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July 8, 2014

My dear Laptop, looking for new Owner :/

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Update: SOLD
With heavy heart, I have decided to part with my 3 year old ultra portable, fun to have and absolute bliss to use laptop for travels (1.6 kgs only!).
We’re talking about ‘Shenron’ (Shenron, is the name of my laptop derived wish granting dragon of Dragon Ball Series;  Yes, I name my gadgets, problem? :D).



The Cheezy Stuff:

Shenron is an HP DM1-Z, which I bought jumping with joy when the AMD APU Fusion Zacate platform blasted performance without eating battery life was released, 3 years ago.

It was and is still the best 11.6 inch laptop available, other than well MacBook Air… or it probably beats air in few areas easily (unless if you’re an apple fanboy).

This is a special model of dm1-z, which is equipped with a 7200 rpm speed hard drive (no other models of dm1-z or even other 11.6 laptops came with 7200 rpm to reduce cost.) Even my new 14” laptop has only a 5400 rpm harddrive, imagine that! 🙂



What’s EXTRA for you!

I have a NEW original battery on this(the battery cover is still on), which I purchased for INR 6500 after the stock one died.

I have only discharged the battery to 10% less than 25-30 times and just for keeping it maintained or calibrated. So basically you have ton of life left on it. (Unless you don’t know how to maintain a laptop battery that is 😉 )

DM1 has been known for its long battery life. The 6 cell battery, 65 W adapter .. this has got juice to give you 9+ hr of idle backup time and usage time of about 5.5 hrs (I’ve tested this with both the stock and this new battery).

It also has a RAM upgrade by another 4GB stick, so that makes it a 6GB RAM fucking awesome machine! 🙂  [ Extra chargeable for the 4GB stick, read at bottom of the post ]

Also I am meticulous about stuff, so I maintained the laptop pretty well, including I’ve got it cleaned twice inside out for dust, cleaned heat sinks, the bridges, the keyboard, replaced thermal paste with new improved ones so that it contributes to cooler running and better throughput.



The Tech Specs:

With AMD APU E-350 Zacate, integrated ATI Radeon 6310M, 2GB 1333Mhz memory (one slot free to expand.. and can upto 8GB), 320GB HDD (7200 rpm), Altec Lansing speakers – Dolby Advanced Audio, HD LED HP BrightView display, this laptop was making waves when it came in.

And I haven’t still seen a 11.6” that comes close to this. 🙂

For buying my laptop, you get the new battery (so you’re not buying old battery which doesn’t have life left), and can opt to buy the extra 4GB of RAM at lower than market price from me. (Else I can totally use the extra ram on my new laptop)



Oh look, I love the almost 180 deg tilt!


Why I’m being cruel :

The laptop certainly didn’t deserve to go away from me so soon. I love it, it’s beautiful, thin, super portable and I’ve used it for my game design, made video games on it for almost 1.5 yrs now, running VMWare, Virtualbox, playing HD videos, playing games, editing videos.

I could still happily keep using it. It’s got the power I need, it feels very happy to carry around while travelling, and its got long battery life.

However, I have a new 14” laptop which I bought for one of my programmers and unfortunately we decided he should leave.

Now that leaves me with 2 laptops, and the new one has been lying in shelf. It has way less battery life (3 cell) when compared to the one I’m selling away. And keeping it in shelf means unused battery, means screwing it up.

The only +ve of it above this laptop is that it has 14” screen and I thought, for someone who writes games for a living I do need a bigger screen.



Shut Up and Take my money!

I am currently living in Hyderabad, India and I’m here still for the next 20 days.
So if you live here, or even if you live in another state but have the means to get this laptop to you (I’m not delivering/posting) and want this baby to be yours, then do email me at
das (dot) srikrishna (at) gmail (dot) com
You’ll have to give me 2 days time to back up my data to the other machine. I’m still using this, and infact writing this blog post from it.

It came preloaded with Win 7 home, but I’ve used Linux on it for 2.5 yrs and using Windows 8.1 since 0.5 yrs.
I can either install ubuntu linux for you or give you without OS (since the windows 8.1 is licensed to my company), however if you have a windows 7, you can happily use the product key which is written underneath the battery compartment… so you have a genuine windows license. 🙂

I spent INR 26,000 on laptop, and INR 6500 on new battery, INR 500 for matt finish screen protector.
Monetarily that brings the price of this beautiful machine to INR 33,000
Not to forget tons of time for careful handling and love!

