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January 3, 2013

India is not India anymore? Huh.. What?

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Replying this post ( and other similar posts I’ve come across in last few days … where people suddenly feel that we have a National shame crisis NOW!

Kindly Note: My post is not intended to directly reply that couchsurfing post or anyone. I am putting my thoughts over the “idea” that now prevails about the shame of India.

So here goes, pasting my reply from the same thread:

A pic from Delhi protests. Used for illustrative purpose only. They do mean shame on Govt for not being able to fast-track punish culprits.

A pic from Delhi protests.
Used for illustrative purpose only.
They do mean shame on Govt for not being able to fast-track punish culprits.

Know what.. everyone is going on and on about how India is not India anymore and we earned national shame.. after the Delhi gang rape incident.

Although I sympathize with the girl who passed away + support painful punishment to the culprits, I hate to break it to all you guys that the rape incidents AREN’T NEW in India.

Last couple of days, I see 2 full pages of every newspaper reporting rape/sexual assault incidents.
This is because the topic is hot for them to sell.

Over decades, tribal and rural women have been raped in India.. in name of power, in name of cast, in name of God.
No news channel followed up and got them justice.
Know why?
1. They are rural women.. even if the news carries it won’t fuel up like it will do for an urban woman.

2. Today the youngsters that march and are revolting against Delhi Rape case.. only a few of them are genuine concern… many of them just joined to join.. and some of them I shockingly came across are just there for a different activity in their boring lives.
Only the genuine ones would have done the same for a rural women case… but alas even their knowledge is limited by what media chooses to bring forward.

3. Indians are best self-racist. The media didnt carry the tribal women news because

A tribal woman - pic illustrative purpose only. She is not a rape victim.

A tribal woman – pic illustrative purpose only.
She is not a rape victim.

a. A hell she wasn’t beautiful “looking”?.. not fair, not urban.
b. She doesnt have a life style that will appeal any urban youth to feel the urge to fight for them (like how many people will share/tweet on facebook about tribal women rape? who would look similar to someone from Kalahari tribe in Africa)
c. She doesnt have a career that will induce people sympathy like “Oh she was earning”, “oh she was independent”, “oh she was brilliant employee”, “oh she was fun going..bubbly”, etc.,
How many urban youth “connect” with a girl’s life who was probably “just” cutting fodder, feeding her cows and drying cow dung.
People don’t relate their lives to something, they dont feel the empathy. (only a rare few feel that.. and I’ve been lucky to meet some of them in my life)

A rural woman who was raped.

A rural woman who was raped.

d. Even movie makers are ‘inspired’ by urban stuff.. making movies on urban MMS scandals and sexual assaults.
Rarely someone makes a movie at rural level .. here’s one brilliant Malayalam movie –
which later had remake in Tamil and Telugu too.
I watched the Telugu version first.

Ever visit a police station and see their charts?
The number of rape cases reported per month.. thats just half of what happens.
And since our generation only relies on Media burning news, facebook shares, tweets.. rarely any case reaches momentum like the Delhi one did.

If we Indians suddenly start talking about shame of our country, then lets open our eyes properly… the shame has always been there… hidden securely.
You can should slogans that it is “shame on Govt/Legal System” for not addressing rape cases faster/efficient way,  but if you have to say “Shame India” or “India isn’t India anymore” .. then please think again .. you’re probably being a frog in the well.


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