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December 11, 2013

Blackberry WebWorks 2.0 on Linux!

Okay!, so first some history.. was working with Webworks 1.x to get my game Baka – The World’s Hungriest Frog packaged for Blackberry 10.x platform.

Ran into quite some problems … not finding debug tokens to missing author.p12 files were just some of them.
To much dismay, suddenly all the docs links I was referring to on the developer url on blackberry site changed to Webworks 2.0 (Yay! RIM released BB Webworks 2.0 based on Apache cordova)

Wasn’t much “yay!” for me as I spent over a week figuring out why my debug token wasnt generating or why I couldn’t package a simple bar file… all in between making trips to hospital for I was under treatment for typhoid (still under medicine as we speak).

rants on twitter

rants on twitter

more rants

more rants

Anyway, I was super pissed… shot couple of mails and tweets and thankfully Erik (@WaterlooErik) mailed back quick…. and with quite a sensible reply. Very kind of him 🙂

3 lines from his email got me the root of the problem

When testing with the new WebWorks 2.0 SDK, you should actually only have to run the following command when your device is connected:
webworks run

This will automatically generate a debug token for you if need be, upload it to the device, and then deploy your project in debug mode to the device.

Have you registered your BBID code signing keys and generated a new author.p12 file already? (If you are using your old CSJ code signing keys, that may be where the issue is coming from.)

My Problems:
1. What he mentioned as “automatically generate a debug token for you” wasn’t happening.

2. So, I was trying everything manually to create those debug tokens… using csj files with the old webworks debugtokenrequest commands and csk with new debugtokenrequest… wait.. in short I had both stuff installed in a big mess.

3. I was using Webworks setup inside a Windows VM running on a Linux host.. so the device was connected via host to guest.. and somehow that pretty much doesnt work. “No Blackberry device found” 🙂

I definitely didn’t want to dual boot my laptop with windows for this (although I could have used my desktop .. I wanted to have this on the move)

Then I found this

Decided to do a clean install on my laptop/Ubuntu host … so here I take you through how it was done along with some pitfalls.



INSTALLING WebWorks 2.0 BETA on Ubuntu Linux:


\\ Install Git, ia32-libs, Java Runtime Environment
krish@shenron:~$ sudo apt-get install git ia32-libs openjdk-6-jre

\\ Update Repo and install python stuff and build tools
krish@shenron: ~$ sudo apt-get update
krish@shenron: ~$ sudo apt-get install python-software-properties python g++ make

\\ Get Nodejs from Chris’s ppa – there is a nice updated build for lucid lynx, so didn’t have to compile from source
krish@shenron: ~$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chris-lea/node.js
\\Accept the freaking ppa adding warning 🙂

\\Install Nodejs
krish@shenron: ~$ sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install nodejs

\\Install Cordova via npm
\\ Note: I didn’t have to install npm via my package manager. Infact it apt-cache policy npm shows its not installed. Probably comes packaged with nodejs
krish@shenron: ~$ sudo npm install -g cordova

– WebWorks 2.0 Beta

\\ Get from Mike’s (@badtoyz) repo
krish@shenron:/opt$   git clone
krish@shenron:/opt$   mv BB10-WebWorks-SDK-    BadToyz-BB10WebWorks


– Start UI and Try to create a Test Project


Open a tab on your browser to http://localhost:3123, this should give you WebWorks 2.0 UI
Try creating a project and Build it.

For me, it didnt 🙂 .. It got stuck at a dialog called “Creating…” or something and hung there.
So did a little debug via command line, found where the problem step was, reported it on an issue

I thought I might now have to wait another week for this, but Mike was kind enough to fix this fast (as you can see from the replies on that issue)



– Pull in latest from Repo + Couple of more changes I figured was necessary

\\ Stop the UI by Ctrl+C on that term you were running it on.

\\ Pulled in Mike’s fixes. You may not have to do this because you will get latest fix from HEAD
krish@shenron:/opt/BadToyz-BB10WebWorks$ git pull origin master

\\ Install npmlog, graceful-fs and clean .cordova
krish@shenron: ~$ sudo npm install npmlog
krish@shenron: ~$ sudo npm install graceful-fs
krish@shenron: ~$ rm -rf .cordova

\\ Extend PATH variable .bashrc to add /opt/BadToyz-BB10WebWorks
\\ and /opt/BadToyz-BB10WebWorks/cordova-blackberry/bin/dependencies/bb-tools/bin

Add to your PATH in .bashrc

Add to your PATH in .bashrc – Sorry for the small screenshot. Resized by mistake 😦

\\ Now startui again and try to create test project
krish@shenron: ~$ cd /opt/BadToyz-BB10WebWork
krish@shenron:/opt/BadToyz-BB10WebWorks$ ./start-ui

Go to that localhost:3123 again, and try… it worked this time 🙂
Was able to create the project.


– CONNECT Your Blackberry on LINUX

I was using z10 dev alpha B.. you might have a z30.

