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November 16, 2008

Nut heads on IRC

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Few moments ago I tried logging in from mibbit to Freenode. I was presented with a neat little message “Nick already in use”!

As most of my online chaps on freenode know my nick is `krish`, I logged in with `realkrish` and politely pm’ed the current user of `krish` to change his nick.  Here’s the conversation….

0:06 krish hi
0:06 krish who are u
0:06 realkrish I am krish
0:06 realkrish you are using my nick
0:06 krish xncxncj off
0:06 realkrish what!
0:07 realkrish dude you stop using my nick please
0:07 krish u r realkrish doesnt make u real krish
0:07 realkrish ok this is the last time I am warning you
0:08 krish so just get lost else I would have to report u
0:08 krish too the cybercrime division
0:08 realkrish if you dont log off my nick within 5 sec. I will have to remove you
0:08 krish remove me from what
0:08 realkrish I am waiting
0:08 realkrish change your nick
0:08 krish i told u
0:08 krish get lost
0:08 krish thts my name
0:08 realkrish now lets see who does
0:09 krish and iam nt going to change it
0:09 krish :p
0:09 realkrish dude I am on this network from past so many years with my name krish and you come up and use it
0:09 realkrish I told you politely. Now its time to kick you out
0:09 *** realkrish is now known as krish
0:10 >>> krish was n=krishnan@ Krishnan

I could have just ghosted him without giving any notice, but didn’t want to abruptly end any important conversation that guy must have been into.
Notice the way he warns about reporting to cybercrime division; for what? Asking you to stop using my nick!

Now wonder why such nutheads dont understand when people approach them politely.

@krishnan@ – I hope you learn net-etiquette soon.


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  1. Hmm, I never had that problem. I have registered nick that prompt and boots lamers automatically.

    Comment by Arky — November 18, 2008 @ 4:15 pm

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