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July 3, 2008

/dev/null party and the amazing gift!

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2 meetings is all what I did yesterday. It’s one of those `almost nothing productive` days. 😦

The kdegames meeting ended at around 02:30 and I must’ve fallen asleep early, may be around 03:30.
The next meet was at 11:00, Subway Begumpet. Expected attendees: neenaoffline, vimzard, shriphani, punchagan and me.
I turned out almost 1 hour late. Why? Pushed my bike for more than 2kms. It almost slipped my mind that my bike was already running on reserve. 😦
Anyway we did nothing at the party but just eat. Punchagan didn’t turn up for the meet; good for him. We didn’t find a good use for our laptops too; why did we bring them at all? Even the wi-fi at subway was down.
So well, the party is now officially named `/dev/null` party.

When I came back home, I got a call from country vacations trying to explain me that I have won an amazing 3 gifts actually. If I remember it right, they said One kitchen utility product, holiday sponsor of INR 25,000 to Goa and a card to spend on anything for a day. They were throwing a party at Amrutha castle and invited me to come and collect my gifts. Supposedly I have won this so called gifts due to a lucky draw coupon which was dropped at Exhibition grounds.
I wondered when I did so? Its been ages since I’ve attended an exhibition!

I asked my mom whether she had dropped any such coupon. The answer was “No”. I wonder where they got my landline number from. If no one filled any such coupon, how do they even have my numbers and name? And moreover she insisted that we come and collect the gift.
I also called the Amrutha castle’s reception and they confirmed that country vacations were indeed having a party next day evening.

So, its true. I have won a gift for a non-existing coupon! Anyway, tomorrow when they call me again, I will tell them that it doesn’t belong to me. 😛



  1. I also got a call today .. I have filled some form one week back .. Did u get any gifts ?

    Comment by vg — March 19, 2010 @ 2:35 pm

  2. Its a trap.

    Comment by krish — March 21, 2010 @ 8:27 pm

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