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February 9, 2013

Money’s worth from Crysis2 and jump to Crysis 3 Beta

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Well Crysis 3 was going to be out soon and I hadn’t played my Xbox for long long time.. I even stopped renewing my XBLA account since June/July-ish.. not sure what came over me.

Anyway, I looked at my C2 progress and was at Rank 47 something… and thought why not get my money’s worth before C3 comes out. Last memory of it, multiplayer sucked due to bad andd droppy match making, unavailable servers and messed up rank battles. Surprise, they had fixed ton of stuff and multiplayer experience did go up (well not as much as BattleField3)

So a week ago or so, I finished C2 ranking to level 50.

Crysis2 - Got my money's worth.

Crysis2 – Got my money’s worth.

Makes it the most played game on my console.
My last 3 achievements on C2, – Rank50 obvious, Unlocked all weapons (some of those nasty shotguns that I didnt want to use), and some dedication batch .. for playing after long 6 months 🙂

And then…….. download of Crysis 3 beta started.

The game is WHOA!!! over Crysis 2 … and I’m just playing BETA.
– Bigger maps
– Maps have greater traverse difficulty ( not easy to run around like C2 / Call of Duty.. also means more scope for campers :|)
– Graphics is to a next level (although I’m restricted on console.. I can only imagine that this will blow a PC)
– There is a different feel to the POV in C3.
– CrossBow is wicked.. got killed by it couple of times (I need to rank up to get that)
– Ranking system seems faster than C2? (or is it because I was quite noob to multiplayer FPS when I got C2 and now skill is ranking me up faster :P)
– Matchmaking is FAAASSTT.
– No game drops / Server un-avail-abilities experienced
– Game mechanics is so improved
– Cloaking feels better (even at close range.. its hard to find a cloaked player now)
– Sounds.. Game sounds – amazing.. I love the game sounds..and how its not “noise” like in C2. There is music.
– Auto armor 🙂 .. love it. Armoring up is not my strength in C2… I was more of a Silent killer. This helps.
– New broadcast voice – male (I’d have preferred a female commander 😀 )
– Melee kills are faster (suit power makes sense now .. in C2 melee took time. Where d ef was Superhuman strength?)
– Bigger Maps (although not as big as BattleField3 … or is it restricted in Beta?)

There are couple of bugs though… shooting is a bit off (may be its the new POV), but on replay it clearly showed couple of times that at a close range fight the player was shooting atleast 3-4 inches away from me.. but it still made damage. And some weapon glitches that can be taken advantage of. Oh well its still beta…Hoping they get fixed before release.

Over all, very happy.. With just couple of minutes playing it.. I had already ranked up to level5, Ended up at top2 in matches, collected ton of dog tags, and got Maximum Radar for the team.


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