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January 17, 2013

It was today

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Yup Yup… it was today!
And its here again, one more year pass by.

The day of false promises and faking relations, insulting a relation as beautiful as a wedlock by getting into it with over eagerness, manipulated by an external sly for their benefits.

Things people do in the pretext of Love.

Things people do in the pretext of Love.

My memory hasn’t faded a bit yet. I remember every incident of the past.
I will remember, irrespective of how many years pass by.

Thank you Nature for giving me a longer memory.. for it helps me see through deceptions by comparing behavioral patterns from samples of incidents from years.

Things that don't happen in real life.

Things that don’t happen in real life.

January 9, 2013

How to know if she is your soul mate?

Soul mate doesn't take off when you're down.

Soul mate doesn’t take off when you’re down.

Haha 🙂 Funny, but sometimes that is what you need.
A soul mate that sticks around to give you emotional support when you’re almost dying; the one who comes back to you leaving the world on hearing about a mishap that would have happened to you.

Alas! Some people just take the opportunity to take off (same day or the next day or two days later… same thing.. you haven’t recovered yet), even if you’ve been there for them at a similar situation(or lets call that “every” situation) they were in.

It is a learning that life gives, letting you measure the depths of love and a lesson for you to never make that mistake of trusting again.

December 18, 2012

Riding bike with your girlfriend/wife pillion?

Sick and bed ridden, I was just browsing through facebook and youtube and I came across this really good video
He talks about the dos and dont’s when you have a pillion (he has his girlfriend as pillion in that video) … and it reminded me of my bike rides with my ex.

I never crossed 40mph in city riding when my ex was pillion… and she sometimes complained why I don’t drive like when I do a solo ride(over 100mph or even fast enough).
She probably never understood that I just couldn’t risk her life like I did with mine driving solo on a bike.
If there were to be a crash, I’d prefer that she walks away safe and if there needs to be a death then let that be mine.


So here are some tips for those “boyfriends” or “husbands” who love their (respective) “girlfriends” or “wifes”:

1. Buy proper riding gear for both .. dont buy awesome helmet for yourself and stupid roadside one for your wife.
Helmets are Very Very Important.
Infact, if i remember right, both our helmets (ex and me) were half faced.
I’d prefer full face protection for her, but she complained of suffocation when we went to choose helmet and she tried a full face one.
Her helmet had an inbuilt tinted goggles and a double top up full face visor and costed 1.5x more than mine,was IS-4151 approved. Infact, my first one was a fake ISO approved (there is no ISO standard for helmets) and I made sure that I didn’t do the same mistake when we picked one for her.

So if you love your girl, get her equal(considering your’s is not crappy) or better stuff.

If you have the buck, consider getting more than just helmets.. buy riding jackets, riding shoes, gloves, spine protectors, knee guards …….. and yes very importantly, not just for yourself.. but for your girl too.


2. What if you don’t have two helmets? Then give the one you have to your girl.. even if she is pillion
Happened to me when I sold my bike and gave away my helmet and then she got a scooter .. which if we both went out I’d drive. I always preferred she wear the helmet, but she would complain of stuff like hair, headache and have me wear it. So there are times I managed to get her to wear it, and times I couldn’t.
And only I know the nervousness I had driving the times when the helmet was on my head and not hers. (Even though I’m an experienced rider, I used to pray that I see her back home safe)


3. Proper/Good quality shoes
Very important. The first thing that a rider hits when falling off a sliding vehicle on accident is foot fingers.
Your fingers can scrape and you can end up loosing foot fingers, broken ankle, damaged Achilles heel and what not.

When my ex was just learning her scooter, I took her to shoe store and forced her to pick out a proper shoe.
It was white/blue girl style, proper protection, ample ankle, shin and heel padding.
She used it once or twice max and then they lay in the shoe rack forever eating dust.

Moral of the story for me: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink

But seriously, try to talk to your girl and make her understand that why that 2 mins of time of wearing a shoe is better than walking handicapped for rest of the life.


