: Ah, this is for protection if I crash.
CopBoss: Really? (sarcastically)
Me: (in mind) Trying to control any outburst .. I remember ravi@17bhp's advice not to pickup argument with cop even if I was right. Happened twice already (once in jungle and once in city.. when some cops tried to show off their power) .. but this guy was okay. So it helped :)
CopBoss: Where are you going?
Me: Bangalore
CopBoss: ??? !!! o,O .. w00t!!!!
CopBoss: Hyderabad? to Bangalore? on bike? Are you serious?
Me: Smile
CopBoss: Why are you going at this time? It's dangerous.. go in morning
Me: Work Sir... have a meeting in morning in bangalore.. I missed Bus so taking bike (tee hee :P)
CopBoss: Okay okay... you know you are speeding?
Me: ??? !!! .. umm.. sorry Sir.. I didn't notice.
CopBoss: Yes, .. you were on 100+.. and this is a 40 road
Me: Sir, how do you know I was on 100+?
CopBoss: We had to cross 100 to catch you!
Me: -_- :P tee hee ;)
Me: Sorry Sir, I'll drive in 40.

He then, super surprised me by driving his jeep exactly on 40 till airport right in front of my bike.
If I had to overtake his jeep, it’d mean I crossed 40!
Think of all the frustration of holding the throttle at 40, and temptation to zip past and not be visible 🙂 .. but I obliged to 40. 😀
+1 good citizen points on HeartBrokenBiker? 😛

Darn, that first hour (40-45 kms) of the journey made me drowsy enough to put my next 550 kms in trouble.
As soon as the cop jeep detoured, and I crossed that initial hyd border highway traffic, my throttle opened full, rpm needles on max and the bike was at 131kmph .. I was crouched under the visor… my vision was through it and it was AMAZING.

I’ve never done continuous crouching for so long.. gotta thank the highway for it.
Couple that with the “Isle of Man TT”, “TopGun” and such similar tracks playing in my helmet. WooHoooooooooooooooooo!

Some car folks provided me entertainment by trying to show off their speed… I wasnt interested in any race.. but I was doing speedrun of my own pace.. so some very few cars did succeed to run past me… BUT when the road takes a curve.. their brake lights come up.. mine DOESN’t.. and you know what happens then… there is a knee out, there is an angle, and there is a bike that zip zap zooooms 🙂 ;),
then some by driving close enough to me to catch a glimpse of “who the hell is this”.. ,
dangerous part is when I overtake cars and they are busy looking at me with a jawdrop rather than looking at the road 😦

I found the lorry guys to be very good drivers on this road.. sticking to lane and using indicators… and at parts where vision became glary from opp high beam, I used one car guy who was good driver by following his tail. Thank him, whoever it is.

Took couple of tiny breaks in between.. needed a bit longer break at Kurnool when I topped up fuel… but something about that place hurts me (some old memory that has mentions of that place).. so I kept pushing.

Reached Bangalore border at 0630 am.. AND then.. thanks to awesome directions by people (and the stupid fact that I wasnt carrying GPS) .. it took me 1.5+ hrs to reach the hotel.
People, I tell you.. instead of telling me that they “dont know”.. they “try wild guesses” -_-
Two people giving me direction at the same time, showed 2 opposite directions.. I looked at both of them in “punch in face” mood.. and they looked at each other and walked away.

After reaching hotel, the receptionist is more busy looking at me top to bottom and then my bike and thinking “What in the world!” rather than giving me the keys.