Well, this doesnt work so seamlessly as it does on Windows, aka.. it doesnt connect via usb as a recognizable device.. this is the reason I couldn’t forward the usbdevice into my VirtualMachine windows.

Anyway here’s the work around

1. Enable Dev Mode
– Go to Settings -> Security and Privacy -> Development Mode
– Give a password, remember it. This is your DEVICEPASSWORD
– Set an IP. Default is (I used

2. Connecting via USB on Linux
– Got to Settings -> Storage and Access
– Set USB Connections to “Connect to Windows” or “Connect to Mac” instead of the default “Auto detect”
Now you’ll see the device will be available as a network connection on your network-manager
Note: I renamed it to BBz10 to remember so.

BlackBerry z10 in dev mode on Linux as a usb network.

BlackBerry z10 in dev mode on Linux as a usb network.

3. Test the connection
– You should be able to ping your z10 via its dev mode IP ( or whatever you set it to)



– Try to BUILD test WebWorks Project

Tried to build and install the project via UI

Debug Token, Where are Thou? :(

Debug Token, Where are Thou? 😦

What the!!! Same old error. Now I dont want to use that blackberry-debugtokenrequest script again?
Oh wait, Remember Erik said, “When testing with the new WebWorks 2.0 SDK, you should actually only have to run the following command when your device is connected: webworks run”

Let’s try that


– Creating a DEBUG TOKEN 

\\ Go to a project directory
krish@shenron:/opt/BadToyz-BB10WebWorks$ cd ~/WebWorks Projects/test1
\\ Run webworks run.
\\ This will ask you for your DEVICEPASSWORD (which you entered when switching on debug mode)
\\ And your KEYSTOREPASSWORD (which you set while generating bbidtoken.csk)
\\ If you did not generate bbidtoken.csk, please do it via
krish@shenron:~/WebWorks Projects/test1$ webworks run
[ERROR] The Specified CSK password is not valid.

Whaaat!!! :/

Pretty sure that I had my csk password correct.
Let’s try verbose mode
\\ Trying Verbose on webworks run
krish@shenron:~/WebWorks Projects/test1$ webworks –verbose run –devicepass DEVICEPASSWORD –keystorepass KEYSTOREPASSWORD
Generating config.xml from defaults for platform “Blackberry10”
[INFO] Target Z10-MYDEVICEPIN selected
[INFO] Generating debug token
[ERROR] The specified CSK password is not valid.
An error has occured.

At this point I could see fumes out of my head. This was back to square one. :X
Atleast, it shows MYDEVICEPIN correctly, so unlike earlier, it is able to connect to my device this time 🙂

Did I mention I was making trips to hospital the whole last week? and then working late nights (probably half drowsy) on this with Webworks 1.x
So I thought, what the hell.. lets just try to ensure we have all files correct

– Files you need under ~/.rim or your /home/user/.rim

You’ll need the bbidtoken.csk and author.p12
I backed up my author.p12 from the windows VM from “%HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Research In Motion”
and put in under “~/.rim”

I’m pretty sure I had to generate that author.p12 on Windows. Just can’t remember at the moment.

As for bbidtoken.csk, I generated a new one by going to and requesting a new token for SDK 10.2 for WebWorks 2.0 Beta
AND remember the KEYSTOREPASSWORD you set here 🙂



– Try to CREATE Debug Token Again

W00t! ... it also deployed the app to my z10? :)

W00t! … it also deployed the app to my z10? 🙂

Yippie! Finally… webwork run also deploys if the app is connected.
Also it created debug keys and pushed it to the device. I could see that on the “Settings -> Security and Privacy -> Development Mode” screen.

But wait, I want to see this working via UI too.

\\ So fire up the ui again
krish@shenron: ~$ cd /opt/BadToyz-BB10WebWork
krish@shenron:/opt/BadToyz-BB10WebWorks$ ./start-ui

\\Try to Build and Install the project via the UI

Building BAR file success!

Building BAR file success!

Huaaaaaaa!!! 🙂
You’ll see your the app fire up on your phone screen and also an app icon installed 😀

Your test WebWorks 2.0 app

Your test WebWorks 2.0 app

Hope this helps someone 🙂

You can tweet a thanks to @WaterlooErik , @badtoyz and may be me if you want to let me know that this worked for you! 🙂
Or if it didn’t, feel free to either tweet to me @srikrishnadas and/or leave your error in comments 😀
Thanks to ダニエル for his nice write up on prereqs for the old Webworks. It did help 🙂 I wish I knew his twitter id to include in the above thank list 😀

An hour past midnight now.. time for BattleField 😉

Btw, You can LIKE our game page – to keep updated on the upcoming fun adventure non-endless jumper .. the story of The World’s Hungriest Frog – “Baka” 🙂


August 10, 2013

Red Headed Beauty

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On failing to find a shipper for Dagi stylus, I bought another cheapo one… first doodle with it.. testing… precision sucks.

Subject: Red head beauty.

Head hair ... one of the most beautiful parts of a woman.

