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July 30, 2010

Introducing Android at IETE

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Had fun giving a small seminar on Android at IETE Center, Hyderabad.

Was the last speaker of the day and audience was quite drowsy, half-dead due to long presentations and would have tied me up to a tree if I pulled a long seminar.
Finished it in short with a sprinkles of humor.

Content is available at
To download:
svn checkout TheAndroid.pdf

December 1, 2008

Slash vs Backslash

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In DOS and Microsoft Windows, either the backslash or slash can be used as the delimiter between directories and filenames in path expressions. This is in contrast to Unix paths and Internet URLs (web addresses), which only use the forward slash.


If you are an IETE student, you would probably visit the Detailed Syllabus page around this time of a year. Yep, it’s exam time.

If the IIS 404 page alarms you, play it calm.

404 errors on links of

404 errors on links of

backslashes replaced with slashes

backslashes replaced with slashes

Just replace the backslashes in url with forward slashes, press enter and wait for your nice syllabus page to load. 🙂

IETE web admin must watch out for these while writing any links 😛

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