Had fun time there.. will blog that in separate post 😀

Coming back to Hyd, I took a bit of ‘slower’ run.
Again night ride, again no rest prior to ride.. was in meeting hall for 7hrs and then driving around Bangalore traffic and confusing one ways…
Met up with 2 more friends… 1 geek+biker=Sudharshan or sup3rkidd0 as on IRC (also met his girlfriend for the first time – A Chilean who moved to India.. for him? Now that’s cute 😀 .. lucky kid 😉 ) and other geek was ‘Kingsly’ whom I had known for 10yrs+? on IRC.. but met him in-person for the first time. Nice conversations on tech, society and human creature specific.
He helped me find way to a spartan store.. picked up a new lid for touring (SOL SF1)… had super tasty “real” chinese cuisine.. and then drove off…. Walter brought my old lid on flight to Hyd (Yup he did come to hyd haha :D) …. Finally I started 0100am -_-

Super sleepy….kept my helmet light on flashing warning. Wanted to sleep on ground (wasnt carrying tent).. but there were huge size ants.. plus the fact that any lorry losing control could run off the road and run over me.
Luckily, in middle of nowhere I saw this hut.. locked from outside.. with a bench outside.. I said to myself “Whatever.. this is luxury right now 😀 …and if someone comes I’ll have to deal with him”
(I had my laptop in saddlebag)

Parked bike, dozed off for a nice hour…before taking a pic and riding off again.

When the sun started coming up (~0500 hrs), I took a break and observed sky patterns in AWE!
They are so so so amazing.. I never had seen such beautiful colors of morning. (pics below)
Took some pics… and rode again.. with stops at dhabas for hydration and engine cooling.

The bike clocked ~1300 kms when back home (includes some kms from in-city driving in B’lore.. restaurant and helmet hunt)
Total driving time for this was around 19.5+ odd hours (including in-city driving).. which kinda makes me wonder if I am too slow for the international SaddleSore challenge 😦 … OR I need a faster bike? 😛 🙂

Ok, too much text.. now pics 🙂


Kingsly and Me .. after chow down super tasty chinese.


0300 hrs .. Empty bench = Luxury on deserted Highway!








Easing my killer wrist pain.. wrist exercises.


That smudge on lens. 😦


Best pic of the Trip. ~0540hrs


Some fuel for stomach?


Not bad.
Didn’t have raddish parota (although on menu).. ok Aloo it is.. some fat 🙂
Daal was crap.


stopped just for the tree snap 🙂
People noticed a biker jaywalk to the other side of the road for this 😛


June 17, 2013

Short Unplanned ride

Woke up to a phone call on Saturday for a ride… was pretty much about making my way to other biker’s ride plan.
I had 1 hr to get fully awake, fresh up, stretch out a bit, gear up and reach the meeting spot.
Oh wait, I forgot to eat (was darn hungry already)… reached the meet point and quickly gulped in 2 servings of tender coconut water….. and we rode away!

Monsoon had made the place amazingly beautiful; let me just shut up and post the pics 🙂


Ravi@17bhp's Karizma .. staring.

Ravi@17bhp’s Karizma .. staring.


Doing some pro photographer thingy – ravi@17bhp



your’s truly… trying to be Man of Steel 😛


Beautiful, yet lonely tree 😦


My baby, Amitiel … looking sharp as ever.









I try to take some photographs and he starts flinging stones at me 😐


This shit is fscked up 🙂


I join the stone throwing fun… except I select a little too big sizes of stones .. yikes!


Rakesh takes my cam and wanders away to do this nature photography thingy


Probably some pro photographer thingy I don’t understand.


Selling GoPro Action cameras in middle of nowhere… This is why I am famous 😛


Only a true biker knows what’s sexy about this road. The S-pin bend.


Rakesh doing his bird watching … bird shrugs.

Awesome... and calm.

Awesome… and calm.

Karthik added some more pics and it comes to surprise that I never noticed him clicking me 😐
Btw, the pics came up pretty good I guess.. I don’t look scary as usual 😛
Disclaimer: I’m just holding a camera.. I’m NOT a photographer.


@HeartBrokenBiker and Amitiel in background


Out of spiderwebs.. shucks :P

Out of spiderwebs.. shucks 😛

Just trying to see why people stick their eyes in there....... I'm not a photographer.

