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January 5, 2008

Linux Not Windows? (with weird look)

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I spent my day(Jan4) trying to make linux and open source reach colleges here in twin-cities (hyderabad & secunderabad) , by means of training and distributing linux distros.
Few things on my mind before I started out:
1. Free is not valued.
2. This will not be easy.

I chose junior, degree and engineering colleges for my venture, of which I covered three junior and one engineering college today.

I was under the impression that indian education system would have matured and institutions would think of more than syllabus books. Irony, I was wrong; some attitude that proves it:

1. (At one of the reputed junior colleges in twin-cities)
Front Office: Linux training! Linux is not windows? Ah, I don’t think that’s useful at all.
Me: Is it possible to meet the principal?
Front Office: He’s gone for lunch. I mean he is gone out.
Me: I just saw him walk into his office.
Front Office: (No Response)

2. (Another reputed junior college)
Vice President: Here, we teach only syllabus and repeatedly make the students read the same
thing. That is how students get good ranks in EAMCET.
(Ah, at least a frank response. I like this.)

3. (Last junior college for the day)
Principal: We are making our students revise the intermediate syllabus.
Me: Not a problem ma’am. We can have this next month if you permit.
Principal: We will do the revision till June. So come after June.

At this point, I was totally broken hearted and headed towards an engineering college here in secunderabad. I had been in contact with the Training & Placement officer of that college and also mailed her the details of training. After lot of follow-up calls from my side, and no return calls, I decided to meet her in person to discuss the training.

4. I walked in to the office and ..
ME: Hi, could I meet the T&P Officer?
STAFF: She has already left for the day.
ME: !

That’s four cases of disappointment for me in a day.
Shouldn’t I be getting a heart attack?

One of my friends has volunteered to help me find more colleges (degree & engineering) and I am yet to go on another ride on the path of open source knowledge sharing.

Will it be bumpy or smooth? Can I convince people to embrace linux and open source?
Only time can tell….


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  1. Much the same I found in my own engineering college.Luckily,I didn’t have to do the permissions running around,because I was doing it under the aegis of the IEEE student branch at my college and in conjunction with our annual technical festival.Say,what does your training program cover?My session didn’t work out,but the bright side of that now is I can probably improve and expand the scope of my session,which was originally supposed to be only an installfest for people who know Linux,and an intro to linux for those who don’t.

    Comment by Easwar Hariharan — November 7, 2008 @ 12:03 pm

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