4. Know your speed limit

You may ride at 100mph doing solo on the bike, but if you have your girl behind.. please be responsible.
The flick-ability of a motorcycle gets worse when you have a pillion on it.
If she is asking for more speed, you should only know that she hasn’t experienced a crash before… and you should be wise to know that you don’t want her to experience that pain (if you love her that is 😉 )

Don’t try to show your manhood by zipping fast/rash (its more like you dont have manhood since you’re having to prove it by zipping fast)

And if you think your girl thinks less manly of you since you dont speed, then let her just leave.
Trust me, if you love her.. its better to see her safe than be handicapped.. even if it means she leaves you. It’ll only mean she had a peanut size brain and it can’t be helped. But you can ensure her safety.


5. If you have a sports bike, then show her proper riding position
Riding position on sports bike is way different from normal commuter bikes.
If both you and your pillion do not know the positions, then you could easily crash.
Here this video shows how

6. Safety for her before she gets on to the bike
Make sure you have both your feet firmly on the ground and both your hands on handlebars when she is mounting the bike. Don’t showoff/try to be a hero by holding no handlebars…even if you are fucking tall.. if the bike tips due to irregular tarmac/mud on the road…. her head will be the first to hit the ground. You on the other hand will be the safest since your legs will grip the tank due to body reflex.


7. Safety for her before YOU get off the bike
So you did a great job while she was getting on the bike, but managed to kick her when you got off the bike… isn’t really a happy scene.
Make sure she steps safely far away after getting off the bike before you swing your leg, ensuring that you don’t end up kicking her face/body.


8. Take care of her dress
Make sure you check that her dress isn’t getting stuck in the wheel. (So common with Indian dresses having chunnis/sarees/dupattas)
It could get stuck in the wheel and tighten on her throat, hence suffocate her and the force of pull could throw her off the bike too.
They may/maynot have the brains to think of all this.. but you should.


9. Protect her against cold wind, dust and pollution
A helmet again plays a role here blocking most of the pollution, but other than that you should block her from oncoming dust wind.
If you see a dust road ahead, ask her to shut her eyes/hide behind your back.

If it’s a cold wind/weather, make sure she has a warm jacket even if it means you have to take off yours and give it to her. Just give it.. no second thoughts on this one.


10. Keep her back-ache in mind
Back aches are pretty common for sport bikers, and more so for female pillion because of strenuousness in riding position and their other biological issues.
So slow down once in a while on straight road, let her sit straight up and relax her back.
It is very painful to see your girl go through backpain, so only imaging how painful it is to her who is bearing it.


11. Communicate
Every once in a while, especially during long rides.. be caring and ask her if she is comfortable, if she needs to take a break, if she needs you to drive slower, if she needs to attend a nature call and so on.
She might just be enduring some discomfort and still not saying anything.
Girls seem to feel that they are doing a sacrifice by enduring something that way, No its not.
Real men shouldn’t be needing her to do those. It is far better to ask her to point out immediately if something is a discomfort rather than endure it.

Overall pay attention to minor things(that can turn major threat) for your girlfriend/wife.


12. Try to take this attitude in normal life too… not just while biking.
Be considerate.. put her before yourself.
She may not do the same, she may treat you as least important and rate you in chart of importance after all her blood relations, friends or whatever….but then that only means she doesn’t love you as much as you love her.
But still, “as long as it lasts”… put her before yourself.
Don’t just “say it”, empty words don’t make sense.. “do it”.

December 7, 2012

Smiley, Pleasant Life Partners

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A friend’s photo with his wife just popped up on Facebook news feed.
And I thought to myself, how lucky are those men who come home from stressful work and see a smiley face … priceless! 🙂

For some of us, its either an empty house or something that makes office feel more peaceful than going home (or should I say ‘house’?).

Makes me realize an universal truth.
External beauty fades away eventually, Good attitude (if it was natural and not a put-up), stays forever.

It is meaningless if you are not 'The World' for your life partner.  You will only end up being hurt as your feelings will be 'least' considered. To reach the level of this couple here, takes a life partner to love each other 'truly' .. of which tons of people don't know anything about.

