krish – 起死回生 [Wake up from death & return to life.]

November 5, 2014

Giving up Everything to move forward in Life!

Would you call me crazy if I said I don’t need a house, don’t need the TV, the car, the sofa, the dining table, the Fridge, utensils, cooler, suits, and a ton of stuff that we all keep inside 4 walls and rate our success in life with how much more we can stuff within those walls?

Would you call me mad, a lunatic, if I said life can be lived on a single backpack?

It’s 3:00 am, I’m awake despite being sick and short of breath due to Asthma.
Meditated for a bit, feels better now.

Dark room, silent surroundings with everyone asleep, good for thought process.
Two months, I’ve backpacked Malaysia and Singapore for 2 reasons.

  1. To find investors for my start-up and
  2. To assess if I can survive with one backpack.
A backpack with life's essentials is all I seem to need.

A backpack with life’s essentials is all I seem to need. Pudu Raya Bus Terminal, Malaysia .. waiting for bus to Singapore.

As I reflect on my thoughts and feelings I went through while backpacking,  I do not seem to need my urban luxuries of life to make anything better of it.

My car, the TV, and the seemingly un-ending list of items stuffed in the apartment, I can survive without it.
With the goals I have set for my life, none of this matters.

All I need is a laptop, and few clothes.
Should an Indie game developer need more than that?

Working on my upcoming game while backpacking. One laptop, a drawing tablet and access to Internet - thanks to a host who gave me shelter.

Working on my upcoming game. One laptop, a drawing tablet and access to Internet – thanks to a host who gave me shelter.

I always knew my life isn’t going to be about settling down at a place.
I’ll never fit in a society, a structure or an organisation, or the very nature of people to own more materialistic things of life to climb that social ladder, the society with it’s rules that I can’t find a logic too.
Quit my job 4 years ago to do what I love.
Toured quite a few places in India on my motorbike, but something is still holding me back.

Yes! the Possessions I have. Possession of things in life that needs you to stuff them inside 4 walls and call it home, are holding me back.
I need to let go to experience new things this world has to offer.
I need to make more friends, I need to meet more good people with positive vibes around the globe, see the world and immerse myself in the nature/beauty/history/stories that Earth has to offer.

This is it. I have to do this.
There is no reason to wait any longer.

I need to travel without boundaries,
I NEED to be FREE!

So, here’s a list of stuff that I’m giving up from my current life. (Click to go to the link)
A lot of “Free GiveAways to Friends” yay!, and a few things on sale. 🙂
If you’d like to see videos of my travels, you can subscribe to me on Youtube – click here.

Pantai Tengah beach, Langkawi, Malaysia. Nice place to sit and think of game ideas.

Pantai Tengah beach, Langkawi, Malaysia.
Nice place to sit and think of game ideas.


October 15, 2014

How I became the World first person to fly in an Airplane STANDING!

Backpacking 2 months between Malaysia and Singapore, I finally reach KLIA2 airport in Kuala Lumpur to take a flight back to India.
Next destination is Chennai, flight is AK011, on 11 Oct 2014.

I am at the airport 8 hrs before flight schedule.
Spent some time working on my laptop, looking for charging points, tasting some food and well, standing in a short queue for long long time.







“Finally, the time has come for check-in and I can happily get some well deserved sleep in the flight”, I thought to myself.

The queue is not long, but seems like moving slow, just too slow.

Oh wait! what’s happening.. where are you guys .. oh my! Did you just cut queue!!!  (A young Indian origin Malaysian man cuts the line with 4 female members of his family)

1.5 hours later still in queue, as I alternate my stare between the yellow line “Don’t cross”, and the family that is still in front of me at the counter.

Why does it take so long to process 5 people I think.

Few more minutes and I check-in, got 10F assigned and I move away (takes less than 3 minutes for my check-in. There is a system problem.. airlines check-in crew is writing things up by hand)




Boarding time!
Walking in, eyes glued to the seat numbers … Aha! 10F, I open the cabin baggage compartment .. It’s already full!
But wait!, there is space just enough for my thin laptop bag to slide in.  Cool.

Lock the compartment, look down “Wait a minute! was this man here sitting in my seat already?”
His face seems so similar like I’ve seen him before.


HELLO! I sit in your seat and act like nothing happened. PROBLEM?

