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August 23, 2013

The 3700kms Solo Biking Adventure – Full Log

My bike ‘Amitiel’ was close to being 1..
and my mom’s birthday was near too.

Infact, on same date.

Thought it would be a nice adventure to go visit my mom.
It had to be a surprise.. so she didn’t know I was coming. If she did then well… this log wouldn’t exist 😛
Only 1 problem – She lives 3 states across .. 1800+ kms.

Hmm… is that a challenge?
A very few people knew that I was going to do this. Some of them called me Crazy! May be I am 🙂

So here goes.. trip log of my ~3700 kms bike touring SOLO.
Mountains, Valleys, Worlds 2nd largest lagoon, 2 jungles, twisties, and what not….. husshhh.. lets not give away all details so soon 🙂

I’ll try to keep it small 🙂 .. I know I have the bad habit of writing huge paragraphs and paragraphs of lord knows what I write 🙂 
And I’ll write this in parts, for legibility and time constrains and to maintain flow of the journey.

So let’s start with the trip map…. or the one that was initially planned at-least 😀

Note, that the ‘places to visit’ is split between ‘onward’ and ‘return’ journey on same path.

Map Section 1 :

Map split part 1

Map split part 1

Map Section 2 :

Map split part 2

Map split part 2

Map Section 3:

Map split part 3

Map split part 3

Oh well, that was THE PLAN, but execution had something else in mind for me 🙂

I’d like to thank ‘ravi@17bhp’ and ‘jaijeet’ for the gifts (bungee cords).. they were immensely helpful.

One would think, that there would be trouble “during” the journey… but troubles started in a funny way for me even before it 🙂

1. Losing my balaclava: Maid had hung it on terrace after wash and someone thought it’s cool to just take it. Had to do a last moment run to get one more.

New M1 balaclava.

New M1 balaclava.

2. Packing Up: Oh darn darn darn… this thing is so tough.
Somehow managed to dump and push all my stuff learning from this guy. And the bag was pretty much tight by then.

Packing Up

Packing Up

So what seems to be the problem? The problem! is that after packing I remember that I have gifts for my mom and my cousin that I brought from Singapore.. there is no way I’m going without that!
To give you a perspective, that’s 3 ladies handbags (2 big sized and 1 medium) Yikes!

I did not give up.. with all the training from my home hung boxing bag.. I punched those bags inside my tail bag .. somehow. 😛

Phew! packed up.... Oh wait... gifts not packed yet :(

Phew! packed up…. Oh wait… gifts not packed yet 😦

And that’s it… I was ready to go 🙂
More write up coming soon… meanwhile I hope you enjoy this preview video 😀

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August 17, 2013

Independence Day 2013 – xBhp Bikers’ meet Hyd

Independence Day 2013 – India

Small Get Together of bikers from xBhp Hyd chapter and signing the UBFI – United Bikers Flag of India”

xBhp donates INR 50 (~USD 1.00) per signature on the flag to a Social cause.
Parts of the flag is being signed all across India, and will be stitched into a combined Flag.

Feels good to be back to the Biking group after ~7 long years since my first self-owned bike ‘RoadRunner’ 🙂 … I still miss it a lot. And the pain when I had to sell it. 😦

Sound Tracks: Intro – ‘Adrenaline’ by Adrenaline and
my own mother Nation’s sweetest National Anthem’s Instrumentation by Various prominent Artists of the country.


June 17, 2013

Short Unplanned ride

Woke up to a phone call on Saturday for a ride… was pretty much about making my way to other biker’s ride plan.
I had 1 hr to get fully awake, fresh up, stretch out a bit, gear up and reach the meeting spot.
Oh wait, I forgot to eat (was darn hungry already)… reached the meet point and quickly gulped in 2 servings of tender coconut water….. and we rode away!

Monsoon had made the place amazingly beautiful; let me just shut up and post the pics 🙂


Ravi@17bhp's Karizma .. staring.

Ravi@17bhp’s Karizma .. staring.


Doing some pro photographer thingy – ravi@17bhp



your’s truly… trying to be Man of Steel 😛


Beautiful, yet lonely tree 😦


My baby, Amitiel … looking sharp as ever.









I try to take some photographs and he starts flinging stones at me 😐


This shit is fscked up 🙂


I join the stone throwing fun… except I select a little too big sizes of stones .. yikes!