Head hair … one of the most features of a woman.

May 8, 2013

The Heart Broken Biker – Vlog 025 – Driving Away into the Fog

April 19, 2013

The Heart Broken Biker – Vlog 024 – How NOT to search for directions!

Follow up to

I baffle because my GPS doesnt work and I can’t get live maps either.
Ride continues till I see a bit of light in sky.

Rest to come soon 🙂

Sound Track: Burning Sky by ‘Fresh Body Shop’

April 15, 2013

The Heart Broken Biker – Vlog 023 – 2 a.m Spontaneous Ride

Here’s the vlogs as promised in post

Packing Up for the ride!

More vlogs to follow 🙂

February 7, 2013

The Heart Broken Biker – Vlog 014 – What’s that noise?

Uploaded part of a drive to biker’s meet… just a drive by with music.
Rest stuff coming in next vlog.

What was that noise after all?

Sound Track: “That’s my way” by ‘Shootin’ Box’

February 3, 2013

The Heart Broken Biker – Vlog 013 – Do It Yourself, Stomp Grips

First attempt on making a stomp grip, turned out pretty okay.
Made some mistakes… sharing them 🙂

Thanks to Juris (a co-rider) for the inputs and helping me find the materials.

Sound track: Guile Theme from game Street Fighter.



January 25, 2013

Short Ride pics from Last Sunday.

Photo Credits: Jaijeet

Photo Credits: Jaijeet

Offroad into a small canyon :)

Offroad into a small canyon 🙂

Amitiel resting :)

Amitiel resting 🙂

Sometimes, staring at dead ends helps you realize how much more power you need to punch a hole through them.  -- The HeartBrokenBiker

Sometimes, staring at dead ends helps you realize how much more power you need to punch a hole through them.
— The HeartBrokenBiker
Photo credits: Jaijeet

Amitiel and The HeartBrokenBiker Photo Credits: Bishal

Amitiel and The HeartBrokenBiker
Photo Credits: Bishal

If life is like a journey/road,  and true love is the one who does not let you down at its curves....  then here's a pic of my true love. :) -- The HeartBrokenBiker

If life is like a journey/road,
and true love is the one who does not let you down at its curves….
then here’s a pic of my true love. 🙂
— The HeartBrokenBiker
Photo credits: Bishal

January 12, 2013

Memories of Delhi from 2011

Ah, memories of Delhi… way back from 2011, when I was attending First Comic Con India.
Stayed for free at Jeba (Graydot) and Ankur‘s place for 2 days! .. I didn’t even know them when I arrived.
Sorta like Couchsurfing before even joining 😉

Grateful to them. They shared their food, they cooked delicious fish for me, Jeba and I chased expensive cars :), he also accompanied me to ComicCon, until he encountered Vivek Khurana (nomind) and then ran away for tasty meat food. 🙂

I gotta thank Vivek for not letting me miss that food, by treating me to awesome hot pakodas with earthen-pot tea, organic food, chaat, hot samosas,  and finally Bengali sweet curd.

And special thanks to Atul, for he created the chain of contact with Jeba & requested for my stay… I was too hesitant to ask 😀

Hugs to all of you!

Here’s the album –

Hot Pakodas and Makte Wali Chai @ Organic Foods at Delhi

Hot Pakodas and Makte Wali Chai @ Organic Foods at Delhi


I had just bought the camera back then, had no fucking idea what to click and what not to… I clicked mostly crap instead of clicking a nice group pic with you guys.

So what reminded me of Delhi?   The freaking cold tap water that froze my palm this morning. 😛

January 6, 2013

The Heart Broken Biker – Vlog 011 – Introducing my Ride, Amitiel

Struck me that I haven’t made a vlog introducing my ride.
Generally, you’d expect a motovlogger to intro his bike when its all new, shiny.. or get it shined well for the intro vlog.. but well.. I find it more real to show it in its normal maintenance condition. Be Real! 🙂

So here she is .. Amitiel… about 6 months old now.

‘Amitiel’ / “Angel of Truth” is believed to be an archangel who is responsible for assisting us with realizing the various levels of truth.
She encourages us to find the truth in our desires and experiences and to use these truths as learning experiences rather than to be in denial.

Angels, supposed to be truthful, supposed to have brains, supposed to not cheat you...

Angels, supposed to be truthful, supposed to have brains, supposed to not cheat you…

I bought the bike after a specific incident in my life, that had me completely broken down emotionally; pretty much at the verge of ending myself.
Thankfully, I was able to pull myself together and realize certain truths of my life; acknowledge that they will not change.
I was myself responsible for the situation I was in. What I needed, was to embrace the harsh truth of life, be one with it and change myself.
To be cold to certain emotions which had rendered me weak to be easily attacked and played around with in the past.

A return of my old self from a decade ago.
A journey which needed a companion; a companion that is truthful. And here she is – Amitiel.

Sound Tracks –
“Baby” by Nicoco
“Jerk it Out” – by The Caesars

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