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November 9, 2008

Paid Bike Service (Screwup) at Kiran Commercials

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This was the first time I took my bike to Kiran commercials (Ranigunj) for servicing.
I hesitate to give in my bike where I am not allowed to see what the artificer is doing ( I love Open Standards).
Since my regular service center had no equipment for aligning my front forks, I was left with no choice but Kiran.

I got back my bike with almost nothing repaired and new problems added. The front brake wasn’t effective and front suspension was hard. The headlight assembly would produce a knock sound whenever I used the front brake.
It almost felt as if I were driving an old cycle. The engine was rough although `Engine Oil` was listed on the bill.
There was no bike wash!
So, I took it back and had to make 3 trips before they even wanted to look at the bike. Literally no emphasis on their quality process. When my bike was taken in for re-check, they did not start the work on first day. I was informed about this when I almost reached there to take the delivery. They delayed it for another 2 days and I was kept wondering what they were doing with it.

Surely after re-check, the front suspension felt smooth. All this at the cost of 6 days, 5 trips and not to forget the frustration. Should I be happy that everything is fine? Was everything really fine? No it wasn’t.
The very next day, my electric start stopped working and the kickstart (which I used only twice a day) gets jammed intermediately. They were in perfect condition before the service.

My bike is 2.1 years old now; 17000 kms done and I find it crazy to get these problems with it.
There is probably no way to tell if mechanics at Kiran had changed some parts or damaged them.
I would be sending the bike for check at my regular service center (Laxmi TVS – Anandbagh) and hope that things get better.

Moral: Prefer service centers that are open for customers to watch their vehicles while the artificer is working on it.
(Yes, my regular service center guys allow that.)
If the service center guys don’t allow that kind of transparency, then there is definitely poor service practices / something fishy.

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