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December 6, 2013

I get Flowers?

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So umm…. someone delivered flowers with a “Get Well Soon” note at my home when I was away.

It’s a nice gesture… thanks whoever it is…..but but but… couple of things run through my mind..

1. I hope it’s not a man sending me flowers! And if so, I hope its just a ‘friendly’ gesture.
If not, Sorry dude, I’d have to break your beautiful heart. 😉
But thanks though 😀

2. I have no idea what to do with flowers?
If it was Biryani or Beef Steak… I’d stuff my face with it. 😛
Or may cans of RedBulls. Umm… What exactly do I do with flowers?
Oh, there were quite some fruits with the pack too… like a ton of them. :/

3. There’s no name on the card.
Now, that’s kinda my style. No named Gifts/souvenirs – the anonymous signature has been my style for so long.

4.  My mom thinks it’s from my ex. And I’m like facepalm. Oh no mom, that doesnt happen.
There was only once in her life she had to take care of me when I was in hospital and guess what, she packed her bags and ran the very next day 🙂 .. while I remember being there for her in almost every sickness she had since I knew her.
So I had to chill down my mom making her understand that some people do not have a ‘reciprocation’ nature when it comes to caring.

5. Can I give these flowers to other beautiful girls? 😛

Woot Flowers?

Woot Flowers?

Health Update!

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Health took a beat down like crazy and I tugged myself inside the blanket shivering crazy as hell.
Mom had to call up friend ‘Yaseen’ to rush me to hospital almost midnight.

Two days with glucose/saline infusion and I could come home.

And then two days at home and I become sick again, although not like the same intensity as first time.

So well, trip to hospital again and they put in this thing in my hand.
It’s supposed to stay in there for couple of days and I have to go twice everyday to the doc to get injected on that wrist via whatever that thing is 🙂

Ok there is a needle inside?

Ok there is a needle inside?

Also, the nurse asked me not to work.. didn’t think that’d be serious.
I was just pumping my head due to headache and blood started squirting out of it. Yikes 🙂

November 27, 2013

My new companion

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Last 3 months, no proper diet .. eating all crap again… no running/sprinting either; pressed for time working on my first game release ( and with over little more than 3-4 hrs max sleep everyday has taken a super toll on my health.

Asthma is back in life!
4 days back I was completely down, unable to move.. hands trembled, unable to breath either (as if breathing last breaths .. this happened 2 yrs ago once).

Depending on inhaler...not good.

Depending on inhaler…not good.

Life went from using pills to puffing on Asthaline in 4 days.
Living alone makes it worse, that lonely feeling, that emptiness and staring at blank walls, and no one to talk to…. but I guess this is still is better than living with anyone who back-stabs you.

It is immensely painful both emotionally and physically, but if this is what it takes to ride the path I chose in life.. then so be it.
Bring it on; It’s a Do or Die bitch.

March 16, 2011

Let’s uncomplicate – Did you mean it?

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If I remember right, these guys came up with wonderful ads ( that do not make much practical sense about the product ).
And when it comes to their website… here’s their biggest blunder yet!

Let's uncomplicate only after 25? - Apollo Munich

So, Why should under 25 not be allowed to un-complicate things?



April 4, 2009

So do you like the Sun?

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Somebody ask me that next time. My answer is NO.

I accepted a very exciting job at an OpenSource company ( putting a pause to 1.5 yr consultancy ). Traveled under the hot Sun to the office that is 29kms away from home. Came back home in the cold night.
Who would have thought this would have any effect on my life!

It started as a very mild fever on 18th mar, gradually growing to cold, cough, body pains and wham by 25th, I was completely taken.
I was taken to hospital and they suspected snake bite!!! seeing my blue nails. ( No nail polish/ink, I dont know how they got blue). They tested me for malaria, CBP, typhoid. All negative. Took X-ray to check for cough accumulation in chest – neg.
They couldn’t figure out the reason that kept my body temperature at 102 C. No antibiotics, no tablets worked. I got weaker and weaker by every minute. To add to my mysery was this breathing problem and sleeplessness. Like sandman had boycotted that hospital.

I could only take half idli a day but was getting regular dose of glucose and antibiotic into my blood. That was a total of 5 glucose and 3 antibiotic bottles.
My temperature gradually came down to 100 on the 3rd day of hospitalisation.
I couldn’t bear staying awake all night and begged to be released. So, I am home now and manage to get 3-4 hours of sleep.

Not that I’ve become healthy again. My temp still dangles between 99-100. Sounds and light irritate me. I asked everyone to speak minimum and only if required. I can’t stand up for long and still keep coughing.

Writing this post from the darkened computer room, laying on my beanbag, with laptop’s brightness set to 10% !
Would you believe that I’ve become so slow that this post took me about 2 hours to write?

Anyway, my mom took lot of care for me throughout my stay in hospital and continues still. Seen her spend sleepless nights and reject food because I wasn’t eating. Love ma.

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