Before I open my mouth to ask him, 2-3 people from the row 9 start demanding the steward beside me “He (the person in my seat) HAS to sit here”
The steward shows me 11F, I obliged.
A little not impressed that the steward didn’t ask me if I wanted to give my assigned seat to the person who somehow has already claimed it.
Neither did the person want to ask me, or even look at me (people generally atleast take a glance at the person whose seat they might have taken).
Somehow he lets people in row 9 do the talking for him.

I wonder where have I seen this face. And why are people popping out of their seats to take a look at him.
I can understand bits and pieces of Tamil and seems like people want to take selfies with him. But no one went on to take one.


What do you mean I have to look at you? I took your seat and have 5 people talking on my behalf. HAHA what can you do huh?


Now at 11F, a person’s face gets too close and I go like “What the”
Oh he’s trying to look out of the window. Both he and his friend 11 D,E

Their constant inquisitiveness to what’s outside aircraft tells me they are probably new to flying or new to Malaysia’s airport.

I offer them my seat and let them have fun. I feel happy that they were happy too.


3 hour long Check In seat Assigning is Just for Fun at AirAsia. We prefer Actors and people to bully us to fly with us anyway. Or is the 10F the new Toilet standing seat?

I am now at 11D, trying to settle in but life has other plans.

“I want this seat”, shouts a woman over my head. I turn back in surprise to what’s happening!
She is talking to the steward. She wants the seat where I’m sitting now.

“And I want my father to sit with me”, she says (She wants 11D and 11E, but the row is already occupied)
The steward asks me to get up and move to another seat he shows me, 12E.

Strange, and yet again you don’t ask if a person wants to change.
I feel a bit irked, but I let go because I hear the adamant lady again “I am pregnant and I want this seat and I want my father to sit with me.”

She is still not talking to me, or talking to me indirectly but facing the steward. Strange people.


Not the same, but my face looked similar at many moments during this flight.

As I get up, I notice no baby bump (so well, probably early stage of pregnancy), but anyway the lady is pregnant so I oblige again.

Oh boy, there is no space to move around and get to 12E. Why am I surrounded by 4 people looking at this lady with their bags in hand.
They are looking at this lady and then at the cabin baggage compartment over 10 and 11 (DEF) row. Surely there is no space there.

I look around and I see empty space in cabin baggage 2 rows ahead and suggest them to park their luggage there.
To which, I get a cold shoulder glance and denial of existence. I figure out they were family of this lady and well, forget being thankful for giving up the seat, they probably also want me to remove my luggage and create space for them or something.

Even if I did remove my thin laptop bag, there isn’t space for the bigger bag they were holding on to.
Alright, let’s move to 12E.

“Hi Uncle, can I get in”
I get stared through the glasses of a mid-aged semi-obese (not fun, just describing… I’m bit fat myself) man, who had his right palm glued on the empty 12E seat, didn’t move an inch of his leg to let me in and kept staring.
The very body language that says he’s not happy to see the empty seat beside him fill up.

I later took a picture of him, as you see below. His foot planted onto the empty seat for some comfy sleeping time, his hand takes rest on his thigh. Next time you’re flying AirAsia AK011, you know that 12E seat was foot planted by this uncle 🙂


Alright, now that I didn’t let the dude in … lets have fun with extra space. A Leg over it and a nice nap outta do it.

So I stand and see if the steward can help. But dude is busy trying to accommodate the pregnant lady and her demands.
I watch helplessly as I see him getting bullied around by the passengers for seats.

This seems so much like an Indian state travel Bus!
I get a small smirk smile on my face as the image of what’s happening overlaps with an image of Crowded bus in India where people are standing, REQUESTING others for seat (oh yeah requesting, AT LEAST in Indian stage buses people talk to the people in the seat for a swap), and wondered to myself if soon there will be a state of life where you would travel airlines standing crowded like a local Bus/Train.


A Bus in India felt better than AirAsia for the conductor never forces you to keep hopping seats.

Smirk on my face wipes away as I hear “I was all these 6 seats, I want my family to sit with me” from the pregnant lady again!
She now wants 11 (DEF) and (12(DEF) or 10(DEF)), and I take an imaginary facepalm to myself.

I lose a bit of patience and I try to move into 12E while the steward is still busy attending your highness “man with familiar face” and “early pregnancy stage lady”.
As I almost decide that I will settle down at 12E, I hear the steward “Sir you can sit here” (He’s wanting me to move to 11D again!!!!!).