It is meaningless if you are not ‘The World’ for your life partner.
You will only end up being hurt as your feelings will be ‘least’ considered.
To reach the level of this couple here, takes a life partner to love each other ‘truly’ .. of which tons of people don’t know anything about.

When you grow old,
you’ll either remember all the smiley faced greetings or
you’ll still feel being eaten away by the empty void of life…..
Which one?
Depends on what kind of life partner you chose to live with.

December 5, 2012

Unique Love Letters :)

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Found on the Internet.Supposedly a Girl writing to her Guy!  Awesome.. if its true.

Found on the Internet.
Supposedly a Girl writing to her Guy!
Awesome.. if its true.


I wrote a similar letter over 10 years ago (not with game titles though.)
Also, mine was cut out in a heart shaped white letter..

..with a little red ink smudge on it .. indicating that without her my heart gets dry.

Ah, well.. it takes another equally loving heart to understand all those… not everyone finds one 🙂
And then it took 10 years for me to figure out that it wasn’t worth it.

But hey! .. if a girl actually wrote this for a boy… she’s awesome!!!
.. and if she and her guy are together, I wish them happy life forever!

November 22, 2012

A person who understands love similar to how I do – Finally!

Yup, finally I came across a person who understands love like I do, quite similar, infact way way better than how I seem to understand ‘love’.

Way better because she has studied romantic interpersonal attraction, researched on it (over 36 years now I guess) and has proper scientific proofs to prove her thesis.

Presenting, Helen Fisher’s TEDx talk:

It is pretty sad that there are tons of people in this world, who don’t understand love and misunderstand it to be a feeling that needs to be associated with people from whom benefits can be derived. Sad.. but true state of World and our species today.

November 17, 2012

Just finished watching – Maina

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Been watching this since last 3 days in bits and parts while taking break at work.
One of the nicest movies.. no nonsense and true to how things happen.

What the police guy did at the end may not be commendable, but sometimes even I wonder to myself whether people who play with other’s lives, or manipulate a beautiful relation to end it or kill other’s dreams or make their life miserable for their own selfish purpose deserve to live or not.

P.S: Amala Paul looks very beautiful with the dusky makeup in the movie when compared to her other pics with fair-ish makeup on.
I’m not a movie person but, I think she did a great job in the movie and wish more actresses could try doing such good movies rather than the ones where hero is able to punch through walls.

November 10, 2012

Guess who just got married!

10-11-12 .. what a fscking wonderful date of incremental order, and guess who decided to get married today!

An awesome hitchhiker(or hiker),
an entrepreneur,
a real person,
a humane person,
a real real real good guy,
a saintly calm person,
one that reminds me of my dad,
one that unintentionally re-taught me the value of doing good karma in life,
whose life inspires you to try live around good people like him and stay away from ones that don’t have a conscience, the values that I was gradually, subconsciously forgetting.

Nope, all these ain’t different people.. this is one guy and Sorry ladies, he’s just been taken by his girlfriend 😉

I’d love to say a bit of stuff about his girl (ahem, now Boss.. ahem ahem.. cough cough.. I mean Wife 😉 )… but I know her more on a professional front and a tiny bit from my 8 day stay at their place when I was in KL (can’t thank them enough for it) 🙂
I did notice one thing. She does stand as a support to him and she respects the good values he chose to live by in his life.
Now, that… that is a priceless gem worth having in life. And sorry guys, she’s just been taken by my good friend 😀

Well done Guys! 🙂 .. Walter, you may now kiss the Bride! .. and it better be more passionate than the pic I have of you guys from KLCC up here. 😉

So well, a BIG congratulations to the new Weds…@walterheck and @mineakman .
May your love grow stronger with each day and I wish for bazillions of happiness your way!

P.S: I was gonna write this post today morning, but wasn’t sure if the Groom is supposed to see the Bride before marriage (you know, just in case Walter sees this post… tech guys always have some gadget that’s online; *geek* ).. so I held off for a bit until I saw their wedding pic for real; and shamelessly edited/used it in the blog 🙂

July 22, 2010

This is sometimes a bad habit!

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This should not become a habit !

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