Rakesh takes my cam and wanders away to do this nature photography thingy


Probably some pro photographer thingy I don’t understand.


Selling GoPro Action cameras in middle of nowhere… This is why I am famous 😛


Only a true biker knows what’s sexy about this road. The S-pin bend.


Rakesh doing his bird watching … bird shrugs.

Awesome... and calm.

Awesome… and calm.

Karthik added some more pics and it comes to surprise that I never noticed him clicking me 😐
Btw, the pics came up pretty good I guess.. I don’t look scary as usual 😛
Disclaimer: I’m just holding a camera.. I’m NOT a photographer.


@HeartBrokenBiker and Amitiel in background


Out of spiderwebs.. shucks :P

Out of spiderwebs.. shucks 😛

Just trying to see why people stick their eyes in there....... I'm not a photographer.

Just trying to see why people stick their eyes in there……. I’m not a photographer.

And now to SUM up, here’s the pose of the ride … the PAA dance revived. (Enough of Gangnam style and Harlem shake already)

Paaa pa Paa Paaa pa Pa pa pa Paa paa paapaaa pa pa PAAAAA

Paaa pa Paa Paaa pa Pa pa pa Paa paa paapaaa pa pa PAAAAA

And for those who don’t know what PAA dance is..

March 21, 2013

Male Startup Entrepreneurs shouldn’t marry an Indian girl unless…

Disclaimer: This doesn’t hold for ‘entire’ women of India.
There are awesome women in India.. be it urban or rural areas… I’ve met some and I consider myself lucky to have seen how valuable they are to their husbands, to the society and as a woman.

If you feel offended or want to do some ‘Indian version of feminist’ bashing about this post / you’re a new blood boiling so-called feminist due to recent media highlight on rapes in India, then you’re either immature/haven’t seen much life/can’t accept the truth.
Feel free to bash if you itch to, but I have a decade long of scars/experience on my heart and tons of cases observed… so I know what the fuck I am talking about.

Well, back to the topic,

Friend IDG shared this – on Facebook, and I couldn’t agree more 🙂

I’d also say ‘Male Startup Entrepreneurs shouldn’t marry an Indian girl unless She

0. Understands that passion

1. Can maintain ‘mental peace’ at home

2. Has an independent mind not driven/manipulated by her relatives.
(Some people never realize this throughout their lives.)

3. Doesn’t not consider you as an investment/free ATM machine.

4. Is willing to ‘at least morally’ support you at downtimes.
(As per gender equality, she should be able to step up and support financially too at dry times… but personally I’ve always believed its better NOT to touch an Indian girl’s money.. like NEVER. For “MOST” of them the sense of gender equality is about what they can get from someone.. and not about what they can do for someone.)

5. Knows when its the right time for babies.. and not mentally force you to spawn some for the heck of it.. or just because her relatives want to play with babies now.
Think, Can you afford best education and health for your kid yet?

6. And there are another TON of points which I don’t want to waste my time writing up. 🙂

If you do find an Indian girl who is up for some “realistic” gender equality and actually is a +ve to hang around with during your startup stage.. then pat yourself on the back gentleman… you’ve found a rare gem.
Treasure her, Value her and take good care of her. That’s a person worth taking a bullet for.

January 3, 2013

India is not India anymore? Huh.. What?

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Replying this post ( and other similar posts I’ve come across in last few days … where people suddenly feel that we have a National shame crisis NOW!

Kindly Note: My post is not intended to directly reply that couchsurfing post or anyone. I am putting my thoughts over the “idea” that now prevails about the shame of India.

So here goes, pasting my reply from the same thread:

A pic from Delhi protests. Used for illustrative purpose only. They do mean shame on Govt for not being able to fast-track punish culprits.

A pic from Delhi protests.
Used for illustrative purpose only.
They do mean shame on Govt for not being able to fast-track punish culprits.

Know what.. everyone is going on and on about how India is not India anymore and we earned national shame.. after the Delhi gang rape incident.

Although I sympathize with the girl who passed away + support painful punishment to the culprits, I hate to break it to all you guys that the rape incidents AREN’T NEW in India.

Last couple of days, I see 2 full pages of every newspaper reporting rape/sexual assault incidents.
This is because the topic is hot for them to sell.

