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June 9, 2012

Honda CBR 250r Review

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One would ask, why I am writing this review now when the bike was released in 2011.

Here’s why:

1. Initial unavailability of test drive bikes for mango people (aam admi/common man) like me .. sure press and bike blogs/sites got a warm welcome 🙂

2. Initially I was also put off by the design of CBR/VFR. Too me it looks like we skipped few generations of design in between and launched ourselves 5-7 years ahead.. felt a bit weird and took time to get used to it.

3. Been busy with earning to feed self – roti and occasional chicken. Yes.. aam admi ke roz ki roti ka kaam.

4. Giving time to honda to fix the initial teething problems that any new design launch is prone to have.

So finally the day came, when 2 of my friends decided to accompany me and that build my guts up to ask for a test drive. 😀

I took test drive of CBR250r (Tri color – which looked like old shit bike because of the horrible way the dealer was maintaining it)
“Super intelligent” showroom guys also removed the rear mirrors due to which I couldn’t test flick-ability of the bike.

The CBR 250r

The CBR 250r

Drive area: City

Great seating comfort

Great wrist relaxation.. no pain.

Balance – there were moments when I felt that the sales guy behind me will hug me. He was moving on his seat but still the bike kept pretty stable.

brakes (non-ABS) – pretty confident. Bike was straight lined during braking .. I’ve had bike slanting in apache rtr while braking in high speeds.

Clutching – absolute accurate. didnt slip even once for such a hammered test bike.

Option of having ABS on this bike (for not paying a fortune for it) is a big plus.



Color/Paintjob – Wasn’t turning heads. More or less same for other colors too, unless you maintain it shiny. Red attracts more.

Engine roughness – Was surprised. I heard otherwise!!!
I was trying hard to find a better feel than a P220 engine.. wasnt getting so much… it was just a slight bit. Although I should say its a test bike.. but then (and so what) .. if you dont maintain it like pampered bike.. will it go rough? <– Current CBR owners should enlighten me here.

Gear Ratio – Was pretty much in 4th gear before I could finish like 200 meters. 1st gear doesnt take me anywhere more than 4 feet but has good pickup. 2nd gear lacked any pickup whatsoever. 3rd was fine but too quick. 4th came quicker.
May be I was expecting a sportier ratio. I’m probably looking at it from a wrong angle.

front suspension – felt a lot harder.

Power – constantly felt for need of more power across all gears. (didnt switch to 6th) .. as soon as I feel “ok now the max rpm for the current gear is going to come and I’ll get a bit more power.. the engine was roughing out and I had to switch to next higher” .   Probably because it is a single cylinder?

Honda CBR 250r – Sports Bike or Not?

Overall – Close to Satisfactory.

I don’t know if bad maintenance from the showroom guys is to be blamed or is it how it is!  ..  If it is, then it shouldn’t be.

This is definitely not a “super sport” bike, or even a proper “sport” bike.. It’s more of a “really well made city/tourer 250cc bike” that comes closer to being a “sport” category.

I feel utter astonished when I see fanboys call it the best sports bike or supersports on various biking forums. Really, the term “supersports” is misused so much!


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