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December 10, 2013

How to uninstall Intel XDK from Linux!

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This differs depending on the distro you use.

I was on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and had installed Intel XDK earlier for a game development; decided to do away with it.

So here it goes

STEP1: Launch javaws viewer and remove the xdk

Use javaws to remove the XDK

Use javaws to remove the XDK

STEP2: Find the cache location and Remove Cached xdk files

Find the cache location and delete cached xdk jnlp

Find the cache location and delete cached xdk jnlp

STEP3: Happily do away with the shorcut

Bye bye shortcut. Neaten up your desktop a bit :)

Bye bye shortcut.
Neaten up your desktop a bit 🙂


September 29, 2009

Installing git client

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Git is available at as source distribution.

It has to be built on a box first and then can be used by porting it on any client (debatable).


1. Install gcc
# yum install gcc

2. Install zlib-devel
# yum install zlib-devel

3. Install curl-devel
# yum install curl-devel

Download and Unpack

Browse and choose the version that you need to install.

The latest stable at the time of writing this documentation is

# wget

# tar xvzf git-

Building the Source

1. Create a build target directory

  1. mkdir /home/dimdim

2. Configure the source tree

  1. cd git-
  2. ./configure –prefix=/home/dimdim/git_root
  3. make
  4. make install

3. Archive the build target if you need it to be used on different machine

  1. cd /home/dimdim
  2. tar cvzf git_root.tgz git_root

Setting up environment to use Git

# echo “PATH=/home/dimdim/git_root/bin:$PATH” >> ~/.bash_profile

# echo “export PATH” >> ~/.bash_profile

# source ~/.bash_profile

Using Git

# mkdir -p /usr/local/mygitsources

# cd /usr/local/mygitsources

# git clone git://

To use it on other machines

1. Copy the git_root.tgz archive on the target machine. (use scp, ftp… as per your convenience)

2. Unpack git_root.tgz in your target path

# cd /my/target/path

# tar xvzf git_root.tgz

3. Set up environment variable for PATH

# echo “PATH=/my/target/path/git_root/bin:$PATH” >> ~/.bash_profile

# echo “export PATH” >> ~/.bash_profile

# source ~/.bash_profile

4. Start using `git` from anywhere on the filesystem.

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