Over decades, tribal and rural women have been raped in India.. in name of power, in name of cast, in name of God.
No news channel followed up and got them justice.
Know why?
1. They are rural women.. even if the news carries it won’t fuel up like it will do for an urban woman.

2. Today the youngsters that march and are revolting against Delhi Rape case.. only a few of them are genuine concern… many of them just joined to join.. and some of them I shockingly came across are just there for a different activity in their boring lives.
Only the genuine ones would have done the same for a rural women case… but alas even their knowledge is limited by what media chooses to bring forward.

3. Indians are best self-racist. The media didnt carry the tribal women news because

A tribal woman - pic illustrative purpose only. She is not a rape victim.

A tribal woman – pic illustrative purpose only.
She is not a rape victim.

a. A hell she wasn’t beautiful “looking”?.. not fair, not urban.
b. She doesnt have a life style that will appeal any urban youth to feel the urge to fight for them (like how many people will share/tweet on facebook about tribal women rape? who would look similar to someone from Kalahari tribe in Africa)
c. She doesnt have a career that will induce people sympathy like “Oh she was earning”, “oh she was independent”, “oh she was brilliant employee”, “oh she was fun going..bubbly”, etc.,
How many urban youth “connect” with a girl’s life who was probably “just” cutting fodder, feeding her cows and drying cow dung.
People don’t relate their lives to something, they dont feel the empathy. (only a rare few feel that.. and I’ve been lucky to meet some of them in my life)

A rural woman who was raped.

A rural woman who was raped.

d. Even movie makers are ‘inspired’ by urban stuff.. making movies on urban MMS scandals and sexual assaults.
Rarely someone makes a movie at rural level .. here’s one brilliant Malayalam movie –
which later had remake in Tamil and Telugu too.
I watched the Telugu version first.

Ever visit a police station and see their charts?
The number of rape cases reported per month.. thats just half of what happens.
And since our generation only relies on Media burning news, facebook shares, tweets.. rarely any case reaches momentum like the Delhi one did.

If we Indians suddenly start talking about shame of our country, then lets open our eyes properly… the shame has always been there… hidden securely.
You can should slogans that it is “shame on Govt/Legal System” for not addressing rape cases faster/efficient way,  but if you have to say “Shame India” or “India isn’t India anymore” .. then please think again .. you’re probably being a frog in the well.

Re: Why are Indians obsessed with taking photos of foreigners?

This is a Reply/Follow-Up post for a blogger/CouchSurfer –

or if you’re on couchsurfing read the thread here – Why are Indians obsessed with taking photos of foreigners?

I replied it there already, but felt it could help more people understand parts of what/what-not of India if I put it up here. Hoping after reading this you won’t be caught off-guard (or at least partly) during visit to India.

Also, adding tid-bits I forgot to add when I replied the post on Couchsurfing.

Note: Some people tell me I’m not Indian, probably because the way I live.. I am mentioning this so that you understand that I am not writing this out of “Oh how can she say so about us.. racist” thought 🙂

So here goes:


> Why are Indians obsessed with taking photos of foreigners?

Tired of posing for pics?

Tired of posing for pics?

Not all, but few depending on where you have visited.
If you’re at tourist places, there are always these people who take pics and go back and show in their homes as to
– how pale-skinned you are
– how tiny your dress was
– how stylish you were “although being a woman”
– some take ’em to put it on their facebook and show off.. “look look I know white peepal”

Capturing moments, are we?

Capturing moments, are we?

Most of these people are semi-urban/rural dwellers.
I, sometimes go social work campaigning in villages, and I get clicked (despite being only a bit avg fair than average Indian skin color).
They click me, my car, they touch the car, we go shoulder-to-shoulder and I do happily pose for pics with kids and any smiley face there. Makes them happy, gives them a moment of smile.. which makes me happy.

Cool pose :)

Cool pose 🙂

Then again, I see a pic of you allowing people cling to you and take a pic. I am not gonna judge them, but you might want to avoid that next time 🙂
You’ll never know a pervert in between those smiley faces.. who sadly spoil the name of the whole bunch.

Finding something they usually dont see - makes them curious?

Finding something they usually dont see – makes them curious?

However, if you come to Urban areas, like my city / other metros … not many will give a rat’s ass about any foreigner unless you start dancing in full public suddenly.
But yes, you’ll find us being extra courteous if you ask for directions when compared to how Indians will answer each other 🙂


> Be careful with street food. Don’t ask for steaks! Better yet, don’t eat any meat!