I’d like to let go of this lovely hardware for just INR 15,000 only. (that’s less price than your 10.1 inch slow netbooks of these days)

The extra stick of 4GB RAM, 1333 Mhz costed me INR 3100 which you can opt to buy for INR 2,200, if not I can give it away to someone else or just use it in my other laptop.

So there 🙂

November 13, 2011

Bluetooth on HP dm1

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So the left speaker on my hp dm1 gave up today and was putting out more ‘noise’ than any music.
I’m gonna call their service center tomorrow and see if they can do anything about it without asking me to take backup of my huge data or trying to install Windows on this machine.

Meanwhile, one more device not functioning properly didn’t feel nice (the other device is bluetooth).
I never got to use bluetooth on my laptop.
Pre-installed windows7 was removed in a jiffy from this machine and it ran Ubuntu 10.04 LTS since then.

At first, my Wi-fi had issues with Ubuntu, which I fixed and blogged here –
Now, speakers screwed up.. which I can’t fix.

So, its 3:00 am and I’m pretty much supposed to be in bed-rest (been like that since last 5 days.. with temperature, asthma issues).. anyway let’s get to fixing this!

List my hardware
krish@shenron:~$ sudo hciconfig -a
hci0: Type: USB
BD Address: 88:9F:FA:AC:50:3E ACL MTU: 310:10 SCO MTU: 64:8

Yikes! Something is wrong here. I think I must have tried to do some hack earlier on and left it mid-way.

Let’s fix that first.
krish@shenron:~$ dpkg -l | grep bluez
ii bluez 4.60-0ubuntu8 Bluetooth tools and daemons
ii bluez-alsa 4.60-0ubuntu8 Bluetooth audio support
ii bluez-gstreamer 4.60-0ubuntu8 Bluetooth GStreamer support
ii bluez-cups 4.60-0ubuntu8 Bluetooth printer driver for CUPS

Why do I need cups support package? I do not. Kicked out.
krish@shenron:~$ sudo apt-get purge bluez-cups
And now re-install stuff that matters
sudo apt-get install --reinstall bluez

Okay now, list hardware again:

krish@shenron:~$ sudo hciconfig -a
hci0: Type: USB
BD Address: 88:9F:FA:AC:50:3E ACL MTU: 310:10 SCO MTU: 64:8
RX bytes:45505 acl:143 sco:0 events:183 errors:0
TX bytes:3971 acl:84 sco:0 commands:54 errors:0
Features: 0xff 0xff 0x8f 0xfe 0x9b 0xff 0x59 0x87
Packet type: DM1 DM3 DM5 DH1 DH3 DH5 HV1 HV2 HV3

Looks better!

Start the applet
krish@shenron:~$ bluetooth-applet&

Cool, it came up on my panel. Clicked on it. Clicked “Turn On Bluetooth”
Picked up my phone, search for devices and Nothing!
Sigh! Didn’t work…

Now, some googling, reading some bugs on launchpad, some forums, some debian lists and figured out that the bluetooth device is categorized as Cambridge Silicon Radio devices (CSR).

Sweet, but this looks like a dead end…

Too tired. 🙂 Will work this out tomorrow morning

Back on the box. It’s post noon now 🙂

Okay! Read a bit about bluetooth sniffing, a little on ralink AND found that the radio link on bluetooth stays OFF!
So someone had tried setting a PS value with bccmd. So let’s try:

krish@shenron:~$ sudo bccmd psset -s 0x0000 0x028c 0x0001

Ok, now kill and restart the applet

krish@shenron:~$ ps aux | grep bluetooth | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill; bluetooth-applet&
[1] 3539

Checking bluetooth again…
Doesn’t work. Crap!

Hmm, may be I’m not loading some module properly.
Let’s reboot and try…

Alright, after reboot start applet again if its not running already
krish@shenron:~$ sudo bluetooth-applet&

Turned ON Bluetooth. Aha! the applet shows active! Nice..

Check processes
krish@shenron:~$ ps aux | grep bluetooth | grep -v grep
root 792 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? S 15:24 0:00 [bluetooth]
root 1438 0.0 0.0 27428 2096 ? S<s 15:24 0:00 /usr/sbin/bluetoothd --udev
krish 2187 0.0 0.1 166708 8256 pts/0 S+ 15:37 0:00 bluetooth-applet

After a bit of thinking, I realized my mistake.
Last time I had killed bluetoothd process along with the applet.

