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June 12, 2014

Femen Quebec Protests Montreal’s Grand Prix | My Thoughts on it

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In response to this article

My thoughts:
May be Grand Prix time increases demand for paid sex; so does football time.

But for the whole point of “sexism” made by this article and the protester, I was wondering how on one side you protest against sexism and on the other side you write like only males enjoy Cars and racing.
That is sexism too right there. There are many women who like cars and racing.

It seems like feminists only like to “consider” only part of womens’ preferences to fight against.


Also, about the security guard dragging her out, and being called as “enjoying his job” .. THAT IS his job; as in the pic I don’t see him groping or anything (so IMHO, he is doing his job and not ‘enjoying’ per se) … Someone standing on a multi-million dollar car which he is assigned to protect… I think he needs to do what he needs to do (just like the protester has her thing to do) … so stop trying to drag in sympathy by blaming someone else.

As far as Grand Prix or MotoGP having pit/crew/paddock girls, I would say it is entirely their wish. They get paid, and it’s upto them if they want to take part or not. No one is dragging them by their necks to be a crew girl. It’s a job, there is money (and probably more benefits), they want it, they take up the job.

Besides, so much for feminism that says no one should mind even if women run naked on streets, and then raise hue and cry over outfits of grand prix.


I personally think GrandPrix and MotoGP girls look beautiful and they help encourage the riders/drivers to perform better (very basic male nature is to outperform and bring best out of them when the ladies are around). I would call them part of “encouragement” team and view their job “no less” than anything; it is “part of the team“.

Sadly extremist-feminist seem to try to see “lowness” in this.

P.S:  Pretty sure our extremist feminist friends didn’t find anything wrong in this protest that included gestures with dildos in front of “kids” that were at that event?
This world is full of people that want to get their way work out, raise hue and cry about their preferences not being met but aren’t open enough to consider other’s issues.
Bravo, Bravo! (sarcasm) -_-

March 21, 2013

Male Startup Entrepreneurs shouldn’t marry an Indian girl unless…

Disclaimer: This doesn’t hold for ‘entire’ women of India.
There are awesome women in India.. be it urban or rural areas… I’ve met some and I consider myself lucky to have seen how valuable they are to their husbands, to the society and as a woman.

If you feel offended or want to do some ‘Indian version of feminist’ bashing about this post / you’re a new blood boiling so-called feminist due to recent media highlight on rapes in India, then you’re either immature/haven’t seen much life/can’t accept the truth.
Feel free to bash if you itch to, but I have a decade long of scars/experience on my heart and tons of cases observed… so I know what the fuck I am talking about.

Well, back to the topic,

Friend IDG shared this – on Facebook, and I couldn’t agree more 🙂

I’d also say ‘Male Startup Entrepreneurs shouldn’t marry an Indian girl unless She

0. Understands that passion

1. Can maintain ‘mental peace’ at home

2. Has an independent mind not driven/manipulated by her relatives.
(Some people never realize this throughout their lives.)

3. Doesn’t not consider you as an investment/free ATM machine.

4. Is willing to ‘at least morally’ support you at downtimes.
(As per gender equality, she should be able to step up and support financially too at dry times… but personally I’ve always believed its better NOT to touch an Indian girl’s money.. like NEVER. For “MOST” of them the sense of gender equality is about what they can get from someone.. and not about what they can do for someone.)

5. Knows when its the right time for babies.. and not mentally force you to spawn some for the heck of it.. or just because her relatives want to play with babies now.
Think, Can you afford best education and health for your kid yet?

6. And there are another TON of points which I don’t want to waste my time writing up. 🙂

If you do find an Indian girl who is up for some “realistic” gender equality and actually is a +ve to hang around with during your startup stage.. then pat yourself on the back gentleman… you’ve found a rare gem.
Treasure her, Value her and take good care of her. That’s a person worth taking a bullet for.

January 13, 2013

Real Woman. How many are left?

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I'm sure they are rare.This is the kind of woman who deserves respect. I bow.

I’m sure they are rare.
This is the kind of woman who deserves respect. I bow.

September 6, 2011

Save a Girl Child

Some content on this post are about sensitive issues happening around us. Please do not read further if you are not mature enough to handle it.


Prenatal sex determination was banned in India, under the Pre-conception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act.


India’s 2011 census shows a serious decline in the number of girls under the age of seven – activists fear eight million( 80,00,000 ) female fetuses may have been aborted between 2001 and 2011.

The 1994 ban on prenatal sex determination would have forced quite a few people to bring new life on this planet, without the discrimination to gender, but has it really achieved what it was originally meant to do!

2011 census is an eye-opener us all. It shows how efficient people have become in their hideous ways of brutality.

As if that wasn’t enough, two other practices had gained momentum after ban on prenatal sex determination.

