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June 3, 2009

Mugged without motive?

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I was standing at the bus stop opposite honda showroom, just a little walk away from the madhapur police station.

It was around 19:30 and I was gazing at the all new honda city ( everyone who knows me knows my passion for cars ), when the bus (no.127) was closing in. Oh, this was the new A/C buses that are launched in the city. I could see people foot boarding on it. Now that speaks of the need for more buses.

Anyway, there was one guy at the foot board saying something looking and pointing towards me. How’d I know it was only me? Well, no one else in the bus stop, except an elderly man at the other far end of it.
So, do I know this guy? I don’t. Paying no attention to what he was saying, I tried to board the bus (yes, 127 isnt exactly my route but, atleast could travel half the route). As I approached the door, and to my very shock, I was kicked; not one but multiple times.

The bus stopped and guess who, that same guy got down and started punching me. Along came two of his friends, one probably attacked me from the side, and the other was standing as if he was looking out to avoid anyone intervening.

I was in a state of shock. Never expected someone would just get down and start hitting! As I was recovering and also gaining conscience to self-defense, some guy intervened and said “Jaane do”. I was staring at that guy, wondering if this was the same one who attacked me from left ( I couldn’t see him earlier ), and also staring in surprise. What did he mean by “Jaane do”! Hello!!! It was me who got beaten up!!!.
By the time I was done with these thoughts, the other guy came up and delivered his last punch, yet again on my face. Then these three flee into the bus as the bus was in motion.

I immediately requested for a lift, and one guy helped me reach the next stop before the bus. We waited there for the bus to arrive and wanted to catch those guys, but alas! they already left the bus somewhere near the traffic signals.

Looks to me like a mugging just for fun. They didn’t try to steal my belongings, or take money. And this happening so close to the madhapur police station (believed to be safe place), at 19:30 (safe time?), and with public staring at this. Whoa! think what if this was some deserted place? Would they have killed me for fun?

I, now have a chilling bone pain in left arm and chest. The most painful is the nose which is a bit swelled, probably because it was already broken once during a cricket game (around 10 yrs ago) due to direct impact of high velocity cork ball. Umgh, too technical.

We need to be careful and on the watch even at public places. I wish no one else faces this.


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  1. :O, dude!. public didnt do anything?? its a shame… Wish you speedy recovery…

    Comment by sudharsh — June 4, 2009 @ 4:59 pm

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