Just trying to see why people stick their eyes in there……. I’m not a photographer.

And now to SUM up, here’s the pose of the ride … the PAA dance revived. (Enough of Gangnam style and Harlem shake already)

Paaa pa Paa Paaa pa Pa pa pa Paa paa paapaaa pa pa PAAAAA

Paaa pa Paa Paaa pa Pa pa pa Paa paa paapaaa pa pa PAAAAA

And for those who don’t know what PAA dance is..

April 22, 2013

Jungle Ride pics

Update April 22, 2013.  Adding more pics

Was bored.. so did a Fun edit of Jai's pic :P

Was bored.. so did a Fun edit of Jai’s pic 😛

Amidst Vast plains!

Amidst Vast plains!

Pro Photugraphers :) People behind the amazing clicks.

Pro Photugraphers 🙂
People behind the amazing clicks.

Soon to be pros.... :P

Soon to be pros…. 😛

Keep calm and kick the asses of people who need to be kicked.

Keep calm and kick the asses of people who need to be kicked.


Logged March 03, 2013
Pictures from Jungle offroading ride about 2 weeks ago,

What is a Sports bike meant for track use doing in Jungle?

What is a Sports bike meant for track use doing in Jungle?

All roads look the same and beautiful... Lost in the Vast plains!!!

All roads look the same and beautiful… Lost in the Vast plains!!!

Amitiel takes rest and I continue to hike on foot.

Amitiel takes rest and I continue to hike on foot.

Yeah haaa..  found the perfect spot to do Tarzan swing... there is deep trench beneath me ....  nice timing by photographer @Prashant

Yeah haaa.. found the perfect spot to do Tarzan swing… there is deep trench beneath me …. nice timing by photographer @Prashant

Time to do some Flying :)

Time to do some Flying 🙂

"Vegeta vs Nappa"  said one friend after seeing this pic on Facebook

“Vegeta vs Nappa” said one friend after seeing this pic on Facebook.
In shot: Sanjay and HeartBrokenBiker

Enough flying.. now time for some "Kaaaaaaa meeeeeeee haaaaaa meeeeeeeeee HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

Enough flying.. now time for some “Kaaaaaaa meeeeeeee haaaaaa meeeeeeeeee HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”
In shot: Jaijeet & HeartBrokenBiker

The machine and The rider become one .. the connection is spiritual.

The machine and The rider become one .. the connection is spiritual.

More pics will come as I get them.. they’re scattered over 4 cameras (atleast 2 of them are pro – Prashant & Ravi).

Also, watch out for more vlogs.. there is more where that came from 😉


November 30, 2012

Ride to Singur Dam

Last Sunday, couple of us took an unexpected, last minute decision during xBhp G2G (Get Together) ……..  to ride to Singur Dam 🙂

~ 240 kms clocked, as per another rider’s Odometer 😀

Here’s some pics for my dear blog readers….

"Bikers Against Dumb Riders" An apt caption on my Yamaha Tee shirt :)

“Bikers Against Dumb Drivers”
An apt caption on my Yamaha Tee shirt 🙂

Amitiel resting ;)

Amitiel resting 😉

Muay Thai stretching during ride breaks ;)

Muay Thai stretching during ride breaks 😉

Singur Dam ... beautiful!

Singur Dam … beautiful!

Celebrating the ride with The Matrix style Trinity Kick .......  That land may look like shore but it isn't... I went  inside the lake onto a tiny submerged landmass and executed this. Thanks Ravi for perfect timing on shot and zooming in so far :)

Celebrating the ride with The Matrix style Trinity Kick …….
That land may look like shore but it isn’t… I went inside the lake onto a tiny submerged landmass and executed this.
Thanks Ravi for perfect timing on shot and zooming in so far 🙂


