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February 18, 2012

Crysis2 Boss battle or no Boss battle?

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My eye is still twitching unable to believe that crysis2 ending was so smooth.
Where was the boss? Where is my boss battle? I deserve a boss battle.

Probably the boss ceph was dozing off somewhere nearby and I simply finished the game? Lazy boss huh!

No Wait, this was the boss?

Crysis2 Final Boss

Yes indeed it was. Cloak abilities, faster movement than other ceph. People should have found it difficult to kill them, all four attack at once. But I guess it didn’t matter. Had them stunned with k-volt and punched them to pulp.. Yay! to 5000 nano catalyst… was much easier than killing a ‘devastator’ ceph.

I wish the ending was like a war between C.E.L.L and loads of aliens, and the mission was to help them kill all the Cephs.. like a dozen of faster devastator units, each one needing you to use one of suit powers used in precision to kill them.

Pfft.. Game was over before I knew it :_( .. heard people were just sprinting through the last stage and finishing the game without having to even waste a bullet 🙂

All is not lost though. You gotta give it to the Crytek team for awesome graphics, nano suit and first time player experience in their single player story. Multiplayer had glitches, but looks almost fixed now.

Crysis2 Devastator vs Nano suit

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