Why?  Because the pregnant lady suddenly changes her mind that she will move 2 rows forward into row 7 with her whole family who was still there standing and staring at all of us (ie., any six passengers in and around where the lady demands her seat to be).

I lose my mind now.
But I don’t want to show anger. I haven’t been angry in the last 2 years. I want to stay calm.


It Helps 🙂

The only words I say are “Is this a bus or a plane”? To which the steward’s response is “Sir please you can go back to 12E)!!!

I close my eyes, grind my teeth a bit, say “enough is enough” to myself and decide to STAND.
Yes, it’s been 17+ hrs I’m awake. I was carrying an effing heavy backpack before boarding, not rolling suitcases/trolleys.
It’s time I rest, but I decide to stand.
It is my way of peaceful boycott, to the whole mess they made up at AirAsia today leaving very less difference between a scenario in a crowded bus in a 3rd world country to an Airline.

Between this whole process, the plane takes off almost 1+ hrs late

But standing right now is both going to cause discomfort to passengers who are fighting for seats and also I need to be seated during take off and landing.
I take 11D for few moments, let it take off, and then I boycott by standing at the rear end of the plane.


Bravo! AirAsia, Bravo! Here’s to your amazing professionalism. Cheers with a Coke at your toilet in your papercup.

I keep moving left and right to not hinder the crew taking out their trolley boxes in and out.
When that’s done, I still need to keep moving to not cause discomfort to people who are in-out of the lavatory.

Once the steward was done running around, I try to strike a conversation with him about the situation and he is LEAST interested.
Between my one line of sentence being obstructed 4 times, with his conversation with the stewardess and finally he turns to me and says “I gave you a biiiiig seat with leg room(with a hand gesture of biiiig), you didn’t take” and he doesn’t even bother to listen to my response.


Her father struck a happy conversation with me. They’ve been flying in a chain of flights for past 36 hrs. I feel they should have given the old man 12E seat atlest.

His logic was, as long as I gave you a seat, I could have you move any number of times as I want.

Someone please tell AirAsia that not everyone is in greed of big seats and leg room.
Some people care about the class you maintain in an airline. The amount of professionalism you carry and most importantly “self-respect”.


A passenger glances at me while I take pics from my standing place in airline travel. He had a cute kid who played peek-a-boo with me for some time 🙂

The other steward comes in to have a conversation with his mates, and takes a glance at me.
I tell him the reason I’m standing here and that I might write this up in my blog when I land. His response “No problem, you can do that”
(with a flat face of I dont care!)

WoWZa!  Slow claps for AirAsia.

I spent my time moving left to right (Oh! I already said this), overhearing conversations of the cabin crew (which included some random numbers and topics of ex-boyfriends of the stewardess in a language I didn’t understand[probably malay]), playing Peek-a-Boo with a small cute kid, feeling hungry and wondering if I should buy Uncle Chin’s chicken rice (but couldn’t stomach to eat in front of toilets) and being plugged into music; and of-course taking these pictures.


Let’s discuss fun stuff, ex-boyfriends and lots of whatever while we keep a passenger standing near the toilets.

Immediately as I land, I leave tweets to @AskAirAsia and @AirAsia and head off to their office at Chennai Airport.
@AirAsia handles the issue of passenger standing in airlines by asking me to fill up an e-form!

Slow claps again – ask a traveler to fill e-form where he may or may not have access to a decent speed internet as he lands at airport.

Also, Figured out the man sitting in 10F, the seat assigned to me, was an actor who appears in supporting roles of South Indian movies, named PonnamBalam.

“You are not a worthy passenger to AirAsia if you are not an actor like me”


I submit a hand written complaint, and get promised that I WILL receive a call about this the next day (Sunday) without fail.


I head off to Chennai Station for the next destination – Hyderabad.

I have no time visit my friends houses now, thanks to late landing and time spent at AirAsia’s office).
A complete 32 hrs later, I get my first dose of sleep in the train (which also ended up starting 2.5 hrs late).

Sunday, I’m in Hyderabad and there is no call, no email from AirAsia.
As monday too starts to pass by, I wonder if @AirAsia doesn’t even bother. I tweet to them, and their reply is


My dear travelers, backpackers, and everyone. Did you know Standing seats could be a reality in future of Airlines?

However, if you are eager to experience standing in an airplane travel even before that happens, you should try AirAsia!
Yay! I’m promoting them .. AirAsia, if you are seeing this you should send me a gift. (sarcasm, if you don’t get it AirAsia)

Tough luck that you cannot be the first, because they already helped me become ‘The first passenger in the World to stand in an Airline’. Yippie!

