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January 13, 2013

Real Woman. How many are left?

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I'm sure they are rare.This is the kind of woman who deserves respect. I bow.

I’m sure they are rare.
This is the kind of woman who deserves respect. I bow.


November 10, 2012

Guess who just got married!

10-11-12 .. what a fscking wonderful date of incremental order, and guess who decided to get married today!

An awesome hitchhiker(or hiker),
an entrepreneur,
a real person,
a humane person,
a real real real good guy,
a saintly calm person,
one that reminds me of my dad,
one that unintentionally re-taught me the value of doing good karma in life,
whose life inspires you to try live around good people like him and stay away from ones that don’t have a conscience, the values that I was gradually, subconsciously forgetting.

Nope, all these ain’t different people.. this is one guy and Sorry ladies, he’s just been taken by his girlfriend 😉

I’d love to say a bit of stuff about his girl (ahem, now Boss.. ahem ahem.. cough cough.. I mean Wife 😉 )… but I know her more on a professional front and a tiny bit from my 8 day stay at their place when I was in KL (can’t thank them enough for it) 🙂
I did notice one thing. She does stand as a support to him and she respects the good values he chose to live by in his life.
Now, that… that is a priceless gem worth having in life. And sorry guys, she’s just been taken by my good friend 😀

Well done Guys! 🙂 .. Walter, you may now kiss the Bride! .. and it better be more passionate than the pic I have of you guys from KLCC up here. 😉

So well, a BIG congratulations to the new Weds…@walterheck and @mineakman .
May your love grow stronger with each day and I wish for bazillions of happiness your way!

P.S: I was gonna write this post today morning, but wasn’t sure if the Groom is supposed to see the Bride before marriage (you know, just in case Walter sees this post… tech guys always have some gadget that’s online; *geek* ).. so I held off for a bit until I saw their wedding pic for real; and shamelessly edited/used it in the blog 🙂

September 3, 2008

laptop woes episode2

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Continued from here.

My screen was replaced and tested for just 4 hours at an acer authorised service center.
Makes me wonder why it took 9 days and 5 reminder calls to get my laptop back; seems quite long considering that it is a carry-in warranty and not a home delivery too. Nine days! sigh.

I hopped back home in joy; hoping that troubles are over and getting eager to work. I was baffled the very moment unpacked my lappie from the box. Reason – two uneven surfaces near the battery compartment. It looked as if they’ve used some tools like screwdriver to lift the compartment. I called up the service center and they denied opening the compartment. According to them they had replaced only the LCD and that doesn’t require opening any of the compartments.
I never knew acer laptop compartment seals could self break!

Fair enough, lets boot up now. The beautiful Mandriva 2008.1 booted up and brought me to the login screen. My eye caught something – the time. Its wrong!

desk @ home

desk @ home

I checked the BIOS setup and found that time, date, boot sequence and few other options were changed. Why would these require change if they were servicing it for display issue?
Anyway, I had to complete my pending tasks. I worked on the laptop for about 30 minutes and here it is – A new problem. The left side of the keyboard was warmer than it used to be. I checked the ventilation slots and it was blowing hot air at high speed. Never before was the laptop so hot. I could smell hot lead at the ventilation slots.

I installed lm_sensors, and it showed 60 C for CPU temperature. That’s real crazy considering the fact that it rained and room temperature was cool, it was night time and moreover I had the room fan on at the highest speed. On top of all these I had a laptop cooling pad. Boy, this is not good.

I logged a new support request with the help of acer tech support and took the laptop back to the same authorised dealer/service center. I showed them the broken compartment seals; only then they admitted opening it for checking internal components. They have taken in the laptop and promised 4 days for problem resolution (the same way they did the last time, may be 4==9).
Before leaving, I asked them if their engineers worked on linux too (my lappie has mandriva linux). They nodded and claimed that they know it all.

Next day I was waiting for their call. They told me they would notify if the hardware needs to be replaced. It was almost evening and impatiently I gave them a call to inquire status. Surprisingly, they didn’t check it because my laptop didn’t have WindowsXP!! Hello, this is a linux laptop. Acer shipped it with linpus linux and your tech support doesn’t work on linux! It was just yesterday you claimed that they know it all.
I then explained the steps to go to my 3rd workspace in KDE, where I had gkrellm monitoring the CPU load and temperature. If they would have admitted not knowing gnu/linux when I gave in the laptop, I’d have showed them and given a small tutorial also (FOR FREE).

So, again I am on a waiting mode for their call.
Hardware vendors who claim to support GNU/Linux should try to walk the talk.

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