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August 9, 2008 V2 concludes

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Tags: , , v2 counts at 114, 102, 61 attendees for 1st ,2nd, 3rd August.

v2 had loads of improvements. Elite speakers, linuxchix, enthusiasts and lots of students were seen in action at the venue.
I’ve missed all the talks/sessions and the maximum duration I might have attended any is about a little over 7 minutes. Sometimes I wish I were not an organiser and could attend them peacefully without having to run around for tasks.

Day1: The schedule was delayed for about an hour; including the lunch. The first talk `FOSS, projects and contributions` was dropped due to organising issues at the venue. Bhavin Turakhia, CEO of Directi presented talk on Scalability of Web Apps; intended audience were experienced professionals. Some newbies and students felt out of place with the highly technical talk. Guess this happens when audience get misplaced in parallel sessions.

Linux installation Sessions were running in parallel, demoing basics of partitioning, to-do and not-to-do’s of a typical installation scenario.

Sahana Disaster Management by Ajay Kumar received tremendous response. Qwick – an open source java web development stack was also demoed. We ended with a energetic BOF initiated by Shakthi Kannan, Qvantel.

Day2: Real fun and blast was seen happening at the event. Vid’s talk on `Women in Libre Software`, followed by Poky and Openmoko talks by Somanath Avvari and Shakthi Kannan, two sessions on Ruby by Joel Rosario and Thyagarajan, Intro to Drupal by Warren Nohara, Font Designs by Hiran, Sphinx by Shyam, a talk on usability and open source by Vinod kept attendees busy.

The labs were on fire with people shooting around each other in OpenArena. 3 players won a gamepad each.

Day ends with a fun filled BOF session on students in FOSS communities.

Day3: Final day of v2 saw GSoC project demo by Sudharshan S, marvelous talk on `How to lead Open Source projects` by Sebastian Deckers, KIWI-LTSP hands-on by Jigish Gohil, Linux Backtrack3 by Rakesh Madupu, Learning Open Source Development by Antono Solar John, Electronics Lab using free software by Aanjhan, Fedora Lab sessions by Siddharth and few student projects on Qt, GNOME VFS and LAMP. Joomla was another demo intended for students only.

We had few photo sessions after the closure and lot of fun during offline discussions with the students.

Some blog posts on v2:



Vid Ayer



Some albums on v2 v2


I hope I did not forget any other links here. 🙂


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