Meat what?

Meat what?

Again, depends on the place you were eating.
Indian food can be cheap(cost-wise), but usually the issue of hygiene comes in.
Better hygiene, neat food = costly restaurant (most of the times).

There are though good street food places, where due to sensible owners, the hygiene is okayish/good and food tastes great too.
You need to know people who know these places. (not the ones who “claim” to know)

Curious as to which steak you asked for.. Beef?
Then you’d probably have got fatty parts in it.
Get beef only from either a good restaurant or if its street then only from a rush-filled Muslim/Arabic restaurant. They know which parts of beef need to be cooked and which are just fat.

To know what to do with meat needs creativity :)

To know what to do with meat needs creativity 🙂

I don’t say this is due to religion, but because they have more experience dealing with beef which in other religious sectors in India consider holy and so zero experience.
Plus, I am a fan of what Islamic people can do with meat.. they know to churn out the best meat dishes and the best way to make meat tasty and finger licking good (I sometimes lick my plate if no one is watching :P) .


> Do not tell an Indian that they speak very good English. For some reason, it offends them.

English ... huh what?

English … huh what?


For long, Indians/Indian education system has considered people speaking fluent English to be “educated”.

Education != English

Education != English

They have been unaware of the fact that there are many countries where English isn’t spoken and think that all foreigners are ‘English’

Indians worked hard on their English. Even our call center jobs demand American accent/Neutral accent and there was once a time that Call-Center jobs were highly respected because only the best/cool English speakers in the colony would get one. 😕

B-Grade? WTF!

B-Grade? WTF!

So when you’re telling “most” Indians that you speak good English.. they feel that you assumed that Indians by default are “uneducated” AND also that all this while before you said that sentence, you’ve been considering him/her as “uneducated”. 🙂

I think here many people take pride in their English (not just their weenie)

Chilled Beer perhaps?

Chilled Beer perhaps?

porn happens by accident?Must be the most happening place!

porn happens by accident?
Must be the most happening place!

Ugh.. no thanks!

Ugh.. no thanks!

Bet it is.And pretty stale too.

Bet it is.
And pretty stale too.

Let me just drive by pretending I didn't notice and hoping I dont hit anyone LMAO-ing during driving! :)

Let me just drive by pretending I didn’t notice and hoping I dont hit anyone LMAO-ing during driving! 🙂

I got 2 in my home.. except I call them toilets .. not restaurants.

I got 2 in my home.. except I call them toilets .. not restaurants.

Guess quality of education won't be less different either.

Guess quality of education won’t be less different either.

And people still wonder why many crashes occur on the street before this restaurant?

And people still wonder why many crashes occur on the street before this restaurant?

WELL ... Sorta true in couple of hours! ...that is if She allows him.

WELL … Sorta true in couple of hours! …that is if She allows him.

Heck, I have even had people(including my ex) ask me to stop “faking” my English accent … I didn’t give balls about them.. but only for my ex(since I loved her a lot) I tried to “neutralize/Indianise” my accent (which sometimes included saying a word twice.. because I forgot to Indianize it)
Now I end up talking in an Indian accent(which is “fake” for me) when I am with people who will be taken by surprise if I speak my natural one.

Who’s gonna explain people that my accent is due to the fact that I grew at my grandpa’s place who was like a foreigner mind trapped in Indian body?
I don’t bother.


> Don’t eat with your left hand… And don’t shake hands or hand stuff over with the left .

Asian culture. Money and stuff is handed over with right.
Doing it with left “depicts” casual attitude or unwillingness.

I eat with left hand and tend to hand stuff with left (I am ambidextrous), but when I see people stare at me.. I quickly shift to right.

Left?  Sinner or Special?

Left? Sinner or Special?

Did I mention I am ambidextrous? That’s probably because I was made used to do stuff with my right.. and hence eventually over 25 years my right has more control over stuff than my left.
Although, left is still powerful.

Btw, If I were visiting any country.. I’d try to soak-in their culture first.

For example: I wouldn’t go to Japan/China and use chopsticks with “left hand” .. it is done with “right” as per culture. I even use it with right at home, only because “Hey these guys invented chopsticks.. so I’ll just respect them by sticking to the tradition.. unless its a stupid/illogical/inhuman tradition we’re talking about”


> Bring tons of toilet paper!!