From Left to Right.
JaiJeet ( met in xBhp Forest ride – turned out to be my junior in school :D, has same bike and is a Bong .. coincidence overload! )
HeartBrokenBiker ( umm.. that’d be me – )
Sanjay ( pretty cool guy, likes to walk away a ton of distance during stops 🙂 )
Prateek ( Didn’t get to interact with him much, pretty calm guy.. doesn’t seem speak a lot unlike me )
Ravi ( the explorer, the GPS, the photographer 😀 )

End of Ride. Pleading the bikes to take us back home.. but they're busy enjoying the serenity!  :)

End of Ride.
Pleading the bikes to take us back home.. but they’re busy enjoying the serenity! 🙂


Copyrights of all photos in this post belong to Ravi Varma.
I just did a bit of editing and cinematoscope to it.

August 27, 2012

Vikarabad Off-Roading

What happens when you don’t follow the same old route of Vikarabad.. Off-Road happens 🙂

Yesterday’s early morning ride…  way way fun offroading,  driving through forest,  water stream, jungles, bushes…………  4 of the group (xBhp) bikes getting front wheel jammed due to all that mud…   self repairs .. a test of strength .. finally finishing off with amazing in-jungle dhaba food 🙂

For all pics visit –

Some highlights and videos here:

There are more secret roads in the Forest.


Splashing and playing in the stream 🙂

Now cleaning the bike is a challenge 🙂

August 13, 2012

Random Ride

Yes it was Random.
I went to IIIT-H for a meetup and from there headed of like this.

IIIT-H -> Wipro -> Gandipet -> Join road that goes to Vikarabad -> Drive along -> Suddenly found a nice left (where there was a lorry turned over last time during our drive) -> found the road very nice straight and 1-2 potholes MAX.. revved the bike to 110kmph for some decent amount of time.

Over turned Lorry (pic from previous drive to same place)

Reached a small village/habitat area. Had Mirchi bajjis… packed egg bonda for Home.

Had movie planned at 20:30 (Onamalu… thank friends for tickets), and it was already 18:30 😛 .. so I hurried back.

While going back it was almost dark and potholes really pissed me off.
Two occasions good brakes with transfer of weight to front wheel really saved me.

Parked her, thanked Amitiel for the great saves… and ran to the car and rushed off 🙂

Amitiel resting during leisure stop.



Funny things during ride:

1. Random students in IIIT-H (a girl and a boy to be precise):
Girl: Laughing.. arey isko dekh.. beginner hai kya.   ( translate:  LOL, look at him with all that gear.. is he a beginner)
Boy: Laughing… R15 se girta bolke dar raha hai. He shld see us drive. ( translate: He is afraid of falling.. he should see us riding without any gear)



2. At Gandipet:

Three Girls sitting in the middle of the road and 2 guys snapping them. aka Facebook photoshoot.
Approaching them I use dipper instead of honk to move them.
They get up move aside and start shouting in excitement.
Probably never see someone geared up for a ride… I’d love to see their reaction if they see the xBhp group ride in single file.. like 30+ bikes all geared up 🙂



3. Police check Near some VJIT Engineering college:
Stopped, checked my papers, license, then questions.
cop: When did you buy? How much cc is this?
I was wondering what he was reading on my papers 🙂

cop checks out the bike from all angles and then

cop: How much speed does it go?
me: 136 or 156kmph something I guess. I dont know myself.
cop: No tambi, minimum speed.
me: Depends on what you take it on no?
cop: Arey normal vehicle 60 lo eltai.. nuvu enta lo eltav.
me: Depends on the speed sign on the road.
cop: Ok, ORR lo how much?
me: 2 wheelers not allowed on ORR
cop: Arey, just in case.
me: No just in case.. they are not allowed and I wont go.
cop: Arey, suppose you are driving.
me: No I'm not driving.


