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January 12, 2013

Memories of Delhi from 2011

Ah, memories of Delhi… way back from 2011, when I was attending First Comic Con India.
Stayed for free at Jeba (Graydot) and Ankur‘s place for 2 days! .. I didn’t even know them when I arrived.
Sorta like Couchsurfing before even joining 😉

Grateful to them. They shared their food, they cooked delicious fish for me, Jeba and I chased expensive cars :), he also accompanied me to ComicCon, until he encountered Vivek Khurana (nomind) and then ran away for tasty meat food. 🙂

I gotta thank Vivek for not letting me miss that food, by treating me to awesome hot pakodas with earthen-pot tea, organic food, chaat, hot samosas,  and finally Bengali sweet curd.

And special thanks to Atul, for he created the chain of contact with Jeba & requested for my stay… I was too hesitant to ask 😀

Hugs to all of you!

Here’s the album –

Hot Pakodas and Makte Wali Chai @ Organic Foods at Delhi

Hot Pakodas and Makte Wali Chai @ Organic Foods at Delhi


I had just bought the camera back then, had no fucking idea what to click and what not to… I clicked mostly crap instead of clicking a nice group pic with you guys.

So what reminded me of Delhi?   The freaking cold tap water that froze my palm this morning. 😛

November 15, 2012

Mario Comic for Social Welfare Event

Doodled up quick mario comic for a Social Welfare Event.
Didn’t have time to color it up 😦

Go ahead check out the comic and don’t forget to read the story captions under the image 😀

Note: Mario and other characters in this comic are copyright of Nintendo Co., Ltd. I’m just a fan 😉

Mario keeps searches for his princess…Unaware of the fact that the princess doesn’t really love him!

But One day he comes to know of her true self and that he was just a disposable puppet for her.
So the heart broken Mario decides to do good with rest of his life.

Not just doing good, but also spreading the same attitude to others around him.
He attains joy in helping and serving the true needs of the society.

Other good hearts come and join him in the journey of benevolence.
Note: I know there is princess Peach again in this frame .. its not like she turned good and joined him (LOL, does that happen in reality?) . I just wanted to draw a female character here to signify that there “are” indeed good ones left. May be I should have drawn princess Daisy instead… damn I screwed up in game character confusion 🙂

So if you’re reading this small comic, and want to join up in a get together to do good / experience feeling humane in a new way .. then
put your hand over your heart,
say “I want to do good”,
buy a ticket on that link on the last page of the comic,
and be there at the event 🙂

January 12, 2011

Site’s Live!

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Brainstroming over Drupal vs WordPress followed by 7+ hours of hacking wordpress, comicpress themes, living off duck eggs, chicken ham and litchi juice, just did it 🙂

Site’s Live! @ – Alpha Release
Thanks to koolhead17 for the server space.

Limits of Alpha Release:
1. Payment gateway – Fans will have to wait to buy prints. Inconvenience Regretted 🙂
2. Social Icons limited to Facebook and Twitter
3. No warnings, Parental Advisory notice – please be 18+ and mature enough before visiting the site though. 😉
4. License Notice not mentioned – Although rest assured it is under
5. Feeds not available yet.
And more to come..

Stay Tooned 🙂

Follow Us: TWITTER
or if that’s too much to ask 😉

Evil Plan of World Comication (as opposed to Domination) Begins! 😛

October 14, 2010

There is no bitching around the Holy Cow!

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Can you convince the Holy Cow?

So well, another poster for the very old slowly moving “Project – Holy Cow!”.

Another interesting thing is that today I spotted a facebook pic update that shows something similar shown during “Chitrakatha 2009” .. pretty weird.. it definitely looked like a super powerful cow… pretty much close to my comic idea.

I’d really hate to see ideas stolen and tried to be proved as original concept; some people also take things much to a dirty level by suing and claiming loss.

Guess this is one of the downsides of people like us who believe in Open Source/Creative Commons and keep our ideas open, while people sneak them as their own and then gang back on us!

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