If you do try, please don’t forget to order a Coke and drink it while facing the lavatory.
The sugar and Caffeine in Coke helps you stay awake a bit, and helps soothe the numb sensation in your legs (esp if you have been awake like me for 21 ish hrs before landing)

I’m wondering if their slogan will soon change from “Now Everyone can Fly” to “Now Everyone can Fly Standing”

Tuesday goes by too, and now it is Wednesday and I haven’t heard from AirAsia yet.
Super Slow Claps and the reason why I ended up publishing this blog post.
Because AirAsia doesn’t give an eff about it’s passenger’s concerns.


September 2, 2013

HeartBrokenBiker’s First Meme?

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A biking page on Facebook was getting a bit stirred with confusion of who this masked rider was… amidst that one fan/follower comes up with this meme.

Meme by a fan/follower :)

Meme by a fan/follower 🙂

There’s typo in both the names… it’s ‘Srikrishna’ (with no space between Sri and Krishna) and ‘HeartBrokenBiker’ (not ‘Broke’ sigh :/) but that’s fine 🙂

Dear fan, you rock … please don’t try this again! 😀

Another attempt at unmasking ‘The HeartBrokenBiker‘ 🙂

August 23, 2013

The 3700kms Solo Biking Adventure – Full Log

My bike ‘Amitiel’ was close to being 1..
and my mom’s birthday was near too.

Infact, on same date.

Thought it would be a nice adventure to go visit my mom.
It had to be a surprise.. so she didn’t know I was coming. If she did then well… this log wouldn’t exist 😛
Only 1 problem – She lives 3 states across .. 1800+ kms.

Hmm… is that a challenge?
A very few people knew that I was going to do this. Some of them called me Crazy! May be I am 🙂

So here goes.. trip log of my ~3700 kms bike touring SOLO.
Mountains, Valleys, Worlds 2nd largest lagoon, 2 jungles, twisties, and what not….. husshhh.. lets not give away all details so soon 🙂

I’ll try to keep it small 🙂 .. I know I have the bad habit of writing huge paragraphs and paragraphs of lord knows what I write 🙂 
And I’ll write this in parts, for legibility and time constrains and to maintain flow of the journey.

So let’s start with the trip map…. or the one that was initially planned at-least 😀

Note, that the ‘places to visit’ is split between ‘onward’ and ‘return’ journey on same path.

Map Section 1 :

Map split part 1

Map split part 1

Map Section 2 :

Map split part 2

Map split part 2

Map Section 3:

Map split part 3

Map split part 3

Oh well, that was THE PLAN, but execution had something else in mind for me 🙂

I’d like to thank ‘ravi@17bhp’ and ‘jaijeet’ for the gifts (bungee cords).. they were immensely helpful.

One would think, that there would be trouble “during” the journey… but troubles started in a funny way for me even before it 🙂

1. Losing my balaclava: Maid had hung it on terrace after wash and someone thought it’s cool to just take it. Had to do a last moment run to get one more.

New M1 balaclava.

New M1 balaclava.

2. Packing Up: Oh darn darn darn… this thing is so tough.
Somehow managed to dump and push all my stuff learning from this guy. And the bag was pretty much tight by then.

Packing Up

Packing Up

So what seems to be the problem? The problem! is that after packing I remember that I have gifts for my mom and my cousin that I brought from Singapore.. there is no way I’m going without that!
To give you a perspective, that’s 3 ladies handbags (2 big sized and 1 medium) Yikes!

I did not give up.. with all the training from my home hung boxing bag.. I punched those bags inside my tail bag .. somehow. 😛

Phew! packed up.... Oh wait... gifts not packed yet :(

Phew! packed up…. Oh wait… gifts not packed yet 😦

And that’s it… I was ready to go 🙂
More write up coming soon… meanwhile I hope you enjoy this preview video 😀

Click here to read more (more…)

July 31, 2013

Preview – My ~3700 kms Solo biking across 3 States of India

Here’s a small video I managed to put together from my GoPro feeds 🙂 .. a preview of my solo biking adventure earlier this month…. more to come when I find time to render them 😀

For now, here it is 😉

Yes, people called me crazy.
People stopped me and there were crazy jungles through which I biked alone… there is no road there.. only dangerous terrain… quite some close call ‘would have been’ fatal accidents escaped, managed to almost drop the bike in waters of Bay of Bengal,  dipped feet in World’s second largest lagoon and not in a tourist spot.. but one that hasnt been trekked by more than a handful people on Earth… all this and MORE coming in next video sets 🙂

July 16, 2013

~1300 kms bike ride, Solo. Hyderabad – Bangalore – Hyderabad

Kindly note: This trip was in first week of May 2013.. finally found time now to log it 🙂

Best buddy Walter had come to India for the first time and he decided to land in Bangalore instead of Hyd. Duh, work 🙂
Chances of him coming to Hyd after that were doubtful; although he wanted to come.. but work could want him to fly back sooner due to his busy schedules.

