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August 20, 2011

Types of Road Cross(ers)ing

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A fellow facebook’er (read as: person who uses facebook) brought up the point of pedestrians causing inconvenience to flowing traffic ( and I started to categorize the types of pedestrians crossing the road in India.
Ended up with a fairly nice list, and hence this post 🙂

1. This is my Dad’s Road people.. they cross road like a walk in the park.. they dont even look at vehicles.. just straight or down at their feet and walking at their sweet own pace.

2. Cell phone people – they are on phone when they cross.. and believe me the phone will be on that side of the hand from where vehicles are arriving… so that blocks their own view.

‎3. Reverse people – Not to sound like a sexist, but I’ve noticed women doing this mostly. They look on opposite side of the incoming traffic… and “surprisingly” when they cross the road divider.. the head turns again to the other side making it opposite side again…. Kinda funny but dangerous

4. Human Chain – People who form a chain and cross the road in ANGLES. The problem here is the chain leader.. who like an idiot instead of showing his palm for STOP.. just walks dangerously close to moving vehicle without any notification that he’s going to start moving.

5. Running Champs – People who are standing on the side/ or on the road divider.. and “SUDDENLY” jump and run to the other side as if someone is giving free beer on the other side.

6. Signal followers – YEP.. this is right..honestly no one told them that the GREEN on traffic signal (unless its a human figure walk ) is for VEHICLES.
These people really start crossing the signal WHEN there is green given to the vehicles for the side that they are crossing.. I stare at them with utter disbelief and I ache to ask “Have you sold your common sense?”

7. Poor deciders: People who in middle of the crossing decide that they forgot something and they have to go back.. they just all of a sudden turn 180deg and start marching towards starting point.

8. Long walkers: People who dont cross in straight line.
They tend to cross the road in the steepest angle possible .. ie., being for more time ON the road and causing issue to moving traffic

I absolutely agree that we have infrastructure issues in India, lack of crossover bridges and zebra crossing, but if we can avoid being in one of the above mentioned categories then we will be of great help to the driving folks and ourselves too.

Let’s try to have a presence of mind while crossing the road; everything else can wait, but not life if we get ourselves tattooed on the road!



  1. Crazy Post. Very true… At this very moment, I can think of a couple more categories.. Will discuss about them offline.. you can add ’em..
    nice post.. why don’t you post this on HTP?

    Comment by RoHiT — August 20, 2011 @ 7:50 am

  2. nice post.. it was a refreshing read

    Comment by Manish (@manishzz) — August 20, 2011 @ 9:48 am

  3. This post was created from my comments on HTP.
    Although, now that it is consolidated you are free to repost this link on HTP as a fresh link 🙂

    Will look forward for your categorization 😉

    Comment by krish — August 20, 2011 @ 2:16 pm

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