Ah aha, that reminds me.. this is one of the reason WHY people dont like you do use the left hand.
Because here, left hand is considered to be used for the un-holy things.. like cleaning ya butt poop, fingering ya nose, cleaning ya ear wax, scratching ya hairs of private parts… and so on (anyone threw up reading this line?)


A shake hand with that?No thanks!

A shake hand with that?
No thanks!

Whatever he touches next without washing his fingers .. I want away from it.

Whatever he touches next without washing his fingers .. I want away from it.

Yeah bring toilet paper, you wont find it in common stores.. because no one uses them.

Unless of course, you’re visiting anyone who is thoughtful enough to stock some. (I stock for my foreigner friends)
Or let people know to stock some for you before you visit.

How bad do you want it?

How bad do you want it?


> Never, absolutely never say that cricket is a stupid and boring game.

Cricket is a Religion in India.And religions are serious stuff here.

Cricket is a Religion in India.
And religions are serious stuff here.

You’ll find many females who are not interested in cricket in India.
You’ll find a few of them are genuinely interested.. and a few become interested because of their male friends.

You’ll almost not find ANY male in India who doesn’t love cricket. There are a rare few though.

It’s not a game, it is a religion here.



Btw, I was interested in cricket during my school.. but, as I grew up, the game looked boring to me, and I found much interesting stuff to do.
Haven’t watched cricket for like 10 yrs now… doesn’t bother me who wins who loses, and if the God of cricket from India retired (although I do respect the fact that he has been ace at what he achieved… I have same feeling for a few other sports ace personalities too who aren’t cricketers).

So Cheers! 😉


> Don’t leave your shoes “on” when you enter a house or even think about putting your feet on the table.

Asian culture lady 🙂

Huh! .. did everyone only READ footwear?

Huh! .. did everyone only READ footwear?

And if you see this in a scientific angle.. streets in India aren’t as clean as first world developed countries have it.
And, you’re prone to more “walking” in India .. rather than driving around (where your car mat is the only place feet touches).

So consider you walking over spit and shit of people that they lay on the street and then walk in the house.. ain’t gonna be good for your own health.
Imagine having small kids who might pick up their fallen candy from the floor and eat it (when no ones watching). So now the candy is flavored with feces from outside, not to forget the amount of disease filled bacteria your kid is savoring.

About putting feet on table… again Asian culture.
“Foot” is considered to be that area of the body where younger people will make contact with elders to take blessings/wishes.
So, if you show your foot to elders they will get offended.. its a culture thing… you cannot have your foot in their face.

No one says nice legs :(

No one says nice legs 😦

When I am at home (or with like minded people).. I fling my feet on the table, on adjacent bean bags, on anything I find.
But if my mom is walking by, or any elder is walking by (that even includes my maid), I lower my feet.
It’s a small thing to do out of respect, and I have no qualms in doing so.

Yare Yare!

Yare Yare!

Hell, I’ve even lowered my feet for people whom I have lost respect for. (my ex’s mother to be precise) … which is kinda unlikely of me (You like doing bad deeds and being selfish?.. then you don’t earn respect from me)


> Drink a lot of water, but not from the tap!

In India it is better not to drink directly from the tap.

In India it is better not to drink directly from the tap.

You also cannot eat directly from the container that food is cooked in. Culture again.
I don’t see a logic in it, unless you are sick and hence not do it to avoid other’s getting sick.

But let me give you logical explanation for the tap thing.

I would have not let you drink water from my tap in current apartment. May be I’d have let you drink from my previous apartment or my grandpa’s house.

Know why?

Because the standard of clean water that gets supplied to Indian houses can vary vastly.

I “buy” filtered watercans because in my current apartment tap water aint great.
You will probably end up falling sick if your body immunity isn’t used to fighting half-standard filtered drinking water of India.


> Don’t pay the rickshaw driver with a $50 bill and expect change

Was it this auto-rickshaw?You owe him another 50 then :)

Was it this auto-rickshaw?
You owe him another 50 then 🙂

Hell, even we don’t get proper change back even if we give Indian rupees 😦 .. with dollars what do ya expect lady! haha 🙂

Anyway, here’s why.

1. Most people think foreigners are filthy rich

2. Any one who hands them dollars, must probably be having a Uncle Scrooge (duck tales) type treasury chest… they don’t need change back… they are being generous and offering us money.