So, I told him that I’d come to see him in Bangalore. He booked a really nice villa suite and we were gonna have some geek time together 🙂
However, I didn’t tell him that I’m gonna drive my bike there all the way from Hyderabad 🙂
But he figured… apparently he knows me quite better than a lot of people who claimed to be ‘close to me’ 😀

HydBangalore SOLO trip - HeartBrokenBiker

SOLO trip – HeartBrokenBiker

The plan was to start at 1830 hrs… and guess what.. I ended up starting at 2245 or so! -_-
First stop was 3.5kms from my place.. for Irani chai 😛 .. because I knew that sleepy attack was coming.. I didnt get rest the whole day.. was working on stuff that also required physical strength.

Drove away, .. mostly a speedrun. Didn’t carry my GoPro with me. No pictures while going there.
But, here’s the interesting part:

I had to drive the first 40kms on the service lane beside ORR (since bikes aren’t allowed on ORR …. thank you all amazingly stupid showoff drivers who screwed reputation of bikers on that expressway)
So I was driving, doing my thing 🙂 .. and there are these nasty 16 set speed brakers on the service lane…. at one of these, a Jeep swiftly dodged me … fulltoo bollywood estyle … and rammed brakes right in front of me!

Then 3 cops got down from it.. surrounded me! and said “Go, Sir is calling”.. and here’s what happened.
I went to the Copboss sitting boss-style in jeep, while the 3 cops continued to check my bike .. trying to figure out WTF is happening with the luggage, discussing about whether it is a sports bike, its top speed blah blah.

Me: Yes Sir, any problem
CopBoss in Jeep: Where are you going to race? (authoritative)
Me: ??? !!! $#^@&%$*&% WTF (in mind)
Me: Race? No Sir... I dont race on streets.
CopBoss: Then what is all this? (indicating my ATGATT - All The Gear All The Time)
Me: Ah, this is for protection if I crash.
CopBoss: Really? (sarcastically)
Me: (in mind) Trying to control any outburst .. I remember ravi@17bhp's advice not to pickup argument with cop even if I was right. Happened twice already (once in jungle and once in city.. when some cops tried to show off their power) .. but this guy was okay. So it helped :)
CopBoss: Where are you going?
Me: Bangalore
CopBoss: ??? !!! o,O .. w00t!!!!
CopBoss: Hyderabad? to Bangalore? on bike? Are you serious?
Me: Smile
CopBoss: Why are you going at this time? It's dangerous.. go in morning
Me: Work Sir... have a meeting in morning in bangalore.. I missed Bus so taking bike (tee hee :P)
CopBoss: Okay okay... you know you are speeding?
Me: ??? !!! .. umm.. sorry Sir.. I didn't notice.
CopBoss: Yes, .. you were on 100+.. and this is a 40 road
Me: Sir, how do you know I was on 100+?
CopBoss: We had to cross 100 to catch you!
Me: -_- :P tee hee ;)
Me: Sorry Sir, I'll drive in 40.

He then, super surprised me by driving his jeep exactly on 40 till airport right in front of my bike.
If I had to overtake his jeep, it’d mean I crossed 40!
Think of all the frustration of holding the throttle at 40, and temptation to zip past and not be visible 🙂 .. but I obliged to 40. 😀
+1 good citizen points on HeartBrokenBiker? 😛

Darn, that first hour (40-45 kms) of the journey made me drowsy enough to put my next 550 kms in trouble.
As soon as the cop jeep detoured, and I crossed that initial hyd border highway traffic, my throttle opened full, rpm needles on max and the bike was at 131kmph .. I was crouched under the visor… my vision was through it and it was AMAZING.

I’ve never done continuous crouching for so long.. gotta thank the highway for it.
Couple that with the “Isle of Man TT”, “TopGun” and such similar tracks playing in my helmet. WooHoooooooooooooooooo!

