krish – 起死回生 [Wake up from death & return to life.]

January 9, 2013

How to know if she is your soul mate?

Soul mate doesn't take off when you're down.

Soul mate doesn’t take off when you’re down.

Haha 🙂 Funny, but sometimes that is what you need.
A soul mate that sticks around to give you emotional support when you’re almost dying; the one who comes back to you leaving the world on hearing about a mishap that would have happened to you.

Alas! Some people just take the opportunity to take off (same day or the next day or two days later… same thing.. you haven’t recovered yet), even if you’ve been there for them at a similar situation(or lets call that “every” situation) they were in.

It is a learning that life gives, letting you measure the depths of love and a lesson for you to never make that mistake of trusting again.

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