Oh you're a foreigner.. you probably must be diving in money everyday!

Oh you’re a foreigner.. you probably must be diving in money everyday!

It also matters the way/style in which you fling the dollar note at them.. it can mean “keep the change poor man”
Hell yeah! thank you Goddess 🙂

Um.. where do you do this?

Um.. where do you do this?


> On the beach: Even if it’s tempting, don’t use cows lying on the beach as a backrest. Just… don’t!

COWS are GODS in India (at least for Hindus)
and % of hindu population in India is highest.

Cow's GOD form.Hell if Naruto can transform into 9 tailed fox and Saiyans can transform into Apes.. then this is nothing.

Cow’s GOD form.
Hell if Naruto can transform into 9 tailed fox and Saiyans can transform into Apes.. then this is nothing.

People expect respect and fear of God here.
How dare you go rub your back to a God… you .. you.. filthy daughter of Satan 😉

So what if you're hot.. you dont get to touch our Gods... back off girl. :)

So what if you’re hot.. you dont get to touch our Gods… back off girl. 🙂

LMAO .. I enjoy myself writing stuff about stuff that irks the logic of my brain. hahah 😀

Anyway, if I were travelling to a country where lets say snakes were considered God (hmm snakes are Gods in India too), I wouldn’t go telling people that I ate one.. or go rub my ass on a snake… it’ll probably dig its fangs on my bums anyway 🙂


> Leave your Bikini and all the other skimpy clothes at home. Indians are not used to seeing that stuff.

Sadly, even Indian women think twice/thrice or even don’t wear them.. because

1. Density of perverts is high

Dedicated Beach Ogling?

Dedicated Beach Ogling?

The game is happening here!

The game is happening here!

2. Yes people are not used to (The more body of a woman visible in public, the more bad they are considered)
3. Because of (1) and (2), even people who aren’t perverts end up staring at you.. because its un-usual around here.. and you’re showing them something they’ve never seen in their life. ~o.O^

"I want that" eyes!

“I want that” eyes!

4. Many stupids have the ill-logic that the more skimpier the clothes, the more hornier the woman is.. and is inviting sex. There are many cases of sexual assaults and rapes in which convicts/people claim that it got induced because Men couldn’t control their sexual urges watching parts of body they haven’t seen/rarely seen and had no conscience that it is wrong.

May be we should break the face of people who have such levels of 'stupidity' .. Sigh!

May be we should break the face of people who have such levels of ‘stupidity’ .. Sigh!

Heights of educated stupidness

Heights of educated stupidness

This is the sad state of my country.


> And then, of course I watched Slumdog Millionaire on the plane. I was assuming I knew everything about Indian culture. Holy cow…
Note: She mentions later this was a joke. I read it as one too 🙂 and all my answers are written light heartedly.



What? W00t!

I just fell off my chair 😕 :/

By that logic, I expect everyone to be flying and doing kung-fu in China 🙂

Take that!  :P

Take that! 😛

Like where is it ever written that a movie “Slumdog Millionaire” is the reference for Indian culture? !!!

I watch Japanese movies/Anime a lot.. thats a ton of hours more than a mere 2 hour movie and I will never make a mistake of thinking that I know all about Japanese culture from the movie/anime.
That’s one of the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard 😉 (sorry for using word ‘stupid’)

Indian culture is freaking VAST.. living 25 yrs here and I wouldn’t still claim I know all of it.

Holy Cow Holy hell yeah!


> But then I noticed that the same guy I posed for a photo with two minutes ago had also asked an old, fat white lady behind me to pose too. I’m not 18 anymore, but still. That hurts.

OK, now that is very very sad that you felt that way.

I am happy that, that guy wasn’t a pervert and he did click with an “old”, “fat” lady too.

I am not sure why you assumed that people clicked pics with you since you are “young(er)”



If a lady is intelligent, kind or good person.. I’d rather choose to have a pic with her regardless of whether she is old, fat, bald, grandma, ‘so-called ugly superficially’, rather than have a pic with a perfect ‘ass to breast ratio’ supermodel who has none of those qualities at heart/brain.

Hehe, I guess end of my answers.. good to know you had awesome/weird fun while in India. hahaha 🙂


Kindly Note:
All my answers have been written light heartedly.. I dont see a reason to be serious on either about her blog / post.