Some car folks provided me entertainment by trying to show off their speed… I wasnt interested in any race.. but I was doing speedrun of my own pace.. so some very few cars did succeed to run past me… BUT when the road takes a curve.. their brake lights come up.. mine DOESN’t.. and you know what happens then… there is a knee out, there is an angle, and there is a bike that zip zap zooooms 🙂 ;),
then some by driving close enough to me to catch a glimpse of “who the hell is this”.. ,
dangerous part is when I overtake cars and they are busy looking at me with a jawdrop rather than looking at the road 😦

I found the lorry guys to be very good drivers on this road.. sticking to lane and using indicators… and at parts where vision became glary from opp high beam, I used one car guy who was good driver by following his tail. Thank him, whoever it is.

Took couple of tiny breaks in between.. needed a bit longer break at Kurnool when I topped up fuel… but something about that place hurts me (some old memory that has mentions of that place).. so I kept pushing.

Reached Bangalore border at 0630 am.. AND then.. thanks to awesome directions by people (and the stupid fact that I wasnt carrying GPS) .. it took me 1.5+ hrs to reach the hotel.
People, I tell you.. instead of telling me that they “dont know”.. they “try wild guesses” -_-
Two people giving me direction at the same time, showed 2 opposite directions.. I looked at both of them in “punch in face” mood.. and they looked at each other and walked away.

After reaching hotel, the receptionist is more busy looking at me top to bottom and then my bike and thinking “What in the world!” rather than giving me the keys.

Had fun time there.. will blog that in separate post 😀

Coming back to Hyd, I took a bit of ‘slower’ run.
Again night ride, again no rest prior to ride.. was in meeting hall for 7hrs and then driving around Bangalore traffic and confusing one ways…
Met up with 2 more friends… 1 geek+biker=Sudharshan or sup3rkidd0 as on IRC (also met his girlfriend for the first time – A Chilean who moved to India.. for him? Now that’s cute 😀 .. lucky kid 😉 ) and other geek was ‘Kingsly’ whom I had known for 10yrs+? on IRC.. but met him in-person for the first time. Nice conversations on tech, society and human creature specific.
He helped me find way to a spartan store.. picked up a new lid for touring (SOL SF1)… had super tasty “real” chinese cuisine.. and then drove off…. Walter brought my old lid on flight to Hyd (Yup he did come to hyd haha :D) …. Finally I started 0100am -_-

Super sleepy….kept my helmet light on flashing warning. Wanted to sleep on ground (wasnt carrying tent).. but there were huge size ants.. plus the fact that any lorry losing control could run off the road and run over me.
Luckily, in middle of nowhere I saw this hut.. locked from outside.. with a bench outside.. I said to myself “Whatever.. this is luxury right now 😀 …and if someone comes I’ll have to deal with him”
(I had my laptop in saddlebag)

Parked bike, dozed off for a nice hour…before taking a pic and riding off again.

When the sun started coming up (~0500 hrs), I took a break and observed sky patterns in AWE!
They are so so so amazing.. I never had seen such beautiful colors of morning. (pics below)
Took some pics… and rode again.. with stops at dhabas for hydration and engine cooling.

The bike clocked ~1300 kms when back home (includes some kms from in-city driving in B’lore.. restaurant and helmet hunt)
Total driving time for this was around 19.5+ odd hours (including in-city driving).. which kinda makes me wonder if I am too slow for the international SaddleSore challenge 😦 … OR I need a faster bike? 😛 🙂

Ok, too much text.. now pics 🙂


Kingsly and Me .. after chow down super tasty chinese.


0300 hrs .. Empty bench = Luxury on deserted Highway!








Easing my killer wrist pain.. wrist exercises.


That smudge on lens. 😦


Best pic of the Trip. ~0540hrs


Some fuel for stomach?


Not bad.
Didn’t have raddish parota (although on menu).. ok Aloo it is.. some fat 🙂
Daal was crap.


stopped just for the tree snap 🙂
People noticed a biker jaywalk to the other side of the road for this 😛


June 17, 2013

Short Unplanned ride

Woke up to a phone call on Saturday for a ride… was pretty much about making my way to other biker’s ride plan.
I had 1 hr to get fully awake, fresh up, stretch out a bit, gear up and reach the meeting spot.
Oh wait, I forgot to eat (was darn hungry already)… reached the meet point and quickly gulped in 2 servings of tender coconut water….. and we rode away!

