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December 8, 2012

Right Now: What am I up to?

Dec 08, 2012. 02:03 am IST – A new logo coming up for Toonheart.


Finalising the logo for my gaming startup - Toonheart  :)Dealing with hand sprain but it can't be helped.... Work is Work.

Finalising the logo for my gaming startup – Toonheart 🙂
Dealing with sprained wrist, but it can’t be helped…. Work is Work.

Nov 18, 2012. 01:41 am IST – Still working on my prototype game.

Fighting 13C weather off with my biking balaclava,

Indie Game Dev’s Life.

and listening to this in loop mode.

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November 22, 2012

A person who understands love similar to how I do – Finally!

Yup, finally I came across a person who understands love like I do, quite similar, infact way way better than how I seem to understand ‘love’.

Way better because she has studied romantic interpersonal attraction, researched on it (over 36 years now I guess) and has proper scientific proofs to prove her thesis.

Presenting, Helen Fisher’s TEDx talk:

It is pretty sad that there are tons of people in this world, who don’t understand love and misunderstand it to be a feeling that needs to be associated with people from whom benefits can be derived. Sad.. but true state of World and our species today.

August 13, 2012

Random Ride

Yes it was Random.
I went to IIIT-H for a meetup and from there headed of like this.

IIIT-H -> Wipro -> Gandipet -> Join road that goes to Vikarabad -> Drive along -> Suddenly found a nice left (where there was a lorry turned over last time during our drive) -> found the road very nice straight and 1-2 potholes MAX.. revved the bike to 110kmph for some decent amount of time.

Over turned Lorry (pic from previous drive to same place)

Reached a small village/habitat area. Had Mirchi bajjis… packed egg bonda for Home.

Had movie planned at 20:30 (Onamalu… thank friends for tickets), and it was already 18:30 😛 .. so I hurried back.

While going back it was almost dark and potholes really pissed me off.
Two occasions good brakes with transfer of weight to front wheel really saved me.

Parked her, thanked Amitiel for the great saves… and ran to the car and rushed off 🙂

Amitiel resting during leisure stop.



Funny things during ride:

1. Random students in IIIT-H (a girl and a boy to be precise):
Girl: Laughing.. arey isko dekh.. beginner hai kya.   ( translate:  LOL, look at him with all that gear.. is he a beginner)
Boy: Laughing… R15 se girta bolke dar raha hai. He shld see us drive. ( translate: He is afraid of falling.. he should see us riding without any gear)



2. At Gandipet:

Three Girls sitting in the middle of the road and 2 guys snapping them. aka Facebook photoshoot.
Approaching them I use dipper instead of honk to move them.
They get up move aside and start shouting in excitement.
Probably never see someone geared up for a ride… I’d love to see their reaction if they see the xBhp group ride in single file.. like 30+ bikes all geared up 🙂



3. Police check Near some VJIT Engineering college:
Stopped, checked my papers, license, then questions.
cop: When did you buy? How much cc is this?
I was wondering what he was reading on my papers 🙂

cop checks out the bike from all angles and then

cop: How much speed does it go?
me: 136 or 156kmph something I guess. I dont know myself.
cop: No tambi, minimum speed.
me: Depends on what you take it on no?
cop: Arey normal vehicle 60 lo eltai.. nuvu enta lo eltav.
me: Depends on the speed sign on the road.
cop: Ok, ORR lo how much?
me: 2 wheelers not allowed on ORR
cop: Arey, just in case.
me: No just in case.. they are not allowed and I wont go.
cop: Arey, suppose you are driving.
me: No I'm not driving.


4. Forgot to add this one:

At Gas station in Gandipet, the air filling boy, small kid ( Child Labor is very common here :(.. ) and some others come to me and ask (translating in English)

1. Anna, this pads they wear in cricket no?  (translate:  Anna = Brother)

2. Anna, eda panda pettu bike ni. ( Not sure what they mean..probably asking me to show off body lean cornering? or spinning burnout? )
3. Anna, front tyre lepu (Asking me to showoff a wheelie)I was like “tamudu, gavi piccolu chestaru public road meeda, nenu cheyaa”
(translate: brother, mad guys do that on public roads, I’ll not)
And he was like.. avunu anna.. monna okadu chesindu .. suddenla rai vachindi padadu.. netti paglindi. Nuvvu oka sari chey anna pls pls.
(translate: Yeah yeah, there was one doing here some days ago and he hit a rock and broke his head… Oh but please do it once!)

😛 .. he wanted me to crash or something!Surrounded with absurd requests, I had run from there.

Another view at drive

P.S: Sorry guys, I dont have any pics for this drive. Didn’t find time to stop and shoot. Pics from previous drive of almost same route (part of it) are posted in this blogpost 🙂

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