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March 24, 2008

Days @ Chennai

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I safely reached my base from chennai on 4th Mar.

It was fun at chennai and I feel it is worth writing a blog-post about my experiences.
First, thanks to Sup3rkiddo and his parents for letting me hangout at their place. Special thanks to his mom for the iddiyapam (right spell?) stand.

After this, a kick to sup3rkiddo for not showing me Trisha’s house. 😦

First two days were spent at 5G; thanks to sup3rkiddo for accompanying me.
Carte Blanche was in air, sup3rkiddo and I hopped away to it. We met pavi and some geeks from CollabNet; I bugged them with questions, but it was nice to meet them. 🙂
As I wrote here, I did manage to surprise thyagarajan. He had no clue that I’d be meeting him at Carte Blanche 🙂

Pavi showed me NRCFOSS office and we called it a day.

Next day was more fun filled, we (thyagu, sup3rkiddo, pavi, krish) raced to Marina beach. Call it half team, we missed koolhead17, jeevan_ullas, shriphani and others.

Sting ray - Marina beach

Here’s an adventure story –

Thyagu, sup3rkiddo and pavi jumped into the water and bravely
fished out this sting ray. I pestered them not to behave savage, but
who listens.

Psst.. I am bluffing, this is catch of beach fishermen.

It was fun to stand waist-deep in water ( my waist deep = sup3rkiddo’s knee deep), especially with the evening waves trying to knock us down. Thyagu didn’t jump in though. As for pavi, he kept pushing us in to water; he has no effect on sup3rkiddo. He succeeded to make me slip after about 10 attempts, he fell down in 9. So you can guess his strength 🙂

Soon, there should be more pics coming in from thyagu of our beach fun.

I guess I should also thank people who tolerated my `worse than naive` tamil skills.
And thanks to all chennai people who drive safely; I observed that they have very good traffic sense, they donot cross the line at traffic-signals, they align themselves at signals, they don’t rush through. Hope people here have something to learn from them.

I’d be looking forward to visit chennai again. 😉



  1. Hi, Whereever you,re you will find a home to live & lie down and that is INDIAN culture that nourishes human relationships

    Comment by rajalakshmi — April 3, 2008 @ 9:45 pm

  2. hi, how are you? How is life? Long time it is since I heard from you? Convey my regards to your dear and near ones

    Comment by rajalakshmi — December 13, 2008 @ 9:31 pm

  3. I am ok. Thanks for asking.
    Just getting unpacked due to shifting into a new house and the Internet just got reactivated for new address today 🙂

    I hope you are all fine (Heard there was a hurricane there?). I am missing those pickles you had in your shelf 😀

    Comment by krish — December 14, 2008 @ 7:27 pm

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