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June 12, 2014

Femen Quebec Protests Montreal’s Grand Prix | My Thoughts on it

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In response to this article

My thoughts:
May be Grand Prix time increases demand for paid sex; so does football time.

But for the whole point of “sexism” made by this article and the protester, I was wondering how on one side you protest against sexism and on the other side you write like only males enjoy Cars and racing.
That is sexism too right there. There are many women who like cars and racing.

It seems like feminists only like to “consider” only part of womens’ preferences to fight against.


Also, about the security guard dragging her out, and being called as “enjoying his job” .. THAT IS his job; as in the pic I don’t see him groping or anything (so IMHO, he is doing his job and not ‘enjoying’ per se) … Someone standing on a multi-million dollar car which he is assigned to protect… I think he needs to do what he needs to do (just like the protester has her thing to do) … so stop trying to drag in sympathy by blaming someone else.

As far as Grand Prix or MotoGP having pit/crew/paddock girls, I would say it is entirely their wish. They get paid, and it’s upto them if they want to take part or not. No one is dragging them by their necks to be a crew girl. It’s a job, there is money (and probably more benefits), they want it, they take up the job.

Besides, so much for feminism that says no one should mind even if women run naked on streets, and then raise hue and cry over outfits of grand prix.


I personally think GrandPrix and MotoGP girls look beautiful and they help encourage the riders/drivers to perform better (very basic male nature is to outperform and bring best out of them when the ladies are around). I would call them part of “encouragement” team and view their job “no less” than anything; it is “part of the team“.

Sadly extremist-feminist seem to try to see “lowness” in this.

P.S:  Pretty sure our extremist feminist friends didn’t find anything wrong in this protest that included gestures with dildos in front of “kids” that were at that event?
This world is full of people that want to get their way work out, raise hue and cry about their preferences not being met but aren’t open enough to consider other’s issues.
Bravo, Bravo! (sarcasm) -_-


January 6, 2013

The Heart Broken Biker – Vlog 011 – Introducing my Ride, Amitiel

Struck me that I haven’t made a vlog introducing my ride.
Generally, you’d expect a motovlogger to intro his bike when its all new, shiny.. or get it shined well for the intro vlog.. but well.. I find it more real to show it in its normal maintenance condition. Be Real! 🙂

So here she is .. Amitiel… about 6 months old now.

‘Amitiel’ / “Angel of Truth” is believed to be an archangel who is responsible for assisting us with realizing the various levels of truth.
She encourages us to find the truth in our desires and experiences and to use these truths as learning experiences rather than to be in denial.

Angels, supposed to be truthful, supposed to have brains, supposed to not cheat you...

Angels, supposed to be truthful, supposed to have brains, supposed to not cheat you…

I bought the bike after a specific incident in my life, that had me completely broken down emotionally; pretty much at the verge of ending myself.
Thankfully, I was able to pull myself together and realize certain truths of my life; acknowledge that they will not change.
I was myself responsible for the situation I was in. What I needed, was to embrace the harsh truth of life, be one with it and change myself.
To be cold to certain emotions which had rendered me weak to be easily attacked and played around with in the past.

A return of my old self from a decade ago.
A journey which needed a companion; a companion that is truthful. And here she is – Amitiel.

Sound Tracks –
“Baby” by Nicoco
“Jerk it Out” – by The Caesars

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