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February 23, 2010

Top 10 fastest computers of the world

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Alright there is a new list again now

Here goes…

10. RedSky – 423 teraflops/sec
9. Sun Ranger
8. IBM BlueGene/P
7. IBM BlueGene/L – 478.2 teraflops/sec
6. SGI Altix (Pleiades)
5. Tianhe
4. IBM BlueGene/P – 825.5 teraflops/sec
3. Cray XT5 – 832 teraflops/sec
2. IBM Roadrunner – 1.042 petaflops/sec
and the super duper fastest baby is

1. Cray XT5 – 1.75 petaflops/sec

Has anyone seen them upclose? Please do let me know 🙂

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