  1. Sex selective Infanticide/Neonaticide – killing of a newborn female infant less than 24 hours old.
  2. Femicide – killing of women for various reasons, usually cultural.
  3. And well who can forget the all time famous (notorious?)…

  4. Honor Killings – killing of a family member by other members, due to the belief of the perpetrators that the victim has brought dishonor upon the family or community. Honor killings are directed mostly against women and girls, but have been extended to men.
You must be wondering why this post talks about this subject out of the blue; here is why:
Tribes surrounding Devarakonda, Andhra Pradesh (Map), have been practicing Neonaticide, Femicide and Honor killings from years now.
One member of SCF (Mahesh), brought up this topic during last weekend visit to Chandur. He had already put some effort into trying to get one of the tribes to sane thinking till about 2 years ago.
We decided to go and check out the situation; hence the visit to Devarakonda – 4 sep 2011.

En-route tribal habitats - Devarakonda

What we found is absolutely shocking and bone chilling.
Word of mouth from few sensible locals of the village, who have been trying to stop this madness (We fortunately came across them) :
  • After the 1994 ban, when the local village hospital stopped access to prenatal sex determination, people had become savages.
  • They started killing ( that’s an understatement, I’d call it murdering ) their own just born girl child. Methods include:
                         – Forcing the infant to consume some kind of a poisonous seed.
                         – Drowning them in container of milk.
                         – Burying them alive.
                         – Smashing them to death with rocks, until the little life stopped twitching.
             The Government tried to bring some order into the situation, trails were run, few people were convicted.
             Few/most people understood that they would land into trouble if they killed infants. So what did they do then?
  • They started throwing the just born infants in the sewage, abandoning them at the bus stops, leaving them on the roads, in the fields, on the rocks that burn hot in the sun or in some cases selling them!
             The Government then extended Sishu Vihar programme (run by ICDS ), where in the local hospital put up an open-cradle for infants to be left there instead of killing or abandoning them wherever they can. The infants would be then moved to a local Sishu Vihar branch, where they are taken care of and given for adoption.

Open-Cradle at Devarakonda Hospital where people abandon their new born girl Child.

Local Sishu Vihar branch

This programme is running from last 5 months here and 82 babies have been dropped at the open-cradle till now; some are directly left at the local sishu vihar branch ( smart tribals? they have learnt where the babies go from the cradle )
             Unfortunately, these so called smart asses aren’t smart enough in their decisions on the life of a girl child.
A girl child is looked upon to be a burden, a liability, a debt, a dishonor, a material, an object and what not!
The desire for male child for these tribals, has them completely blinded, turned them to animals ( No! wait. That would be an insult to animals….. they don’t distinguish between male/female. My apologies to the animal kingdom.).


Some of incidents that we came to know about:
    1. There is a couple in one of the tribes who have 13 children now.  First 11 were girls, and their efforts for male child has been answered by God! , the 12 the delivery brought them male twins.  They are now supposedly happy?  I just hope they won’t sell their girl child for trafficking.
    2. In another case, a man argued during his trail in the court that he had sent his wife 10,000 rupees every month during her labor so that she can give birth to a male child. Now that she has wronged him by delivering a girl child, he doesn’t want her or the child!
    3. A third case, where a father had murdered his daughter while returning home from the local hospital ( may be after prenatal sex determination? ).  He had smashed open her head with a boulder and then buried her; went home and had a goodnight’s sleep. Next day when the villagers asked about his daughter, he had to tell them what happened.

What would you expect? Was he taken to local police station? Naah..
The villagers decided that it wouldn’t bring “honor” to the village if a pregnant lady was buried along with a child in her womb. They all went to set things “right”. Dug out the body, used blades to cut out the belly, rip off the womb from the mother and buried both of them seperately.
The so called honor of the village was restored.
The mere narration of this incident had send chills down my spine. I can’t imagine what level of dark heart it takes to do it.

If you ask these tribals on why they do this, they cite financial problems as the reason for it. But, its known that  the male child is taken care of in every possible way they can. Somehow the financial reasons take toll on their mind when its a girl child.

The Government, their welfare bodies, the doctors, have all tried telling them that this is wrong, but I guess it just doesn’t get to their ears.

This is where Saayam Cheddam Foundation plans to do something. We’ve realized that the key to this is education ( these tribals do not even know that producing a girl child isn’t mother’s doing).  And not just plain education, but something in visual, something that they can relate with, something that won’t be given a deaf ear, something that should present case studies in visual format that says “Girls can and already do equal boys in earning livelihood. They are not liability.”

SCF members discussing with sensible local people in the Village.

One of the local persons that we met (mentioned earlier in this post) has already worked out a film on this issue, but has it unfinished due to budget. We thought it could be one good lead to start with.

SCF members looking at the road traveled; the roads that lead to people who kill their girl child.

Let’s see how things go, if we can make even a small difference, help save some innocent girl child lives. Time shall unfold.

More pics of visit –
Picasa – Nikon CoolPix L110
? – Sony Cybershot w570 ( Sorry, we do not have permissions to post these pics yet! )

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