It happens and it could happen to me too if I suddenly landed in a country with different culture / didnt have time to prep up myself. I write in a hope that someone will help me similarly someday 🙂

I blog this so that any foreigner/CSer can help themselves.

Also, Feel free to ask me if anyone has any doubts on your future visits 🙂
I’ll answer them happily (within the limits of my tiny knowledge) when I find apt time.

December 26, 2012

Vroom Vrooooom… to a lake near Wildlife Sanctuary, Medak

A biker pal needed couple of video shoots done at a particular location, and we decided to join him[Dhiraj] and see if we can be helpful in anyway.
So three of us, drove away to this beautiful location and amidst the video shooting we managed to get some supercool still photographs 🙂 .. Thanks to Vinfred who was slaving off behind the camera. 😐

The lake wasn’t overflowing but still was beautiful.
(I’ll try to put a pic of another biker[Ravi] who’s been there in monsoon when lake overflows.. pretty awesome)

Here’s couple of pics for my blog readers and as usual the full album is available on Facebook. <– Click to see

Machines Resting at the verge of valley at the lake.

Machines Resting at the verge of valley at the lake.

Making phun of me huh.. Here take my contactless air 'ki' punch ....  HUAAAAAA  :)

Making phun of me huh..
Here, take my contactless air ‘ki’ punch …. HUAAAAAA 🙂
In pic: Dhiraj and Me

Probably the only pic of Vinfred we got. He's happy :)

Probably the only pic of Vinfred we got.
He’s happy 🙂



Look Look .. I got myself invisible Guns ;)

Look Look .. I got myself invisible Guns 😉

Swim .. anyone? (See next   pic) :)

Swim .. anyone? (See next pic) 🙂

Ok..  NOW swim anyone? :) Btw, that's "Xenochrophis piscator" or "Checkered KeelBack". Man, if I wasn't living in India ... I'd definitely have snake pets (Will write another post someday about which snakes I'd like to have as pets). Note:  Snake as pet is illegal in India.

Ok.. NOW swim anyone? 🙂
Btw, that’s “Xenochrophis piscator” or “Checkered KeelBack”.
Man, if I wasn’t living in India … I’d definitely have snake pets (Will write another post someday about which snakes I’d like to have as pets).
Note: Snake as pet is illegal in India.

All that touring on a Sports Bike that is meant for track racing..... definitely asking for body stretching.

All that touring on a Sports Bike that is meant for track racing….. definitely asking for body stretching.

Now, for pics from Ravi’s album (when the lake was overflowing):
Note: Following two pictures are copyrighted to Ravi Varma. I am using them with his permission.

Beautiful isn't it? You see people cautiously walking there... well you can drive your bike there, but you need to be extra cautious. A tiny slip and you'd be inside the lake with your bike (minimum depth 25 feet)  :D

Beautiful isn’t it?
You see people cautiously walking there… well you can drive your bike there, but you need to be extra cautious.
A tiny slip and you’d be inside the lake with your bike (minimum depth 25 feet) 😀

Now this is Ravi's classic signature move ...  Everywhere he goes touring, he finds a waterbody to wash his bike :) Play in water anyone?  I'll definitely go again during monsoon :D

Now this is Ravi’s classic signature move … Everywhere he goes touring, he finds a waterbody to wash his bike 🙂
Play in water anyone?
I’ll definitely go again during monsoon 😀

November 1, 2012

On Hurricane Sandy Storm

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Just another day, finished work like an hour ago and still dealing with sleep deprivation as usual.
Don’t ask how I got this sleep deprivation .. one of the gifts that come with a broken heart… as if that pain isn’t enough.

So generally, we’d have a powercut at 0600.. which I notice didn’t happen yesterday too and again today.
Should be happy thing right? Well guess what.. stupid ISP went down around that time now.
Now what use is a computer without internet?
Anyway, committed my code from desktop using a 3G data card… and took out the laptop to watch the sunrise while I listen to music (current track: Naa Jaane kyun – Strings) and write this blog post.

The sun hasn’t come up yet.. strange! .. and its very Windy (been this way all night.) .. there is no concentrate of Sun rays.. just deep blue sky. Didn’t get the camera along.. else could have been a pic in the blog.

Hurricane Sandy!