Monsoon had made the place amazingly beautiful; let me just shut up and post the pics 🙂


Ravi@17bhp's Karizma .. staring.

Ravi@17bhp’s Karizma .. staring.


Doing some pro photographer thingy – ravi@17bhp



your’s truly… trying to be Man of Steel 😛


Beautiful, yet lonely tree 😦


My baby, Amitiel … looking sharp as ever.









I try to take some photographs and he starts flinging stones at me 😐


This shit is fscked up 🙂


I join the stone throwing fun… except I select a little too big sizes of stones .. yikes!


Rakesh takes my cam and wanders away to do this nature photography thingy


Probably some pro photographer thingy I don’t understand.


Selling GoPro Action cameras in middle of nowhere… This is why I am famous 😛


Only a true biker knows what’s sexy about this road. The S-pin bend.


Rakesh doing his bird watching … bird shrugs.

Awesome... and calm.

Awesome… and calm.

Karthik added some more pics and it comes to surprise that I never noticed him clicking me 😐
Btw, the pics came up pretty good I guess.. I don’t look scary as usual 😛
Disclaimer: I’m just holding a camera.. I’m NOT a photographer.


@HeartBrokenBiker and Amitiel in background


Out of spiderwebs.. shucks :P

Out of spiderwebs.. shucks 😛

Just trying to see why people stick their eyes in there....... I'm not a photographer.

Just trying to see why people stick their eyes in there……. I’m not a photographer.

And now to SUM up, here’s the pose of the ride … the PAA dance revived. (Enough of Gangnam style and Harlem shake already)

Paaa pa Paa Paaa pa Pa pa pa Paa paa paapaaa pa pa PAAAAA

Paaa pa Paa Paaa pa Pa pa pa Paa paa paapaaa pa pa PAAAAA

And for those who don’t know what PAA dance is..

May 8, 2013

The Heart Broken Biker – Vlog 025 – Driving Away into the Fog

April 22, 2013

Jungle Ride pics

Update April 22, 2013.  Adding more pics

Was bored.. so did a Fun edit of Jai's pic :P

Was bored.. so did a Fun edit of Jai’s pic 😛

Amidst Vast plains!

Amidst Vast plains!

Pro Photugraphers :) People behind the amazing clicks.

Pro Photugraphers 🙂
People behind the amazing clicks.

Soon to be pros.... :P

Soon to be pros…. 😛

Keep calm and kick the asses of people who need to be kicked.

Keep calm and kick the asses of people who need to be kicked.


Logged March 03, 2013
Pictures from Jungle offroading ride about 2 weeks ago,

What is a Sports bike meant for track use doing in Jungle?

What is a Sports bike meant for track use doing in Jungle?

All roads look the same and beautiful... Lost in the Vast plains!!!

All roads look the same and beautiful… Lost in the Vast plains!!!

Amitiel takes rest and I continue to hike on foot.

Amitiel takes rest and I continue to hike on foot.

Yeah haaa..  found the perfect spot to do Tarzan swing... there is deep trench beneath me ....  nice timing by photographer @Prashant

Yeah haaa.. found the perfect spot to do Tarzan swing… there is deep trench beneath me …. nice timing by photographer @Prashant

Time to do some Flying :)

Time to do some Flying 🙂

"Vegeta vs Nappa"  said one friend after seeing this pic on Facebook

“Vegeta vs Nappa” said one friend after seeing this pic on Facebook.
In shot: Sanjay and HeartBrokenBiker

Enough flying.. now time for some "Kaaaaaaa meeeeeeee haaaaaa meeeeeeeeee HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"

Enough flying.. now time for some “Kaaaaaaa meeeeeeee haaaaaa meeeeeeeeee HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”
In shot: Jaijeet & HeartBrokenBiker

The machine and The rider become one .. the connection is spiritual.

The machine and The rider become one .. the connection is spiritual.

More pics will come as I get them.. they’re scattered over 4 cameras (atleast 2 of them are pro – Prashant & Ravi).

Also, watch out for more vlogs.. there is more where that came from 😉


April 19, 2013

The Heart Broken Biker – Vlog 024 – How NOT to search for directions!

Follow up to

I baffle because my GPS doesnt work and I can’t get live maps either.
Ride continues till I see a bit of light in sky.

Rest to come soon 🙂

Sound Track: Burning Sky by ‘Fresh Body Shop’

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