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July 31, 2013

Preview – My ~3700 kms Solo biking across 3 States of India

Here’s a small video I managed to put together from my GoPro feeds 🙂 .. a preview of my solo biking adventure earlier this month…. more to come when I find time to render them 😀

For now, here it is 😉

Yes, people called me crazy.
People stopped me and there were crazy jungles through which I biked alone… there is no road there.. only dangerous terrain… quite some close call ‘would have been’ fatal accidents escaped, managed to almost drop the bike in waters of Bay of Bengal,  dipped feet in World’s second largest lagoon and not in a tourist spot.. but one that hasnt been trekked by more than a handful people on Earth… all this and MORE coming in next video sets 🙂

September 12, 2012

Visiting West Bengal after 5 years

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Went to visit mother’s hometown after 5 years,  .. a trip before that was like 13 years ago 🙂

Amazing beautiful place, which my eyes failed to see five years ago.. they were probably thinking of a human attachment I had here in Hyderabad back then.
Without it now, I learned to admire the beauty of a place I visit by not keeping my heart busy thinking of something else.

Also, met up with Dr. Shishir Kumar Biswas(a Visually challenged, down-to-earth person who runs NGO named ‘Pragati’).
He is a Phd, Head of the Department, Bengali – Haringhata Maha Vidyalaya.
Lost this eyesight to a failed operation and had to switch from Science background to “Language and Literature”
He and his students run the NGO.

I have felt utmost respect for him and his wife who chose to marry him for the good human he is (and not for his money/social-status/what he can or will do for her family or whether her family liked him or not).
She is his strongest support and also equally down to earth.

I feel lucky to meet such people and will not hesitate to join my hands and bow my head to such women – a rare few that exists.

And supposedly she recognizes me from 13 years ago when I was like 12 may be.. I don’t have it registered in my memory 🙂

Some pics for non-fb users 🙂

Goddess MahaKali at banks of Anjana River.
From Wiki:
It is believed that once the great poet Rabindranath Tagore had come and wrote a poet about the Anjana river and a temple beside it. That temple can still be found beside the Anjana river
This is that temple 🙂

Raja Krishnachandra’s Royal palace – like 220 years old may be.

In the End Truth Alone Will Triumph, Lies will be Defeated.
Go to facebook link for more paintings of Lord Krishna’s life.

Visited amazing Ashram where mother often goes to meditate.. so peaceful place and then they had a full hour session of chanting of Lord Krishna’s name .. ever energetic
and Churches with mind blowing sculptures .. Full photo set is available on Facebook –

You don’t wanna miss the amazing piece of art that’s in the facebook album.

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