4. Forgot to add this one:

At Gas station in Gandipet, the air filling boy, small kid ( Child Labor is very common here :(.. ) and some others come to me and ask (translating in English)

1. Anna, this pads they wear in cricket no?  (translate:  Anna = Brother)

2. Anna, eda panda pettu bike ni. ( Not sure what they mean..probably asking me to show off body lean cornering? or spinning burnout? )
3. Anna, front tyre lepu (Asking me to showoff a wheelie)I was like “tamudu, gavi piccolu chestaru public road meeda, nenu cheyaa”
(translate: brother, mad guys do that on public roads, I’ll not)
And he was like.. avunu anna.. monna okadu chesindu .. suddenla rai vachindi padadu.. netti paglindi. Nuvvu oka sari chey anna pls pls.
(translate: Yeah yeah, there was one doing here some days ago and he hit a rock and broke his head… Oh but please do it once!)

😛 .. he wanted me to crash or something!Surrounded with absurd requests, I had run from there.

Another view at drive

P.S: Sorry guys, I dont have any pics for this drive. Didn’t find time to stop and shoot. Pics from previous drive of almost same route (part of it) are posted in this blogpost 🙂

August 5, 2012

xBhp G2G – with KTM Duke 200 review

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So after working on till 4 am in the morning I hit the bed for a quick nap and unprepared for the Xbhp Get Together ….

Why unprepared?
My race/riding jacket was returned to dealer due to wrong size (so no armored jacket),  left Knee protectors at  friends house, and I was already on a RedBull dose … so falling asleep became difficult 🙂

Woke up 7:30, got ready quick, revved Amitiel and got to the venue with directions help from Dhiraj.
Met Kaleem ji, the eldest Xbhp rider who has ridden every road in India…. unbelievably true on 100cc bike. And the best part, he still rides, is hyperactive and is riding to Pakistan soon.. WOW!.

xBhp Hyderabad G2G – Find me?

Broke ice with everyone, checked out awesome bikes and modifications (angel eyes, K&N, Joel’s racing kit) .., posed for snaps and we were off.

Ice Breaker in xBhp G2G

That’s the effect of water kissed cool wind blowing my hair, thanks for the pic Rakesh Kalli

Way back, I wished to ride KTM Duke 200 (owned by Dheeraj, new xBhp member) and we swapped our bikes for a while.
AND Boy KTM Duke is FAST !!!  and SOLID.
Unlike the first time I test drove it at Bajaj Probiking.. where it didn’t leave me impressed… This time it was a totally different ball game.

The KTM Duke 200

It’s got the comfort position like/better than CBR, it feels properly planted, and excellent no-feel of crazy speed-breakers. Dheeraj permitted me to fully rev his bike; he was too on mine 🙂
Build Quality.
Meter (should have probably come with a 3 inch thick manual 😀 .. didn’t ask)

“Personally”, I felt the rear brake rod should protrude out a bit more.. I missed it at-least thrice… which is not funny when approaching hairpin bends.. was almost close to flying off the road in a trajectory.
Front brake should have given more feedback to the rider .. or is it because I’m not used to inverted telescopic suspensions.

Burn Baby Burn 😉

Also, realized a truth.. that my cornering skills have become rusty/horrible (now that I’m back to biking after almost 4 years) … I couldn’t corner Duke like I do on Amitiel.. entered corner fast but losing confidence half way (which is more risky if I have to use brakes during counter-steering).
And watching Dheeraj corner effortlessly with both his Duke and my r15 v2.0 at higher speeds put me to hide my face in the sand.
So, credit for whatever cornering I do on Amitiel goes to the design of r15 and not my skill.

End of the ride, with his advice I revved my engine high and did a 120kmph (and still felt that it could do higher up) … Didn’t see how much on Duke, but it was ahead of me by atleast 3-4 secs. /me takes a facepalm.

Conclude with a thanks to Dheeraj for his bike, and Dhiraj & Naveen ( for checking out my bike for a front suspension creaking noise issue and letting me know that its OKAY! 🙂

Picture Kredits: xBhp G2G Pics – Rakesh Kalli,  KTM Duke Pics – Zigwheels.

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