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December 21, 2012

The Heart Broken Biker – Vlog 009 – DoomsDay, Shit just got Real!

Everyone who has made fun of the DoomsDay will learn to believe after this rare footage.
Shit just got real! 😉

Don’t be a Sinner like me… I have realised…. Believe it you Fools… Dont be a Sinner.. Believe it!


P.S: Didn’t want to do a vlog on this, but something hit me in the last moment and I picked up the camera and did a quick one.

Sound Tracks:
Original Sin (For not keeping virginity) – from Anime Hellsing
Jerk it Out – by The Caesars
Dread Rock  – by Paul Oakenfold (Matrix fans? – heard it in Matrix Revolutions)

P.P.S: Reality Check.. DoomsDay isn’t here yet.
Destructions have happened in Real World and will keep happening
… 21 Dec 2012 has nothing to do with mark of new destructions.
World might eventually end someday thousands/millions of years later or may not.
Get ya lazy ass back to Work. 🙂

November 23, 2012

Keep the Internet ‘Free’ and ‘Open’

Internet and Science are two things which needs to be “Open”. Both are absolute essentials for progress of mankind.
Closing even one of them means you’re sending us back to dark ages.

We elect Government to run a country, not make choices of how much knowledge should be accessible to us.
And any Government that decides to hinder that doesn’t deserve to be in power.

Come join hands with me and other sensible people on this planet… and take an action with help from Google.

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