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September 2, 2010

Ubuntu hangs on me :(

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Was an embarrassing situation when my laptop got hung amid a client call.
It was hung well over 20 minutes.. tried to kill VirtualBox in many ways. No Avail. It just took over the whole mem and cpu power…forced chromium to die.. as I watched helplessly over my console.

VirtualBox kills my CPU usage

Damn.. I miss Suse’s AppArmor, RedHat’s selinux and Mandriva’s MSec

Ubuntu needs something natively developed.

January 28, 2009

HP printers on SUSE

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Trying to configure your HP products like printer and/or scanner on opensuse (or for that matter any linux distro)?

Make sure that you have hplib package installed.

My HP Deskjet 3745 used to work on Mandriva lappie but not on openSUSE PC. After beating around the bush with CUPS, I figured out that there should be some driver in repos. A quick search and tada .. hplib.
Just installed it, reconfigured the printer and wolah its printing. 🙂

October 21, 2008

kdmgreeter crash

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My freaking old harddisk of PC gave trouble again this morning. I had to run manual file system check on /var yet again.

The very next time it didn’t allow me to login!
Skimming through /var, I found the answer in /var/log/kdm.log –
Fatal Error: Accessed global static ‘KGlobalPrivate *globalData()’ after destruction. Defined at /usr/src/packages/BUILD/kdelibs-4.0.4/kdecore/kernel/kglobal.cpp:98

KDE developers wouldn’t care much about 4.0.4, they are already on the path of 4.2 🙂

I tried autologin, manual start of X and kde, starting xdm through runlevel 3. Nothing seems to work.
Many of my socket permissions from ~/.kde4/socket-blackbeauty/ were messed up. (blackbeauty is hostname).
The only work-around that did the job was creating a new user and starting my X from run level 3. The kdmgreeter would still not allow any user to login.

I tried to install another greeter theme using KNS ( K New Stuff ), and it seems to tell me that themes are installed but I couldn’t see them on Login Manager’s themes tab. That’s another weirdo now! I can’t even tell if it was the fault of the SUSE default kdmtheme.
Suggestion welcome 🙂

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