This reminds me of people hit in the Sandy hurricane storm that’s going on.. and about now in India a cyclone (named Nilam) is expected to hit the shores of AP and TN states.
In turn, that reminds me of visually challenged kids I was teaching a month/two ago (as part of SCF). Subject was “Disaster Management”.
It’s pretty difficult to make them understand how a flood/hurricane would look.. especially the ones that are deprived of eyesight by birth. 😦

I wish strength and fast recovery to affected people in Sandy Hurricane and the ones that are going to be affected at Indian coasts.

Guess people living in cities where I am will never know how painful it is to be situations of natural disasters .. here people are happy with their disgusting lives that is filled with craving for more, shaping their homes with ill-gotten money, disrupting others’ lives and calling themselves big. Pathetic Living.

October 22, 2012

Dasha-hara 2012

My last Dussera was tainted with promises(read: false promises) that easily broke.

I am myself not really inclined towards Bengali tradition, and for that matter no other tradition either.
Respect all, but subscribe to none is my motto….. but what really irks me is when people try to follow a tradition thinking it will earn them some bias in life.. which they eventually can’t keep up with and end up breaking/dis-respecting it in a bad way.

Anyway, this time on, it was me, friends and my grandparents. Missed mom because she lives in her native place and missed dad big time as this day was his birthday too (we lost him to a heart attack 9 years ago).
Mom wanted me to offer a sweet box for the Goddessess’ Puja. I think everyone is supposed to mention their name and gotra on a slip of paper and stick it to the sweet box. They’re probably read during the offering.
I for one, don’t like to mention my name on stuff (including gifts, greeting cards etc) and I couldn’t care less about the Gotra either… so cleverly I just said “In the name of my beloved father” 🙂

Did I mention that my father too was an atheist :P, he must be frowning his eyebrows when I wrote that 😀
Nah.. just kidding. He was the first saint (calm) natured person I had ever known…. and the second is a friend living couple of continents away.

Well then, turn back and Whoa! there was loads of food, bhog, people, energy and fun!

Below are some pics for the blog readers and a full set is available on facebook here.

Mandap or Set for the Goddess idols to reside in during Poojas.

The Idols….. the sculptor definitely deserves a praise for his/her skills.

St. Mary’s Cathedral at walk-able distance from the Bengali Celebrations.
Took a friend to show around.

All that walk in the Sun .. and how can we miss the Ice Golas 🙂

It is not Bengali food if it doesn’t have this 🙂

Burrp! .. excuse me 🙂 Eaten enough.. now lets go back home 😛

February 14, 2012

Microsoft Store India hack

Just about 48 hours ago, news went viral about the latest assault on Microsoft’s India store website.

As the ‘EvilShadow Team’ probably flex their legs and people, blogs, news guys boo-haa MS for being so naive on storing passwords in plain text,  I was thinking ‘wait-a-sec, MS has been through plain text mistake earlier too.. where they really so careless?’

I try to visit and get greeted by a message like this:


Notice how it says ‘Microsoft is working on it’ rather than saying ‘We are..’
And bingo, that reminds me that the store and website is not operated by Microsoft but ‘Quasar Media’!

How do I know?
I remember applying ‘social engineering’ on their customer support while reasoning why prices of Xbox accessories were different on ‘; vs ‘’ .. I got more insider details too but it isn’t relevant in this post.

Clearly, it was an outsourced operation and ‘Quasar Media’ has been loose about their security. I’m sure the top brass is getting a scream from MS.

What should you be doing?
If you do have a login (or should I say ‘if you did’ – past-tense), and if it is important to you (not the id, but the other creamy information you’ve given along with signup), then please go now and change your password ( obviously, when the site is up ).

I do not remember having a store id, although first thing I did when I heard this news was to change my XBL password, just in case it was an SSO.
Anyone remembers if store login was an SSO? If it was, you better get on with changing any of your MS/related service passwords…., msn, XBL, azure? to name a few.

I did too, but /me thinks it was not an SSO. If it was, then it would be a more serious shit and Microsoft would have been calling up their media friends by now.

And finally, word of advice: Do not allow browser to save password of any site that you’ll use your creditcard/banking information.. includes netbanking login, movie ticket sites, online stores such as :), XBL. p’uh’lease do not use same passwords for your email id and other websites.
I’m sure most of these guys have: (thanks to for this image)


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