OKAY! Now time to test…
Make your way through the applet options to Send and Receive files (I am not writing a how to on it :D)

Added New Device.



You might want to change your “Friendly Name” to something really friendly.
It shows CSR by default. Remember why CSR? 🙂

Friendly Name - Bluetooth Preferences

I’ve changed it to match the name of my laptop. ( That’s right, all my devices have names )

Now the question remains – Will this stay after reboot?
I am yet to find out.
If it doesn’t, I think I know what has to be done.

Not rebooting the machine now though.. 🙂 .. Time for some work 😀

Oh BTW, did I mention that your Bluetooth will now “Turn ON” / “Turn OFF” with the same Wi-Fi HotKey!  :X

April 6, 2011

Wi-Fi on HP dm1

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Alright guys, so I got the HP dm1(AMD Fusion) and cancelled the Lenovo Thinkpad x120e that was ordered in US, for many strong reasons that I’ll blog up later.

The HP dm1 comes with Ralink wi-fi card which most of the current Linux distros do not identify out of the box as of now / end up probing the wrong driver.

This is how to get your wi-fi up on the hp dm1
(as well as other new laptops with Ralink cards; just get the correct driver that matches your card )
Note: This was done on Ubuntu 10.04 – 64bit

1. Update your distro. 10.04 needed update to newer kernel 2.6.30 and headers for drivers to compile
krish@shenron:~$ sudo apt-get upgrade

2. Check the model of your ralink card (Mine shows 539x series which is a Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Combo)
krish@shenron:~$ sudo lspci | grep -i 'network'
02:00.0 Network controller: RaLink Device 539f

3. Go to ralink website -> Sofware -> Linux and Download the driver that matches your card version.

4. Unzip the package
krish@shenron:~/Downloads$ unzip

5. Change configuration
krish@shenron:~/Downloads$ cd 2010_1216_RT5390_LinuxSTA_V2.4.0.4_WiFiBTCombo_DPO/os/linux/

krish@shenron:~/Downloads/2010_1216_RT5390_LinuxSTA_V2.4.0.4_WiFiBTCombo_DPO/os/linux$ sed -i 's/HAS_ANTENNA_DIVERSITY_SUPPORT=n/HAS_ANTENNA_DIVERSITY_SUPPORT=y/'

krish@shenron:~/Downloads/2010_1216_RT5390_LinuxSTA_V2.4.0.4_WiFiBTCombo_DPO/os/linux$ grep ANTENNA_DIVERSITY

6. Build
krish@shenron:~/Downloads/2010_1216_RT5390_LinuxSTA_V2.4.0.4_WiFiBTCombo_DPO/os/linux$ cd ../../

krish@shenron:~/Downloads/2010_1216_RT5390_LinuxSTA_V2.4.0.4_WiFiBTCombo_DPO$ sudo make

7. Install if Step 6 was successful with no errors; else start fixing your config again 🙂
krish@shenron:~/Downloads/2010_1216_RT5390_LinuxSTA_V2.4.0.4_WiFiBTCombo_DPO$ sudo make install

8. Make your correct card number to be probed ( Use your card model here, mine is rt5390sta )
krish@shenron:~$ sudo echo "rt5390sta" >> /etc/modules

9. Blacklist wrongly probed ralink drivers – Ubuntu 10.04 probed this bluetooth module
krish@shenron:~$ sudo echo "blacklist rt2800pci" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf

10. Reboot
krish@shenron:~$ sudo shutdown -r now "Yay!"

11. After the machine is up again, check for ra0 interface
krish@shenron:~$ sudo ifconfig ra0 | head -n2
[sudo] password for krish:
ra0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 90:00:4e:1a:76:e6
inet addr: Bcast: Mask:

Wolah, you’re connected and free to move away from the computer table on to the couch for some lazy working style 😉

January 28, 2009

HP printers on SUSE

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Trying to configure your HP products like printer and/or scanner on opensuse (or for that matter any linux distro)?

Make sure that you have hplib package installed.

My HP Deskjet 3745 used to work on Mandriva lappie but not on openSUSE PC. After beating around the bush with CUPS, I figured out that there should be some driver in repos. A quick search and tada .. hplib.
Just installed it, reconfigured the printer and wolah its printing. 🙂

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