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September 27, 2013

Hey Mario, She isn’t worth dying for!

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This is so Awesome at so many levels 😀

I find myself singing this in fun 🙂 So so true, because

Reality of the World!

Reality of the World!

And then some people think they can keep bullshitting and making others fool always.

And then some people think they can keep bullshitting and making others fool always.

Not to mention, when you use someone and then raise a hue and cry to prove yourself CLEAN.

Not to mention, when you use someone and then raise a hue and cry to prove yourself CLEAN.

June 13, 2013

My Matrimonial site profile? WTF?

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I was wondering why I keep getting emails from this particular matrimony website called JeevanSaathi… like who the fuck is interested in marriage anymore?
A relation which of-late has become a so-called agreed upon so-called union of people that cheat, lie and back-stab while showing off as if they are loyal to the partner by means of wearing symbolic accessories. Zero true feelings and complete disguised smiles. Really? Who wants that?

Anyway, wanted to figure out.. opened an email and I see that people are viewing my profile already!
I was like, WTF.. why do I have a profile?

And I went to the site profile url and it shows this:

Apparently my matrimony profile?

Apparently my matrimony profile?

See that? A profile with bunch of lies.
Who the fuck is 5’7”? and my father has his own business????
Hell No. My father was poor.. and he struggled a lot to get me a good education so that I can live a better life.
And he also lost his life doing that…. AND I am very proud of him and what he did for me.

Like pure WTF!

They got my birthday and email right (which is available all over the web), my ethnicity and other crap wrong, height wrong,.. and that thing about “handsome” might be wrong too.

Then I notice that the mobile number listed as my contact number is my SIM card that my ex used to use.
Also, last edited on 4th April 2013? Wow.. keeping my profile updated.
What do I make out of this? o,O

October 30, 2011

Puppet Cheat Sheet

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I’m trying to keep a log of my fixes, stuff learned while using puppet.
Many have skipped my mind already. 😦
I’ll try to change publish date on this post every time I edit it so that it stays on top.

How to find config settings or env variables in puppet?

$ puppet --configprint templatedir # Specific Env Variable
templatedir = /var/lib/puppet/templates
$ puppet --configprint all # Specific Env Variable

How to syntax check your templates?

$ erb -x -T '-' ../files/apt/sources.list.erb | ruby -c
Syntax OK
$ erb -x -T '-' ../files/apt/sources.list.d/lenny-backports.list.erb | ruby -c
Syntax OK

Unable to sign certificates?
The errors could be:

    a. hostname was not match with the server certificate (or)
    b. Exiting; no certificate found and waitforcert is disabled
    In both cases you will not find the certificate on pupptemaster to sign.


1. /etc/hosts file on client should have the server listed in format
IPAddress hostname_of_server short_hostname_of_server puppet
Example: predator01.mydomain.local predator01 puppet

2. Make sure that the domain and search parameters in /etc/resolv.conf of client is same as your host domain
Example: /etc/resolv.conf
domain local
search local
And my hostname is human01.mydomain.local
If your hostname is like then 'domain' and 'search' in /etc/resolv.conf should be

3. After ensuring (1) and (2) are fixed as above, clear ssl stuff
$ cd /var/lib/puppet/ssl
$ sudo mkdir old
$ sudo mv * old/

4. Now run client again
$ sudo puppetd -tdv

5. On server sign the cert
$ sudo puppetca --list
$ sudo puppetca --sign human01.yourdomain.local

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