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August 21, 2008

laptop woes

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I bought a new acer 4315 laptop this April; started using from Mid-may since I already had compaq v3000 from one of my clients.
May, June, July passed happily, but things started heating up in August (yeah this month).

I suddenly notice my laptop getting warmer at the left side of keyboard. Losing no time I purchased a cooling base for my lappie (yeah I love my laptop). The cooling base does a wonderful job, though I still feel that the left side of keyboard is warmer than the right; it is quite less than former heat.
Few days pass by, and just when I was beginning to feel comfortable again, I notice this weird flicker on my screen! (2 days ago.) For a moment I thought it could be a power surge, but then I realized I was running on battery.

To describe the flicker is quite hard, its like very thin vertical multicolored lines on your screen for fraction of a second.
This happened twice that day and again twice next day.

Worse was today. Happened 5 times and the fifth time the screen went black for a second. Fifth flicker today was long; about 2 seconds. My heart almost stopped.
I know acer service center closes at 17:30 IST and there is no use calling them now. Probably will get an auto responder.

I remember that I couldn’t register my purchase on acer site because it wouldn’t open the calendar in one of the form fields on firefox. I tried my luck again today but no use.
(For hasty suggester:
1. I know is written is an asp.NET content written in C#
2. I have Java Runtime and Java browser plugin (1.5 on PC and 1.6 on laptop); I’ve tried registering from both.
3. If you think I should use Microsoft Internet Explorer to do it – Please buy me an original Windows.
4. I dont want IE running on my GNU/Linux distro. )

Also, isn’t serving pages. You have to google for it and get to this link

Let me carry-in my lappie to their service center and may be they can help without blaming it on GNU/Linux.
(Oh yes, I’ve heard of many support centers that start blaming on whatever they don’t/don’t want to understand.)


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