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June 13, 2013

My Matrimonial site profile? WTF?

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I was wondering why I keep getting emails from this particular matrimony website called JeevanSaathi… like who the fuck is interested in marriage anymore?
A relation which of-late has become a so-called agreed upon so-called union of people that cheat, lie and back-stab while showing off as if they are loyal to the partner by means of wearing symbolic accessories. Zero true feelings and complete disguised smiles. Really? Who wants that?

Anyway, wanted to figure out.. opened an email and I see that people are viewing my profile already!
I was like, WTF.. why do I have a profile?

And I went to the site profile url and it shows this:

Apparently my matrimony profile?

Apparently my matrimony profile?

See that? A profile with bunch of lies.
Who the fuck is 5’7”? and my father has his own business????
Hell No. My father was poor.. and he struggled a lot to get me a good education so that I can live a better life.
And he also lost his life doing that…. AND I am very proud of him and what he did for me.

Like pure WTF!

They got my birthday and email right (which is available all over the web), my ethnicity and other crap wrong, height wrong,.. and that thing about “handsome” might be wrong too.

Then I notice that the mobile number listed as my contact number is my SIM card that my ex used to use.
Also, last edited on 4th April 2013? Wow.. keeping my profile updated.
What do I make out of this? o,O

March 21, 2013

Male Startup Entrepreneurs shouldn’t marry an Indian girl unless…

Disclaimer: This doesn’t hold for ‘entire’ women of India.
There are awesome women in India.. be it urban or rural areas… I’ve met some and I consider myself lucky to have seen how valuable they are to their husbands, to the society and as a woman.

If you feel offended or want to do some ‘Indian version of feminist’ bashing about this post / you’re a new blood boiling so-called feminist due to recent media highlight on rapes in India, then you’re either immature/haven’t seen much life/can’t accept the truth.
Feel free to bash if you itch to, but I have a decade long of scars/experience on my heart and tons of cases observed… so I know what the fuck I am talking about.

Well, back to the topic,

Friend IDG shared this – on Facebook, and I couldn’t agree more 🙂

I’d also say ‘Male Startup Entrepreneurs shouldn’t marry an Indian girl unless She

0. Understands that passion

1. Can maintain ‘mental peace’ at home

2. Has an independent mind not driven/manipulated by her relatives.
(Some people never realize this throughout their lives.)

3. Doesn’t not consider you as an investment/free ATM machine.

4. Is willing to ‘at least morally’ support you at downtimes.
(As per gender equality, she should be able to step up and support financially too at dry times… but personally I’ve always believed its better NOT to touch an Indian girl’s money.. like NEVER. For “MOST” of them the sense of gender equality is about what they can get from someone.. and not about what they can do for someone.)

5. Knows when its the right time for babies.. and not mentally force you to spawn some for the heck of it.. or just because her relatives want to play with babies now.
Think, Can you afford best education and health for your kid yet?

6. And there are another TON of points which I don’t want to waste my time writing up. 🙂

If you do find an Indian girl who is up for some “realistic” gender equality and actually is a +ve to hang around with during your startup stage.. then pat yourself on the back gentleman… you’ve found a rare gem.
Treasure her, Value her and take good care of her. That’s a person worth taking a bullet for.

December 30, 2012

Cute Couple Vloggers

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Couples from vlogging scene on Youtube,  Bart Kwan and Geovanna Antoinette opened up their relation to their youtube viewers on a vlog .. and it was pretty interesting to watch.

Felt connected with this video from timeline 8:21
Brought tear to my eye.
I tried to see those qualities in someone for 10 yrs before finally realizing that if it ain’t there I won’t find it.. no matter how hard I look or try.

And this continuation video made me go “Wow” for both of them.
Watch what they feel about “tying the knot”,
when he says “I can trust my life in hands of Geo”,
about “girly girls” :),
when he says that she is someone who can get “Even for me” or “protect me” when shit happens,
and bit of light moments (but truths) with “height issues” 😀

Hugs to ya both. Wish ya the best!
Don’t let anybody/anything get in between your relation. 🙂
I’m sure they won’t.. both of them have brains 😀

November 10, 2012

Guess who just got married!

10-11-12 .. what a fscking wonderful date of incremental order, and guess who decided to get married today!

An awesome hitchhiker(or hiker),
an entrepreneur,
a real person,
a humane person,
a real real real good guy,
a saintly calm person,
one that reminds me of my dad,
one that unintentionally re-taught me the value of doing good karma in life,
whose life inspires you to try live around good people like him and stay away from ones that don’t have a conscience, the values that I was gradually, subconsciously forgetting.

Nope, all these ain’t different people.. this is one guy and Sorry ladies, he’s just been taken by his girlfriend 😉

I’d love to say a bit of stuff about his girl (ahem, now Boss.. ahem ahem.. cough cough.. I mean Wife 😉 )… but I know her more on a professional front and a tiny bit from my 8 day stay at their place when I was in KL (can’t thank them enough for it) 🙂
I did notice one thing. She does stand as a support to him and she respects the good values he chose to live by in his life.
Now, that… that is a priceless gem worth having in life. And sorry guys, she’s just been taken by my good friend 😀

Well done Guys! 🙂 .. Walter, you may now kiss the Bride! .. and it better be more passionate than the pic I have of you guys from KLCC up here. 😉

So well, a BIG congratulations to the new Weds…@walterheck and @mineakman .
May your love grow stronger with each day and I wish for bazillions of happiness your way!

P.S: I was gonna write this post today morning, but wasn’t sure if the Groom is supposed to see the Bride before marriage (you know, just in case Walter sees this post… tech guys always have some gadget that’s online; *geek* ).. so I held off for a bit until I saw their wedding pic for real; and shamelessly edited/used it in the blog 🙂

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